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August 7, 2009

Free Indy Car Consulting

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Defender UHere is more free advice from the Defender Institute of Common Sense for Indy Car leadership:

-Do not discuss anything even remotely resembling a title sponsor until the ink on the contract is dry and both parties are seated at a long table at the press conference to announce it. Besides, given the loose, flapping lips inside the Hulman-George family, well-placed leaks do not really seem to be a problem.

-Remember the oval heritage of auto racing in this country. Road racing series always fail. One of the better ones is on the verge right now.

-Do not fret too much when every seat is not occupied. It happens all the time everywhere. No NASCAR race has had all seats filled for a long time. Baseball has regained a lot of lost popularity lately, but at the three major league ball parks I have visited this season all were less than half full. I saw Paul McCartney in concert less than a week ago (the biggest current concert draw in the country) and empty seats dotted the stadium.  Just make sure the product holds folks’ attention. The Kentucky race Saturday night is a good template for that.

Defender Role Model-We need more consistency within teams. Bobby D changed teams mid-season, other teams come and go, and folks need a scorecard.

Mid-Ohio may make a nice last second road trip for us east coasters; it would be a lot more handy than Kentucky. We’ll see. The wife may have some helpful advice.

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  1. “Remember the oval heritage of auto racing in this country.” Yes, and remember the street and road racing heritage too.

    If the IRL goes back to all ovals, I’m done with open wheel forever. A nice mix of 33% road, street and ovals is the way to go.

    Comment by Don — August 11, 2009 @ 7:06 pm | Reply

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