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Eddie Gossage Reminds Me of My Second Wife

EdwardoWell what do you know? For years the best promoter in the business, Eddie Gossage, has whined, cajoled and complained that his Texas track HAD to host the Indy Cars as the very next race after Indy, but with a week in between so he could work his magic and work up the potential attendees into an Indy Racing frenzy. He called it crucial. He got madder than a wet hen when Indy Car plugged the traditional Milwaukee date back in. He threatened, berated, talked to the press, made idle threats the IRL’s days could be numbered there, etc.

Now that Milwaukee is out of the picture until someone with some sense, money and passion pulls an ‘Anton in 1946’ on that joint (assuming the convoluted way in which that facility is administered is simplified) Eddie got his next date with a week in between scenario.

But wait.

The NASCAR (insert sponsor identification here) Truck Series, long the weekend companion, asked that the weekend be moved to the very next weekend after Indy. The Indy Car Series, which bends over for virtually any entity who wants to have their way except fans, said ‘….sure, no problem Mr. Gossage.’two faced pussy

I guess that extra week wasn’t so important after all, huh Eddie? What would you expect? He is a promoter. A damned fine one too. But this action is proof he knows how to stack bullsh!t better than about anyone.

The Honda mercy hump at Motegi got moved to Sunday, September 19 (I am still in favor of a non-points exhibition either before or after the season) and Kentucky is Saturday September 4 next year.

I sincerely hope Milwaukee gets straightened out. I am also optimistic EVERYONE associated with Michigan and Richmond (this includes the ‘yes we CAN make an all road and street course series work this time for sure’ brigade currently running the IRL asylum) can take their heads out of their pompous arses long enough to listen to their fans for once. There are far too few ovals on the 2010 schedule, and by God that needs to change.

One reply to “Eddie Gossage Reminds Me of My Second Wife

  1. Eddie has said some pretty harsh things about the IRL, those comments being based on what you’ve mentioned, Defender.

    To me, Gossage is a man who knows the Indy Cars are more entertaining on his speedway. But he must also dance to the bullets fired at his feet by NASCAR. He is held under the same monopoly which NASCAR holds on Racing in the USA.

    Speaking of wives, the way he treats the IRL, it’s like making plans with old friend months in advance and then you find out they are cancelling out because their wives had someting scheduled. Turns out, it was the last minute!!!!

    Ed Gossage is marries to NASCAR.

    In a day and age where people in the USA prefer slower moving cars, so you can read the moving billboards, over faster puposely built racing machines which acheive closed course speed records whilst 4 to 5 cars finish within a second, screams that de-evolution is taking place on earth and the USA is leading the way.

    The Indy Cars gave Gossage plenty of of that, but he must smooch the fannie of NASCAR.

    His acknowledgement of the great Indy Car races on is track, in my opinion, is his last gasp of preserving his racing integrity amoung those who have followed the sport for decades and see it as more than a (almost) high speed parade of advertising and housewife heart throbs at the wheel.

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