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July 23, 2009

Indianapolis: The Center of The Racing Universe

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As the next running of the Brickyard 400 draws near, now is as good a time as any to state the obvious: EVERYTHING else in motor sports in this country is measured against the Indianapolis 500. All of the links furnished below lead to stories either about NASCAR in the context of Indy, or just Indy related material. One of the links takes you directly to the NASCAR web site.

Monkey See Monkey PooIt has gotten downright amusing reading the pompous pontification of columnists who purport to know how much it has cost to keep the IRL ‘propped up’ or how the Brickyard 400 financed the venture. These lazy, unoriginal writers pass off their speculation as gospel and expect anyone who reads it to swallow all of it whole without asking any questions. Do you know what would really impress me? In the unlikely event one of these self-proclaimed experts went about laying out actual numbers as support for their quaint hypotheses, many of us would be grateful and impressed. None ever have, and none will probably ever give it a whirl. Instead what we get is laziness and more pontification.

New IMS President a less dynamic public speaker than Anton? That must be important. Brickyard ticket sales down so it must be the IRL’s fault? Check. Tony George outfoxed by most anyone? We’ve heard that before, so why is that even an issue?

Hey Hey Were the MonkeyThese people pander to the most stupid 95%. These are the idiots whose pessimistic doom and gloom scenarios are consistently over the top. They squat on message boards making asses of themselves and smelling up any promising conversation. No site is immune. There is only one reason why such behavior exists: The vast majority of people operating or contributing to Internet dialog are ignorant. They are not real racing fans. They are disgraceful. The 5% who seek out intelligent conversation with like minded fans are generally out of luck. Why are these people idiots? Because they do not attend races, do not contribute in positive ways, and do not engage participants in meaningful banter. They simply toss turds like caged monkeys in a zoo. That is all their intelligence allows.

Why not do what any real racing fan will do this weekend? Enjoy a full slate of a wide variety of venues and disciplines. This is a great weekend to try being a fan.






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  1. Just compare the attendance this weekend to the 500 attendance, and that will speak for itself. Hell, last year they didn’t even completely close down Georgetown Rd. the night before the Brickyard. The night before the 500, the streets are filled. No comparison.

    Comment by John in Speedway — July 23, 2009 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

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