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August 6, 2009

Mentally (and Emotionally) Distressed Indy Car ‘Fans’

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Lee Troy and HowardIdiots who dwell on the Internet continuously predict doom and gloom for Indy Car and have a tendency to wear blinders that never allow them to consider actual reality in their indictment of everything Indy. What amazes me is the impression they strive to create; i.e., everyone hates Indy Car, usually followed by some case that cart in the 1990’s was the absolute peak of the sport.

I tend to more closely examine and consider the world that surrounds the sport. Indy Car seems to be going strong while other sports and entertainment entities are having problems. The 22-year old Arena Football League has all but folded and will not return this season. Women’s professional spots are said to be in grave danger, including the LPGA and WNBA. We already know about ALMS and their issues.

There are more television channels and ways to watch them than ever before. That is one reason why I laugh so hard at would-be television ratings experts whose knowledge goes no further than 12+ overnights. They track the overnights more closely than they track their own personal finances.

Indy Car is filled with fanatical supporters who claim to hate it. Hypocrites. All of them. Greasy hypocrites. Would it not be great for these people to discuss honesty? NASCAR is one of my least favorite forms of the sport, but I do not believe I have ever posted anything on any NASCAR forum. I do not see the point if I don’t care. Perhaps others should follow my lead.

Speaking of hypocrites who lie to suit their hostile fantasies, I had some contact the other day with movers and shakers in the IRL. I asked how close the critics were in their claims that Indy Car has lost $600,000,000 over the past fourteen years ‘propping it up.’ I got laughter in return and an answer that basically said if Indy Car was a solar system, the estimate imbeciles take as gospel would be Pluto, while the actual number Musical ChairsMid Ohiowould be a solar flare just barely escaped from the sun in terms of relative distance.  Figures.

Coming soon: A guide to the musical chairs Indy Car has become. You will need a scorecard for Mid-Ohio.



  1. I’d ignore anything that isn’t at least constructively critical. The internet is full of weaklings who love to bully under the cloak of being anonymous.

    Comment by redd — August 6, 2009 @ 10:47 am | Reply

  2. I think some dream of a NASCAR monopoly of racing in the USA, perhaps world-wide. I wonder if this desire has a sociological manifest destiny in the dreams of those who still fight the war which ended about 150 years ago. Who knows?


    Was there anyting else of interest that you talked about with the Indy Car brass?

    Editor’s note: Yes. They are aware of the sensitivity of many oval-centric fans who are watching them vanish. They also have a high degree of confidence in not only the survival of, but the growth and expansion of the Indy Car brand.

    Comment by Mike Miller — August 6, 2009 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

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