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The Indy Car Hokey Pokey

Two ovals this week have expressed a desire to host the Indy Car Series. One of the facilities was built for Indy Cars. They have not been back to Pocono for a long while and the track needs significant upgrades for Indy cars, but that track would be great again. The folks in Loudon REALLY want Indy Cars back at their track and Bruton Smith would like to see the IRL at most of his tracks, including Vegas.

Personally I believe we are ready to return to Charlotte. This demand will likely go unnoticed by the twisty-centric ex-cart folks now running Indy Car, and that is a real shame. Street events remain an utter blight. This is not to imply right turns are bad once in a while; there are many great road courses that are unused by Indy Car.

Bobby DThat situation could change over time as well. The ALMS group is said to be in deep financial trouble (ever noticed how no major road racing series has ever lasted over time in the US?) and many of their teams could be joining or re-joining the ICS. That is refreshing considering the whoring out of rides that occurs in Indy Car. Bobby D left NHL in a huff, and who replaces him is probably dependent on who brings the most money. Conquest is even more blatant; their rotating cast is going to change every few races. That situation needs to be fixed.

Mid-Ohio is always a fun time, and the next event should be compelling.Kosuke

5 replies to “The Indy Car Hokey Pokey

  1. Well, acually I agree, Charlotte, or Atlanta, in echange for barber. For my scheduale, I would want either 20 or 22 tracks, Indy, MIS, Charlotte, Road America, Cleveland, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Texas, Iowa, Richmond, Long Beach, Kansas, Chicago, Portland, Rio Dejinero, Phoniex,Homestead, Kentucky, Milwakee, Vegas(street), Denver.
    Okay, so, mabye I’ve forgotten something(probably did, I’ve posted my thoughts on this a lot, and always change a couple races, or forget one), but, this scheduale would be balanced, and include most of the important tracks. 12ovals, 10 Road street events. Also, less down time, a major issue with recent open wheel racing.

  2. The ALMS problem is not money as much as Audi bailing out and leaving Honda with an expansive program just to fight itself. All those teams are official Honda teams, if Honda leaves they don’t have a car anymore.

  3. I’d love Pocono back in the schedule and I’m happy with the recent comments from the track, but I do think we should remember Pocono can’t find a sponsor for their Sprint Cup races and they need to do some upgrades for IRL to go back there. I don’t know if they have the money for that.

    I think there were a lot of overreaction to the schedule but the whole thing with Loudon is criminal and adds a huge question mark about the series future. One of the main problems with CCWS was exactly this sort of short term thinking. If the Gillete stadium guys were willing to pay the same kind of absurd fee as Brazil one could disagree but understand, but most likely they are paying a little more for a race that is unlikely to help atract new fans to the series.

  4. Okay, so I’d agree, if the reason Indycars don’t go to Loudon is because of wanting to race the parking lot of a staduim, yeah, thats not good. Iff indycars really want a parking lot track, they can always use Denver.

  5. If theses oval venues go as far as to voice their interest in the series, Terry A should at least tell us why we’re not racing there.

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