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July 31, 2009

Smoke Up Your Butt or Dead Silence? Which is Better?

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This weekend is Indy Racing under the lights at Kentucky on Bruton Smith’s latest acquisition. Fans who enjoy the current configuration of the track had best make a visit because Bruton does not like the layout and is likely to get the bulldozers out after the race to NASCAR-ize the banking and put the pits closer to the outside seats. Hopefully the track will not get unceremoniously jerked when they announce the 2011 schedule. The 2010 schedule will be unveiled before the race.

I would like to say a few words about Terry Angstadt and most of the people who run Indy Car. Whenever I have wanted to communicate with them about anything, whether by e-mail, phone, snail mail or in person, each and every one has consistently replied promptly. My most recent communication was with Angstadt regarding the Richmond absence from next year’s schedule. He replied within an hour. His response was a little too form-letterish with regard to answering my critical question; i.e., (paraphrased) what the &#@* happened with Richmond, but I appreciate his effort.

Gagged 2That is completely opposite the approach the folks at Richmond have taken. All I have received from them is complete silence. Everyone I know who has attempted to contact them has received no response of any kind from them either. This treatment of customers is baffling, particularly for management that has been enthusiastic in the past.

I will look Angstadt up at some point (I may even show up at Kentucky again) and ask him some direct questions, including:

No Comment-What efforts were made to replace Sun Trust at Richmond, and who made an effort?

-Given the number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the Richmond region, why would a package not be put together to attract one? Does the IRL not employ contractors to try and do just that?

-What is the logic of dumping a well attended for many years in a row race in the buckle of the NASCAR belt without an exhaustive effort to keep it? Other than racing in Florida, the southeast coast is underserved.

Enjoy one of the rapidly dwindling Indy Car ovals this weekend. Hopefully loosening of the restrictions that caused idiotic parades will add some additional excitement.


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  1. When you talk to Angstadt, ask him what the heck he is thinking in turning down two different date options at New Hampshire. Worried about being three weeks after a N-car event (and selling tickets) is the track’s problem, not his. A long drive back from Edmonton to NH is short term pain once a year for the long term gain of regaining critical exposure in the huge eastern market. But hey, if he wants to tick off a company that holds the keys to several oval venues, than that’s his idiotic prerogative, I guess.

    I am so sick of his stance that they would rather run road courses instead of 1/3 or 1/2 full in a large oval speedway. Ridiculous.

    Comment by ed — August 2, 2009 @ 12:27 am | Reply

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