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July 20, 2009

Indy Car Is Like a Baseball Game

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Obviously, your mileage may vary. BUT, where my wallet and my eyeballs are concerned, Indy Car already has two strikes. Strike one was Pikes Peak. I understand that was largely out of Indy Car’s hands and has ISC anti-fan, monopolistic wet dreaming written all over that bungled nonsense. It would have been swell for them to wait until an actual track in the Denver area began construction. PPIR was my home track and I attended every Indy Car race held at that fantastic 1-miler. Today it just sits there primarily for club racers and car shows and there is still no track in or near the big city. What a waste. No big time racing is even allowed at PPIR.

Strike two was the loss of Michigan International. For an Indy car fan, that remains unforgiveable. Again, ISC is involved, and the peeing contest waged by the participants since the pullout was announced leaves fans excluded again.

Strike three will be the loss of Richmond in the event that particular game of post-race chicken continues to escalate. Again, absolutely no regard for loyal fans is evidently being considered, and losing that unique track right in the buckle of the NASCAR belt would be inexcusable, particularly if its replacement turned out to be a second road race in Brazil.

What happens after strike three? The last remaining group of fans not yet alienated by the occasionally schizophrenic business practices of Indy Car and the partners with whom they have flings will throw in the towel and become Indy-only fans, as they became during the latter part of the cart occupation of the sport.

People on all sides usually find a way to blame one side or another, but does that even matter? Neither ever actually listens to their fans despite truckloads of flowery lip service to the contrary. .

ISC Logo2PPIR, MIS and RIR are one thing, but what about all the other tracks (like Phoenix and Nashville and Fontana, etc.), overwhelmingly oval, that just get dropped leaving many other fans in the lurch? One by one, away they go. How soon will Chicagoland, Kansas, Homestead and the others meet the same fate?

Richmond is the most unique track on the schedule. The track has for years rolled out the red carpet for Indy Car and its fans, and as ISC tracks go, that is one of the very best. Additionally, it actually draws a nice crowd. I understand that last year was a crashfest and this year was a parade. That is no reason to bag a really nice history at that track in that location.devil

Is Indy Car raising their rate and Richmond is balking? Could be. It would not be shocking to learn the IRL pricing model is probably flawed and unrealistic.

In any event, my bottom line remains: No Richmond? Strike three.


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  1. Cavin: Richmond out for 2010
    From his twitter (via jcmark611 on speed forum)

    I’m now hearing that 4 of the 5 ISC tracks will return to the #indycar schedule. The one that won’t: Richmond.

    so d….. what happens after strike 3?
    Stay tuned. Meantime, anything meaningful to contribute toward today’s topic?

    Comment by Ken — July 29, 2009 @ 1:22 pm | Reply

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