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A Wish That Folks Who Call Themselves Racing Fans Would Fully Evolve

Typical Internet cart 'Fan'/Indy Car Critic
Typical Internet cart 'Fan'/Indy Car Critic

The incessant cackling of Internet chicken littles has reached a fever pitch. Their hysterical nonsense bleating continues to be a source of darkly retarded entertainment for those of us who are smarter, better and more mature racing fans than they are.

For fifteen years they have whined, screamed, yelped, and begged for Tony George to go away. Now that Anton has been fired has the noise dissipated? Not hardly. If anything, they are in an even more rambunctious mood.

With the predictably misspelled, grammatically incorrect yammering to which we are all assaulted one might think Indy Racing is doomed. The most ignorant of the bunch always present what they feel are plausible doomsday scenarios between cuss words.

My feeling is that while the series will continue to face challenges in the short term, the long term seems viable. There must, after all, be a series to support the Indianapolis 500. Any understanding of Indy Car evolution is not a strong suit for the Anton haters.

Those who would like to see Tony George not only out of the picture but, in many of the more vulgar scenarios…dead, should seriously consider what they wish for. Who has the vision to carry Indy Car into the middle of this century? The sisters? Uh, no. Mari Hulman-George does not have an indefinite shelf life, and it is my esteemed opinion that the best possible scenario would be a transition to Tony of the Chairmanship. A chair person must have vision. Tony does. That is his strength. His weakness is glaring lack of business acumen. The sisters are not much better.

What Tony needs is a board filled with competent business people and not teat suckling relatives. IMS needs to figure out a way to have the gals cash out, then butt out. The generation that follows Anton has potential, but they are unproven. They are, however, receiving a swell hands-on education.

The best and most valid question Tony has asked to date is: ‘…My question for the board has been not one of who is going to manage the company, but rather, who is going to lead it?  There is a distinction.’ I am one who does not want to see the facility devolve into a weed field again. That is going to take someone with real vision and not simply bean counting or legal skills.

Internet Commentators L to R: cart Fan, NASCAR Fan, Incy Car Fan
Internet Critics L to R: cart Fan, NASCAR Fan, Indy Car Fan

Curiously, many of the ignorant IRL haters frequently focus their clueless angst on things that are relatively unimportant, including assuming folks like yours truly claimed there were never any financial subsidies to Indy Car teams. They point to Tony’s own words as ‘proof’ of their assumption: ‘Now, I don’t think it is a secret that most IndyCar and Champ Car teams have relied heavily on financial support from series owners to fund or subsidize their operations over the last 5 years.  In fact, I know that in the case of the IRL, every team that has ever competed in the series, since inception, has received support to some degree.’ Duh. Evidently subsidies have not been enough to keep those unable to get sponsorship around. Many of the same kids enjoy pointing out team failures. I wonder how they reconcile  ‘…it is a testament to the commitment of the teams and sponsors in the series today that they have persevered this season without any subsidy from the League.’

I’ll focus additional commentary later, but in the meantime it is obvious to me that with all the attention Indy Car, its principals and its fans receive, the league is in little danger of failure. I would be genuinely worried if yapping cretins just stopped offering commentary altogether. It is unlikely that will ever happen. In the meantime, I would settle for even an illusion these squawking naysayers actually enjoy the sport.

6 replies to “A Wish That Folks Who Call Themselves Racing Fans Would Fully Evolve

  1. I don’t find the league to be doomed, but this Tony v. Sisters thing and Chitwood leaving point to this as a huge tipping point. I think that we’ll have a much clearer picture of where this league is going at this point next year. Let’s hope Mr. Belskus has the business acumen to get it done…perhaps he can be a second coming of Tony Hulman’s good buddy Joe Cloutier.

  2. Sprint Cup

    Monday, July 27, 2009
    Dear Anton: Miss you (sort of)

    (Pointless copy/paste of ESPN article written by Ed Hinton on the ESPN website; in order not to waste bandwidth, go to to read it)

    Ed Hinton

    Ed Hinton is a senior writer for He can be reached at

    Editor’s note: Is there some sort of point you are attempting? I actually thought that was a well written article, and I will probably comment on it tomorrow in a blog actually related to it. Do you have anything meaningful to contribute to today’s blog, or are you merely reinforcing the stereotype I so brilliantly portrayed therein?

  3. just keeping things lively you for you d……

    keep the comedy coming
    Still no point. That definitely reinforces the stereotype.

  4. Damn you are paranoid.

    You concern yourself way too much with paranoia over CART fans.

    It would also be nice if you would stop generalizing all CART fans as the same……as cleary Champ Car Fanatics/Crap Wagon members are not the same as regular CART fans.

    I was a huge CART fan and I am now an Indycar/IRL fan because it’s all we have left.

    Let’s be real here. The last time American Open-Wheel racing was truly succesful was during the CART ERA in the early to mid 90’s. You can’t deny that. When Indycar/IRL starts to have the success that CART did, you can treat it as an equal but until that time open wheel racing in this country is only a shadow of it’s former self.

    You can make all the excuses you want to for Tony but the bottom line is that he screwed up and his “vision” failed.

    With that said, what’s done is done and it’s time to move forward.
    Editor’s note: Me, paranoid? Let’s examine a couple of facts:
    1. Indy Car – Alive and well, despite the doomsday lunacy foisted by ignorant, unevolved ‘fans.’
    2. cart/champcar – deader than disco.
    If your definition of success is being as popular as you believe cart was in the mid-1990’s, then we are going to need to get rid of around 300 television channels, widely available Internet access, most wireless communication and related devices, etc., in order to compare apples to apples. The simplicity with which cart fans attempt such comparisons remains unrealistic and laughable.

  5. alive? barely

    well?… do write that with a straight face

    *I suspect deep down in places you like to look at on the internet you don’t
    Editor’s note: Look, I know running the IRL is not nearly as complex as running, say, some restaurant, but it is really easy to claim hell in a handbasket is imminent based upon sheer ignorance. Want to really impress me? Tell me why. Lay out evidence. Give me numbers. Reach predicted conclusions based on thorough research you conduct. Until you or any of your ilk actually do that the only thing you will accomplish is continuing to look bitter and foolish. In the unlikely event the IRL fails in the same embarrassing manner cart did, I will be the first to say I was wrong. But I am not. You and your little friends are. I am certain Indy Car will continue to evolve, but it has done that for decades. It is no different now.

  6. I will reiterate on behalf of Defender: CART/CCWS is deader than Disco. Those of you wallowing in Mom’s basement spewing hatred for everything IRL, need to take a break and face that fact. While your series died a slow death in gallons of red ink, the IRL had someone who wanted to see OWR survive, and WAS NOT AFRAID to PUT UP HIS OWN MONEY TO DO IT! Can any CCWS/CART owners say the same? Ask Bobby Rahal about that one, huh?

    Oh, BTW, any of you been to Indy since 1995? It’s a whole different place from then, Bubba. The same person, at the same time, had the guts, vision, and money to continue his grandfather’s legacy of constantly improving the facility. At the same time, he opened the doors to the facility to NASCAR and F-1, and later Moto GP. He also had the guts to stand up to the egomaniacal Bernie Ecclestone rather than be held hostage to Bernie’s ever increasing demands, whims, and tastes. Let’s not forget that when the F-1 drivers had a tire problem a few years back, this same person was willing to add a chicane to allay the fears of the drivers, only to have F-1’s snobbish leadership refuse that gesture and put on one sorry a** show for those who spent the money to attend.

    Well, now that person is gone, and barring his sisters taking the total greed route and cashing out, I suspect there will still be open wheel racing now that TG has taken his leave of the league.

    Will it ever be like 1995 again? Probably not, but consider that in 1995 there weren’t computers in every home, 24 hour news and sports channels all over TV. But, as Defender said, “Things evolve.” If you so hate it, go watch NASCAR.

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