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April 6, 2009

Race 1 of the REAL Season

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Yesterday’s racing was quite enjoyable. I had the pleasure of entertaining relatives who wanted to sightsee yesterday; my pocket XM Inno radio allowed me to hear, uninterrupted, the Indy Car season opener from the streets and airport runway of St. Pete. I DVR’d both the Cup race from Eddie’s joint and the Indy Car race (as well as the other major races of the weekend-F1 is starting out interesting).

The IMS radio network consistently does magnificent work. It is the best very way to hear a race. They bring even god-awful temporary circuits to life.  The same holds true for slow, droning NASCAR events with their various radio teams. Listening to a NASCAR broadcast on television is a painful other story. My brother and I have been kicking around a drinking game that involves tracking use of such phrases as ‘Well am motel yew whut…’ but we’re worried about the alcoholism that will no doubt result from trying to figure out their always entertaining variations of the English language.

The one thing that blew me away was the way the Versus team came screaming out of the box. The improvement in quality over the absolute crap ESPN has tossed out there the past few years is stunning and well beyond expectation. I was not sure about Jenkins and Arute because both are long in the tooth. Both, however, fit like gloves and bookend everyone else very nicely. Robbie Buhl has a way to go but already makes Scott Goodyear seem corpse-like by comparison. Jon Beekhuis surprised me; he has always been a smart, intelligent, coherent wordsmith but has always seemed to be a cart/champcar shill, even when they were self immolating themselves. I was worried that most everything that came out of his mouth would be a gratuitous comparison to the deceased former series. But he too surprised me pleasantly and is a big asset to the effort.

The two future stars of Indy Car broadcasting are Lindy Thackston and Robbie Floyd. These two largely unknown pit reporters represent a symbolic passing of the torch from old favorites we never get to hear any longer such as Gary Gerould. Both of these young broadcasters were GREAT from the get-go. They are what the Indy Car season has needed for years. They are refreshing breaths of fresh air. They are going to make the rest of the season very compelling.

As for the ‘race,’ no one will ever convince me street racing is viable. St. Pete is not Monaco.  Unless they figure out a way to make every portion of the ‘track’ as wide as the bumpy runway that serves as the straightaway all it will ever be is a fast parade that causes crash damage. It would be nice if anyone recently associated with the old cart/champcar could manage getting through the first turn.

ryan-briscoe-2Ryan Briscoe has always been known as one of the few people who can accurately tell engineers exactly what the car is doing at any moment. The problem used to be that his hands and feet were rarely in sync with his brain. Now that the two are perfectly aligned, he is winning races. Ryan Hunter-Reay also made a definitive statement as to why he belongs in a top Indy Racing seat. He could well deliver a first-ever victory for Vision before long.

I intend to watch the Indy Car race with more attentiveness than I gave it at 9pm last evening. I also tried to watch the Texas race, but even at 3X playback speed, it STILL looks slow. Good for Jeffy and his crew.

I know Indy Car owners like to whine about oval crash damage as an excuse to justify temporary circuit abominations, but I would be curious to tally up the repair bills from all the wall and tire banging yesterday.

Oh well, at least the Indy Car season is underway, and the Versus broadcast team is back to a level not seen in over a decade.



  1. I think the difference between the Street/Road Circuit damage and Oval damage is the cost involved. Sure there might had been way more accidents and DNFs yesterday for the ICS then at the average oval, but I would doubt anyone wrote off a tub yesterday or backed a gear box into the wall. I think while Oval accidents are fewer and farther between, they are still much more violent and much more expensive. Breaking a wishbone on the suspension compared to writing off the Dallara tub is usually a better option.

    Comment by Matt Chamois — April 6, 2009 @ 1:42 pm | Reply

  2. RHR did a great job, reminds me of Paul Tracy in Edmonton, Paul beats Ed Carpenter bad, then Bingo no more ride with Vision, I said the that Ed’s Momma does not want his team mate beating her son, I will say the same for RHR, if he continues beating Ed, he better start looking for another ride, of all drivers in the IRL, I would rate Ed Carpenter at the bottom of the list, I am not including any new driver, Ed had been driving in the IRL since September 2003, his stats in the IRL show him with 3, 5th place finishes, 2 of those being a lap down, total laps led 3. I would guess that Ed would get the pick of the litter when it comes to getting the best parts and engines, yet when he has a driver for a team mate he gets his ass handed to him every race

    Comment by Rosco — April 8, 2009 @ 1:15 am | Reply

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