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May 14, 2009

Soaking Wet

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The single best reason why the month of May at IMS should never be shortened will become crystal clear over the next few days. It appears that it will rain all day every day through Sunday. The second class steerage that will attempt to make laps with limited tire and motor allocation then qualify their quaint one-offs are about to have their entire reason for being there screwed with some more.

IRL Indy 500 Auto RacingThe 11/11/11 gimmick is great for ADD-addled fans these days, but given the really good weather on day 2 we could have had the field filled by now, and even if 11/11/11 is here to stay they wasted three perfectly great practice days.

I feel sorry for the marginalized teams that are now in an even more precarious position. The Hemelgarns of the world deserve better. Now Bobby Rahal is among those ranks. How the team of Rahal and Letterman cannot garner full season sponsorship, much less a one-off, is beyond comprehension. Perhaps the Patron flap and Sharp’s lawsuit had merit. It is hard to say. The only really cool thing about the involvement of that team is the retro paint job slapped on the car, which honors Dan Gurney from prior to the now failed cart experiment. And, surprise, Rahal hired a former cart driver.

Here is hoping for the best this weekend, but you may need waders, a strong umbrella and affection for the inside of buildings such as the museum.

UPDATE:  Thank goodness I am wrong Thursday, and I hope I am wrong through race day!


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  1. It looks like they’ll get some practice in today and tomorrow. Saturday looks like a washout. Sunday looks good. It will be busy 6 hours.

    Comment by Mike Miller — May 14, 2009 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

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