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Internet Television Executives are Funny

One of the enjoyable aspects of attempting to read the ramblings of ‘experts’ of all things prevalent all over the Internet is the humor they unwittingly provide.

AlbertCritics of the Indy Car Series continue sounding a death knell for the series month after month citing, primarily, really crappy television ratings on Versus. Most such blithering idiots use primarily 12+ overnights as their basis, never bothering to actually look at actual numbers beyond the superficial overnights that get published. More astounding are comparisons to ratings for cart when that series was actually in business several years ago. Talk about simplistic.

Ratings for everything are trending downward. A look at the following chart compiled by shows the trends clearly for prime time:

Ratings Trends

Guess where viewership and ad revenues are increasing? Cable television. We all cringe when numbers come out for Versus, but could it be that Indy Car is ahead of the curve? They are less than a year into their ten year deal. We already know Versus treats the series with the respect it deserves, unlike their bigger, neglectful partners at ESPN.

Here are words of advice to moronic critics who are proven wrong week after week. Pay attention to what is actually happening in the world. Print media as we have known it for centuries is literally about to come to an end. One of the Sunday papers I enjoy reading is the Washington Post. That publication is half the size it was a year ago, and just this week announced it is discontinuing its television magazine. Newspapers are failing all over the country.

News, sports and entertainment are being delivered on demand on handheld devices anywhere people want to see them. That is the future. Indy Car is adapting to that reality quickly, and I continue to applaud the forward thinking of deals like the one they have with Versus. Realistically they need to freshen the presentation and package and get additional manufacturers and innovation involved (and quickly), but that will happen.

In the meantime, I dislike waiting two weeks between races!

3 replies to “Internet Television Executives are Funny

  1. What most people cannot yet fathom is that by the time the Versus deal is over with, Broadcast television will certainly be gone and cable well on the road to extinction. AS broadband increases throughput and reach, TV will be watched over the internet. You will be able to watch a first pass of a show at a designated time, but then on demand thereafter. Jumbo trons will no longer be needed at live events because people can stream replays, stats and standings over their mobile devices.

  2. Defender, I’m with you on the Versus deal. Versus today reminds me a lot of ESPN circa 1980 — the audience is small right now, some of the programming is dodgy, and production standards are a bit rough. But the Versus guys are busting their butts to get the audience involved, and they seem to be genuinely fans of the sports they cover, just like the vibe ESPN gave off in its heyday. The IRL is definitely ahead of the curve here.

  3. There is one other thing that could also help the show a little – I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but following F1 races on the BBC (England), they switch to their website to broadcast an in depth post race show and get deep interviews with drivers, team owners and engineers and also take in questions from fans.

    Part of that may end up preaching to the converted, but I also think that it would be the kind of post-race program that could turn a casual viewer into a dedicated fan – a little something for Versus to try perhaps..?

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