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Indy Car: Hoping For Different Results from Similar Mistakes

cart gunToday’s meandering is a potpourri of this and that on an Indy Car off weekend.  Indy Car seems determined to kill itself off over the long haul. The self immolation tactic being bantered about today is continuing discussion of a street race in Baltimore around Camden Yards. That is about the dumbest idea since cart killed itself doing the same types of stupid things. Not that Baltimore is bad or does not deserve a race; just not on city streets, especially narrow, bumpy ones. Baltimore would be a great place to build a REAL track. Why not conduct feasibility studies to do that? Want to know all about best intentions and voodoo economics? Call the Pepsi Center management in Denver. That’s a more cosmopolitan city filled with people who make more money and they failed twice. Why does Indy car keep thinking they can continue trying things that fail and hope for different results?

Indy Car gets criticized a lot for homogenized specifications; one engine, one chassis, one tire, etc. That is something that is relatively easy to understand.  More difficult is attempting to understand the politics of Formula One. Given the state of the world economy, even that series is cutting back. Some of the stories and rumors get interesting. It appears F-1 will soon have just one engine design. BMW is leaving, and one of the readers of my rambling diatribes pointed out part of their decision is probably based on the fact that F-1 no longer races on the North American continent, which is a huge source of sales. Granted they probably sell a lot of cars in Bahrain, but not as many as on the North American continent. It is the hope of many racing fans that IMS and F-1 can come up with a realistic plan to return the US Grand Prix to IMS. Canada needs one as well. That country and its race fan citizenry have always enthusiastically supported F-1.

Milky DonutsSeveral Indy Car teams and drivers are in wine country testing in advance of the race next weekend. Some need it. Milka is a popular target for such criticism. But damn she certainly remains cute.

Racing fans: Enjoy the weekend!

2 replies to “Indy Car: Hoping For Different Results from Similar Mistakes

  1. Milka can still drive circles around 99% of all internet buffoons. And she’s pretty hot too. When she becomes a problem to other drivers by their own admission something will be done about it. Otherwise, enjoy her being around. If only all of them were that fan friendly.

  2. To be fair to Duno at this stage, she’s simply (seriously) off the pace, but she brings the car home on occasion. I think folk should be wary if she starts having avoidable accidents like Roth did last year

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