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April 3, 2009

Quattro. Not the Audi. The Texan.

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Over the past few days, my laments about Indy Racing not having a place for Buddy Rice are fairly obvious. He is a recent 500 winner and as talented as ever. What he could do with a first class operation would surprise a lot of people.

What about other all American drivers in similar circumstances without rides or the funds to purchase one only with not as much success? anthonyfoyt2007A.J. Foyt IV springs to mind. Here is a personable young driver with talent who has improved each and every season despite some challenging rides. He has a legendary name and even has the family resemblance. The ladies seem to like him because he is said to be gifted in the swinging middle appendage department. Perhaps that is why some say he has difficulty keeping his mind on racing.

I have two favorite moments; one was the 500 where he refused to be intimidated by the dangerous driving techniques of then-champcar driver Bruno Junqueira, and held his line even though Bruno ultimately caused both drivers to smack the wall. The other was when he turned in an admirable performance in an AGR one-off a couple of years back.

Let’s be honest. Other than the AGR one-off, he has not had the top of the shelf in terms of rides. The radio chatter between gramps and Quarttro was entertaining (after one accident at Indy practice A.J. was screaming before the car even came to a stop: ‘G#@ Da*^$it Anthony, do you know how much this is f*@&ing going to cost!? Are you OK?’  It is part of what makes Indy Racing great.

One day before the cart refugees now running Indy Racing transform the series into a meaningless black hole perhaps the evolution that sometimes happens naturally will accommodate personalities who really need to be in the series but are overlooked because they are not foreign road racers. That is a dream worth holding on to.





  1. I’ll continue to agree to disagree with you on the Bruno-A. J. IV tangle at Indy in ’05. However, in four years Anthony has gotten FAR better at driving these big race cars and he really did deserve a shot. Honestly, if it weren’t for his crew not knowing how to properly operate an IRL fuel system (in qualifying AND the race), he might’ve finished much better at Indy. The kid’s competent, despite having been thrown into the big cars far too early, and he is certainly deserving of a ride. At least grandpa will probably set one up for him in May.

    Speaking of middle appendages…If you judge by the way grandpa turned out, Anthony should make sure it’s not the one over his stomach that he becomes known for…

    Comment by H. B. Donnelly — April 3, 2009 @ 2:13 am | Reply

  2. I’m sure his fiance will appreciate your “swinging middle appendage” comment. 🙂

    A few Quattro moments that stand out for me were his 3rd place at Kentucky a couple years ago and he had great runs at Iowa and Chicagoland last year. I also remember him rubbing the wall in Japan last year and showing a little of his Grandfather’s temper in his interview with Jack Arute about it. I know he was mad, but it was nice to see him show a little emotion.

    Anthony definitely deserves a ride this year, and it’s a shame he’ll be sitting on the sidelines. I hope he has some kind of plan to find some sponsorship money somehow because he needs to be racing in the IRL. Perhaps marrying into the Irsay family will open a few doors for him.

    Comment by W.A. Swisher Jr. — April 3, 2009 @ 1:52 pm | Reply

  3. AJ needs a sponsor… I hope someone steps up to the plate since Lilly bailed on him

    Comment by Mike Miller — April 3, 2009 @ 8:43 pm | Reply

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