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May 8, 2009

Weekend Checklist

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It is probably about time to make travel arrangements for pole weekend! I never pay attention to weather forecasts. I would rather be there and be disappointed if it rains instead of hundreds of miles away and have the threat of good weather.

The only firm prediction anyone can make about the weekend is that a handful of idiots will look at the stands instead of the action, see lots of gaps, then proclaim aluminum as proof Tony ruined everything. Fortunately, those types of people who do not deserve to be called racing fans will eventually die. The sport is better off without them anyway.

I am still not convinced only qualifying 11 per day is the way to go. Why not 22? Or 33? I get the notion of tweaking the format to manufacture bumping, but it seems dangerous. I am more interested in who puts together a great effort. I am anxious to see Anthony back on track. It looks like Will Power should return, and seeing other former winning teams produce one-offs (like Rahal-Letterman) will be interesting. Why has anyone not hired Buddy Rice yet? He is a former winner of recent vintage. That kind of crap is part of what turned me off cart way back when.

I will be interested in seeing the Indy liveries, including a pink car for Alex Lloyd, the camo Wheldon paint scheme for Panther and the return of Purex to D & R.

fat-assQualification weekends at Indy are the best value in motor sports. In this age where people are more likely to plant themselves in front of a computer on their bulbous arses instead of actually getting up off it and doing anything, the prospect of spending a weekend at the track is a great adventure.


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  1. All weather reports I’ve seen point to sun, sun, sun and mid-70’s — also known as the best weather for any sporting event of any kind.

    As far as the bare aluminum, the fault certainly doesn’t lie with TG. As much as it hurts to say it, it was a combo of television and speed (of the cars, not the TV channel) that killed Pole Day: even when Arie put up the 237 in 1996, the stands were not very full because everyone could watch live on TV…part of the reason the race itself is blacked-out on local TV. Then the IRL brass made the very good decision to hack 15-20 mph off of the laps and save lives. The only problem was that the main draw of Pole Day, speed records, was effectively killed. I, for one, am with you on just watching these folks drive on the edge for four laps and I’m more than happy with the pole speed being 226 or 227.

    Comment by H.B. Donnelly — May 8, 2009 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

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