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August 31, 2009

Jacques Villeneuve: Spineless Weasel

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Villeneuve TempermentThe malcontented, disrespectful, arrogant little twit opined in USA Today last week that “…on the planet there are just two good forms of racing, F1 and NASCAR.”

He is one of less than a handful of Indianapolis 500 winners who have no business being likened on the Borg-Warner. Villeneuve tarnishes the iconic trophy. I would like to formally move that we go ahead and retroactively award the 1995 Indianapolis 500 to Scott Goodyear, a Canadian who actually deserves it and would continue to respect the dignity and traditions of the event. His rhythm was correct that day despite the stupidity of a pace car pilot that cost him the win. Villeneuve’s presence on the trophy insults the other winners and participants who have the proper respect.Punk Bitch

Hell, as a compromise and in deference to screeching cart apologists still fighting their own stupid pointless boycott war, I am even willing to move to mercy hump Paul Tracy into victory lane late for his 2002 pass under yellow of Helio Castroneves, who has already won multiple times anyway. At least Paul has begun using the respect and intelligence portions of his cantankerous noggin lately.

What is Villeneuve’s issue? Is he not old enough emotionally to have matured beyond pre-pubescence?

Enough bandwidth about some undeserving whining punk. How about something happier? The racing that occurred this weekend was spectacular. At Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet under the lights, fans enjoyed an Indy-in-1992 temperature day as packs of Indy Cars sliced and diced at 210+ lap after lap in the second great oval race in a row. The end was another close shave and fans saw the racing for which the IRL used to be known. Here is hoping it is back to stay.

Another Great Chicagoland RaceRyan Briscoe has come all the way back from that bad crash there in ’05 and could well be the series champion at the end of the year. It would be interesting to have mic’d Tony Kanaan after the race. Marco appeared to have chopped Kanaan at the end, and that cost Tony some positions. Tony appeared livid.

Those who were dismayed at the 10pm eastern start have seen nothing yet. Wait until the middle of the night when they traipse off to Japan. I believe I need to make plans for Homestead to close out the season. That might be fun.

Is there any better F-1 venue than Spa-Francorchamps? Kimi Raikkonen took advantage of some early crashing by other favorites and won the thing.

The weather for the second US MotoGP at IMS was a lot better than last year, and about 75,000 folks got a great show. ALMS also put on a compelling show in Jacques’ home country. They are evidently ‘not a good form of racing’ however.

This is such a great part of the season with the possible exception of it being nearly complete.


August 28, 2009

Indy Cars on Saturday Night!

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ChicaglandWhile the Defender family will be well represented at the Chicagoland event under the lights, yours truly has allowed a project at work to prevent his attendance this year. That bums me out. Of course if I did what I feel like doing and simply tell the boss my weekends are my own and to cram this project for a couple of days I might find myself able physically but not financially to attend any event I want whenever I want to. In this economy, hanging onto a job is something to consider.

In any event it is a busy weekend. The two wheeled racers are headed for the hallowed grounds and that will be great fun as well.

Crazy Mr EdAt Chicagoland we are all hoping for the quality of show we saw at Kentucky. It would be fantastic if Ed Carpenter crosses the line in front. The underdogs have three more tries on ovals. I visited the Chicagoland web site and easily found anything I could possibly want about any NASCAR-related event, but really had to dig for Indy Car information even though THERE IS AN IMMINENT RACE. Amazing. How long will it be before these guys pull a Richmond-style fan screwing on the IRL? Hopefully that will not happen. The Joliet track is a fantastic venue.

Have a great racing weekend! Saturday prime time on Versus!

August 27, 2009

Eddie Gossage Reminds Me of My Second Wife

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EdwardoWell what do you know? For years the best promoter in the business, Eddie Gossage, has whined, cajoled and complained that his Texas track HAD to host the Indy Cars as the very next race after Indy, but with a week in between so he could work his magic and work up the potential attendees into an Indy Racing frenzy. He called it crucial. He got madder than a wet hen when Indy Car plugged the traditional Milwaukee date back in. He threatened, berated, talked to the press, made idle threats the IRL’s days could be numbered there, etc.

Now that Milwaukee is out of the picture until someone with some sense, money and passion pulls an ‘Anton in 1946’ on that joint (assuming the convoluted way in which that facility is administered is simplified) Eddie got his next date with a week in between scenario.

But wait.

The NASCAR (insert sponsor identification here) Truck Series, long the weekend companion, asked that the weekend be moved to the very next weekend after Indy. The Indy Car Series, which bends over for virtually any entity who wants to have their way except fans, said ‘….sure, no problem Mr. Gossage.’two faced pussy

I guess that extra week wasn’t so important after all, huh Eddie? What would you expect? He is a promoter. A damned fine one too. But this action is proof he knows how to stack bullsh!t better than about anyone.

The Honda mercy hump at Motegi got moved to Sunday, September 19 (I am still in favor of a non-points exhibition either before or after the season) and Kentucky is Saturday September 4 next year.

I sincerely hope Milwaukee gets straightened out. I am also optimistic EVERYONE associated with Michigan and Richmond (this includes the ‘yes we CAN make an all road and street course series work this time for sure’ brigade currently running the IRL asylum) can take their heads out of their pompous arses long enough to listen to their fans for once. There are far too few ovals on the 2010 schedule, and by God that needs to change.

August 26, 2009

Indy Car and DirecTV Versus Versus

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Here is your task list for the day:

Versus logoMake sure Versus stays on the DirecTV platform. Those two parties are engaged in a peeing contest over carriage rights and fees. The only people getting wet are customers. Sadly, that is typical.

Both entities say Versus may come off DirecTV after August 31. The posturing of the parties is irrelevant.direcv logo

  1. Call, write and e-mail both Versus and DirecTV and tell them to get a deal done.
  2. Should Versus come off DirecTV, cancel your service and call Dish or another cable provider. They WILL give you a deal.
  3. Should the carrier you have not carry Versus now, ask them what the hell they are waiting for.

As fans, we do not have time to screw around with politics. I want to watch Indy Car, and Versus is doing a great job.

Losing households is not an option. We need more. We consumers need to speak up and tell both parties in no uncertain terms to get their acts together today.

August 25, 2009

Heeee’ssss Baaaaccckkkkk

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Vacations are great, especially when family and friends are involved. The race at Sonoma turned out OK and so did the F-1 and NASCAR events. The twisty courses have caused a lot of crash damage this year for everyone, and that is where the most severe injuries have occurred as well. I am glad the Indy Car Series is closing out with three ovals, even if one of them is across the planet. Honda must be mercy humped somehow. Danica made history there.Danica Japanica

Ms. Patrick appears to be staying with Michael Andretti, and I believe that is a very smart move. Those two have advanced her career a lot this year, and it will also be great for the series.

I am looking forward to Chicagoland, and hope a similarly exciting race like the one we saw at Kentucky returns to Joliet.

It is great to be back; give me a day or so to get back into the swing to take the pulse and report it in my own unique way.

August 20, 2009

Defender’s On Vacation…Please Fight Amongst Yourselves.

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I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Gone for now

August 19, 2009

Little Guy Stories in Indy Car Always Inspire

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Little SarahThe second major Indy Car feel good story of the year occurred this week. The first, of course, was the first ever Dale Coyne team win earlier this season. On Monday the owners of Hartman Oil, one of the associate sponsors for Sarah Fishers small Indy Car team, bought and presented her with a brand new race car, calling it a backup. This is important for a team like Sarah’s because one bad accident and she goes out of business.Hartman

Because she is an oval racer, she competes only in those events. Her participation and the potential participation of potential teams like hers is another reason why a 65% oval to 35% non-oval mix is advisable going forward.

Sarah was Indy Car’s most popular driver before Danica came along, and continues to be a great role model. Her continuing participation is one aspect that makes following Indy Car so great.

Another really nice aspect of the story is the direct participation of a sponsor who does more than write checks. Sarah has put together a really nice package. There are quite a few teams used to receiving welfare that could benefit from similar packages.

Way to go Sarah and team!

August 18, 2009

cart ‘Fans’ – Still Thin of Skin and Vociferously Defensive Fifteen Years Later

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AngrierUsually people who respond to my ramblings do so with sportsmanship and couth. Some others…not so much. I am not intentionally singling out the words of any one person offering comments; I merely cite words that are typical of that ilk.

‘Typical clown response from you.’

I always know I am in for a doozy when something like that is the first sentence.

‘ You know damn well why they are gone and your boy Tony G. was partly responsible for putting them in the grave and like I told you before….CART made damn sure to finish off what Tony started and killed themselves.’

Is this the same Tony G. people have called stupid and incompetent for the last fifteen years? How could he have gotten smart enough to ‘help’ kill cart? Here is how cart killed themselves:

  1. They boycotted Indy.
  2. The stupidly thought they could survive sans Indy.
  3. They scorched the earth then stupidly blamed the fire and resultant damage  on Tony George.

Do any of these cart apologists understand how easily and inexpensively the nascent IRL could have been killed with just one or two intelligent moves? That is what happens when egos and arrogance get in the way of common sense.

Pissed‘Regardless of that, only a kool-aid drinking fool with an agenda could deny that CART was successful in the late 80’s and for most of the 90’s.’

How quaint. Comparing a race fan to a cult suicide victim from Jonestown in 1979. That will win some credibility points all right. Where have I ever denied cart’s success in the 80’s and 90’s? I was a cart fan. They were the evolutionary torch bearers for their period. They could have continued had they not killed themselves. The day they hatched the ill fated US 500 is the very day I began actively working to wipe them from existence because they no longer deserved to exist and became a cancerous blight to the sport.

‘Yes they did die in the end but they had a good run…..certainly a better run than the IRL has ever had (that is unless you call barely surviving a success) Many long standing successful companies eventually crash and burn, sometimes due to their own making and sometimes because of things they can’t control. Look at Mervyn’s and Circuit City.’

Mervyn’s sold their souls to ethics deprived opportunists. Circuit City is a better analogy because in the end what did them in was horrible management.

‘While CART had a lot of success and then ultimately failed….the IRL was never successful.’

Keep trying to convince yourself of that. Projection of cart failure onto the now mature IRL will not fly. Do you realize the IRL has now been around almost as long as cart was? It shows no real signs of diminishing other than in the twisted wet dream fantasies of those unable to discover the sportsmanship necessary to actually be racing fans.

‘However the IRL could only dream of getting the ratings, sponsorship, manufacturer support, and cash-flow that CART had in the 90’s.’

cart could get reconstituted exactly as they were in 1995 and they would get worse ratings than Indy Car. The world is a vastly different place than it was when cart began their tragic road to self immolation. Cash flow was mainly the type of creative accounting that people get thrown in jail for today.

‘I guess they figure it’s better to go with a formula from the past that worked and hope it works today…..than to continue to stick with a failed formula.’

A Typical cart Fan Prepares to Post

A Typical cart Fan Prepares to Post

Not one major road racing series has ever stuck around for the long term in the United States. My recommendation of 65% oval and 35% non oval is diverse enough. There are quality ovals of less than a mile, a mile or a little more, 1.5 milers, 2 milers and the big 2.5 miler. That is five types of tracks. A street circuit like Long Beach, a wide open airport circuit like Cleveland, a legendary road course like Watkins Glen, and a spectacular new facility like Barber will make for a very challenging, diverse schedule. It’s easy. The majority of racing fans in this country attend and watch oval races. The IRL must re-perfect its package (think Texas or Chicagoland in the early part of the present decade or Kentucky a couple of weeks ago) and figure out how to effectively market it. Attempting to be the cart of old means they will end up like the cart of old. Dead with a bunch hysterical enthusiasts unable to let go of the past and unwilling to evolve.

August 17, 2009

They Even Showed Indy Car Highlights at the Michigan NASCAR Race

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During the sparsely attended Michigan NASCAR event, Roger Curtis, the guy who runs the track, was interviewed during the rain delay of the race. Roger indicated the track was spending $50 million for the fans. They want to ‘give the fans what they want.’ Evidently they made some of the seats more comfy, freshened some things up, and are preparing to rehab the infield with some new buildings. They are even lowering ticket prices on every seat. You know, to ‘give the fans what they want.’

Indy at MISRoger, here is what some other fans want: Indy Cars back on the track at MIS. When will that happen, Roger?

I am sick and tired of the game playing ISC tracks play. If they actually cared about fans at places like MIS and RIR, they would not screw fans. I am aware that a certain amount of blame can correctly be laid at the feet of those running the IRL, whose latest crowning achievement is to create a bidding war between gullible towns fighting over economically shady potential street events, which is not Indy Car racing.  Blame assessment is easy, but does not solve the problem at the center; i.e., the continued screwing of loyal fans. People like Roger Curtis need to put their money where their mouths are.

What Fans Do NOT Want at MIS

What Fans Do NOT Want at MIS

Indy Car needs to expand the number of teams that participate, and they need to be 65% oval. This is what we must work toward. Limit road courses to real road courses. ALMS provided a relatively good viewing experience today opposite NASCAR.

Sam Hornish got a top 5 today, and a Toyota won the big Michigan race. That will stick in the craw of the ‘big 3.’

Indy Car needs a 2 mile oval, and Michigan is about the best one. One of these days leadership may come to their senses.

August 14, 2009

Indy Car: Hoping For Different Results from Similar Mistakes

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cart gunToday’s meandering is a potpourri of this and that on an Indy Car off weekend.  Indy Car seems determined to kill itself off over the long haul. The self immolation tactic being bantered about today is continuing discussion of a street race in Baltimore around Camden Yards. That is about the dumbest idea since cart killed itself doing the same types of stupid things. Not that Baltimore is bad or does not deserve a race; just not on city streets, especially narrow, bumpy ones. Baltimore would be a great place to build a REAL track. Why not conduct feasibility studies to do that? Want to know all about best intentions and voodoo economics? Call the Pepsi Center management in Denver. That’s a more cosmopolitan city filled with people who make more money and they failed twice. Why does Indy car keep thinking they can continue trying things that fail and hope for different results?

Indy Car gets criticized a lot for homogenized specifications; one engine, one chassis, one tire, etc. That is something that is relatively easy to understand.  More difficult is attempting to understand the politics of Formula One. Given the state of the world economy, even that series is cutting back. Some of the stories and rumors get interesting. It appears F-1 will soon have just one engine design. BMW is leaving, and one of the readers of my rambling diatribes pointed out part of their decision is probably based on the fact that F-1 no longer races on the North American continent, which is a huge source of sales. Granted they probably sell a lot of cars in Bahrain, but not as many as on the North American continent. It is the hope of many racing fans that IMS and F-1 can come up with a realistic plan to return the US Grand Prix to IMS. Canada needs one as well. That country and its race fan citizenry have always enthusiastically supported F-1.

Milky DonutsSeveral Indy Car teams and drivers are in wine country testing in advance of the race next weekend. Some need it. Milka is a popular target for such criticism. But damn she certainly remains cute.

Racing fans: Enjoy the weekend!

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