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April 9, 2009

Bad News All Around

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The warm afterglow of the Indy Car opener did not last long before the boo birds started dropping feces on everyones’ noggins. Hey, if folks need actual bad news, why not try this on for size: 

downward-graphWhen ISC posted quarterly numbers, what did we find?  Revenues DOWN almost a third from last year.  Even though ticket prices are down, sales are down about 20%.


Since television ratings seem to be the holy grail for many simplistic thinking forum participants, what do you make of the fact that NASCAR’s are down 15% from last year and off 40% from 2004-2005? Remember the mega-deals signed with Fox and ESPN/ABC? The money forked over by the networks depends on growth in ratings and ad revenue that is not growing but, in fact, shrinking. What happens next? The money that was previously being used to light cigars is now being recovered from sofa cushions. NASCAR will see steady declines in what the networks will pay them. The ripple effect down to teams, drivers, tracks, etc., will be painful.


What do you make of corporate involvement that is also shrinking? How should we feel about teams that are beginning to park cars with sudden regularity?


With all this type of news it will be interesting to see how SMI fares. Probably not much better.


So honestly, who is better positioned to weather what are perceived to be devastating blows? NASCAR or Indy Car? The bigger they are the harder they fall.


People I really don’t get are inarticulate apologists for an open wheel series that killed itself off twice, actually did fail and have nothing to show for it except jaded memories they try to shove down my throat. I remain fascinated by their eccentricities. Their Julian Barbour ‘time is an illusion’ orientation, only without any brains or social mores, is entertaining on a darkly retarded level, but in reality is actually no different than graffiti that mars large parts of otherwise great cities.


Obviously, Indy Car is much better off than the rotting decomposition that stinks the place up from the vapor of cart/champcar.houseofglass


Stones. Glass houses. Think about it.



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  1. Misery loves company, and with the current state of affairs some would love to see the IndyCar situation die and dry up. I think that is why we get the knee jerk to doom from those who are covertly worried about the NASCAR situation or those who can’t accept the death of Champ.

    Seemingly, and it may be by accident, but the IRL have positioned itself in a very lean and solid stance for growth. They and VS stand locked together with the network an up and comer, and the league schooled and operating in austerity.

    To the gloomers I say: You’d better worry about you own boat which is taking on water, and forget the ship that has long since sunk.

    Comment by Mike Miller — April 9, 2009 @ 2:39 pm | Reply

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