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Indy Car and DirecTV Versus Versus

Here is your task list for the day:

Versus logoMake sure Versus stays on the DirecTV platform. Those two parties are engaged in a peeing contest over carriage rights and fees. The only people getting wet are customers. Sadly, that is typical.

Both entities say Versus may come off DirecTV after August 31. The posturing of the parties is irrelevant.direcv logo

  1. Call, write and e-mail both Versus and DirecTV and tell them to get a deal done.
  2. Should Versus come off DirecTV, cancel your service and call Dish or another cable provider. They WILL give you a deal.
  3. Should the carrier you have not carry Versus now, ask them what the hell they are waiting for.

As fans, we do not have time to screw around with politics. I want to watch Indy Car, and Versus is doing a great job.

Losing households is not an option. We need more. We consumers need to speak up and tell both parties in no uncertain terms to get their acts together today.

6 replies to “Indy Car and DirecTV Versus Versus

  1. Your request for help is falling on deaf ears and blind eyes here, The IRL married Versus, not the fans, it’s a IRL problem, let them solve it, we were not consulted before the TV contract was signed, I just remember that Spike was the death warrant for CCWS

  2. “I just remember that Spike was the death warrant for CCWS”

    No, the CCWS was dead before it started.

    And, these little unfortunate tiffs are becomming more common during a time of contract negotiating. And as we all know, it’s not limited to TV and media.

  3. I plan on switching to another network on September 2 if an agreement is not met. I’m a fan of open wheel racing from the USAC era. I’m not a fan DirecTV, Versus or the IRL management. Bottom line is I’m paying a service so that I can watch the races in my home. I’ll pay whoever can provide that service. If DirecTV does not want my money, I’m sure someone else will.

  4. Versus, is owned by Comcast, the worst company in America, and they are just trying to to screw DirecTV viewers over and force them back to their awful cable service.
    You want to write someone, write to the IRL and tell them if they don’t want to lose households, get with a network not owned by the worst and most evil cable provider of them all.
    I just became a fan of Indycar this year, and I’ll be annoyed if I lose it, but I would rather never see anothr race as long as I live then ever switch back to Comcast.

  5. Comcast = Evil

    DirecTV has taken good care of me over the years by giving me HD channels first, great deals on NFL Sunday Ticket and providing more sports choices than other carriers. I’m an IndyCar fan, but I’m not going to switch to Comcast just to see the races.

    Comcast will need to cave or IndyCar will have one pair fewer eyes on their final two races.

  6. Reportedly for the first 11 IndyCar races aired on Versus, the average rating of 0.32 figures out to less than 240,000 people per race. The answer is not to try and strongarm DirecTV but to have the series return to network TV or at least ESPN.

    And if fans are going to spend time writing letters, their efforts would be better spent writing to Danica Patrick to convince her not to defect to NASCAR. Losing her will do much more damage to the ongoing financial health of the series than any bad TV contract ever would.

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