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July 22, 2009

Urban Renewal

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Hard HatIdeas and unsolicited free advice for the post-Tony leadership of IMS:

-Lose any bean counter mentality you may be attempting to get talked into or lean toward. The only consistent theme at the track since 1946 has been constant improvement to the physical plant. Spend it to make it. Recession will not last forever. IMS will last a very long time unless it gets neglected and not nurtured.

-Get on board with Speedway redevelopment. The town of Speedway has. The area around three of four sides has become way too ghetto/barrio/trailer trash-ish to ignore. Drawing hundreds of thousands of people into the place will be easier if both access and aesthetics are improved. That is money well spent.

New Suites-The Turn 2 suites are getting long in the tooth. How about a guaranteed recurring revenue source? Build multi-story condos with trackside balconies along the outside of the backstretch. You could even repurpose some of the increasingly unused grandstands at the entrance to Turn 3 and replace them with such suites. The architectural possibilities are enormous.

-Partner up with a large entertainment/hotel chain (besides Disney, who has spent the last fifteen or twenty years abusing the franchise) and build a resort. Have George Barber show you how to build things that are aesthetically pleasing (like a new museum). If he can turn a strip mine into a jewel of a race course, he can help turn slums upscale.

Big Arse Bulldozer-Convince Eccelstone or whoever ends up running F-1 they need to make Indy their permanent home in the USA.

-Stop forsaking ovals. They are as important to the heritage of Indy Car as anything else.

-Flowery rhetoric from those with fancy titles is usually bullsh!t and folks see right through it. Start a trend of brutal honesty and let the chips fall where they may.

-Wonder whether federal stimulus funding could be had for rail service between Speedway and downtown?

-There is no place for any rats in the organization. Find motivated business people with a passion not only for racing but for the track. People who ‘get it.’

-Keep making it great every day.


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  1. Amen brother!!!

    Comment by Mike Miller — July 22, 2009 @ 12:21 pm | Reply

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