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Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come…

It is difficult to understand why Roger Penske won’t run Will Power at Kansas given his position in the points. While being at Indy is great, fans want to see what the guy will do on the ovals now that he is up in the points and on a roll.

sarahSarah Fisher is back. Marty Roth is not. The slap he took last year after mowing down a crew member at Kansas was one of the viral videos of that race; this year 215mph side-by-side would be great after two idiotic street ‘races.’

Out on a limb prediction for Kansas: First time winner, and it may be a team not used to being in that position.

I can hardly wait to get there! (I need some BBQ too).

4 replies to “Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here I Come…

  1. Be sure to catch the original Arthur Bryants for the best BBQ in KC. Don’t go to the one by the speedway. It’s easy to get to. Take I-70 east to Brooklyn and turn right. It’s on the left side of the road. You can’t miss it. Brisket at its finest. I generally text a buddy of mine whenever I go there who moved away to rub it in. Enjoy KC, and enjoy the race.

    You can also catch the sprint cars Friday evening at Valley Speedway in Grain Valley east of KC. It is opening night with the sprints on dirt. It will be a good primer for Sunday.

  2. Normally, I would be annoyed that y’all are talkin’ BBQ while I’m trapped here in Bloomington, IN. Luckily though, former IU linebacker Will Thomas has opened up his rib stand (only open for IU football games and the Little 500 week) right next door to my apartment. It’s only open a few days a year, but it’s the best BBQ i’ve had in this town for damn sure. We also have one of the best dirt tracks in the area down here.

    Oh, the race…interesting prediction there…Viso, maybe? He showed some brilliance on the ovals last year before showing some less-than-brilliance.

  3. I’m interested in seeing how the mandated wheel base will change the racing. I’m hoping it will keep Ganassi or Penske running a 1/2 lap ahead of the field. But I am also hoping it will not slow the speeds.

    I don’t mind the street races. I enjoyed watching Long Beach, however I need my oval fix. We can’t lose touch with the second to none oval racing the IRL has become known for. Chicago was a great way to end the year: down to the last lap and classic IRL finish.

    If the Indy Cars don’t get the plug pulled on them because of rain, I am looking forward to see what VS production can do with an oval..

  4. What’s not to understand about Penske not running Power at Kansas?

    Roger is a businessman, no?

    Roger had a business plan to run two cars this season, not three.

    Who do you expect to step up and fund this entry at the last minute?

    Jeez, I thought you understood that racing costs money.

    Good intentions, on the otherhand, are free.

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