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Time for Indy Excitement!

It’s nearly May! It is my sincere hope that all the rain many parts of the country have received in April translates to sunshine and 72 most days in May, most importantly on race day!

Many people, mostly critics of Indy Racing, sniped at the Kansas oval race as being boring. In person it was anything but. The lack of people in the stands had more to do with bad weather and ominous forecasts than the product itself. Hopefully management of the track and the series will not use aluminum as an excuse to get rid of another great oval for some stupid street course.

Series management is gleeful about a likely event in Brazil next year and one in China after that. I do not mind the exposure outside North America provided the cohesive schedule they have built over time domestically is not screwed with.

buddy3It is good to see another former winner signed up for Indy. Buddy Lazier never really got the breaks he deserved but made the most of what he had, and will again. The Hemelgarn team could use a break as well; the last few efforts at Indy have not yielded great results. Speculation about up to or more than 40 aspiring starters is good news, particularly given the challenging times.

It would really be nice to see Phoenix (or another oval) on the schedule again before Indy.

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