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Indy Cars on Saturday Night!

ChicaglandWhile the Defender family will be well represented at the Chicagoland event under the lights, yours truly has allowed a project at work to prevent his attendance this year. That bums me out. Of course if I did what I feel like doing and simply tell the boss my weekends are my own and to cram this project for a couple of days I might find myself able physically but not financially to attend any event I want whenever I want to. In this economy, hanging onto a job is something to consider.

In any event it is a busy weekend. The two wheeled racers are headed for the hallowed grounds and that will be great fun as well.

Crazy Mr EdAt Chicagoland we are all hoping for the quality of show we saw at Kentucky. It would be fantastic if Ed Carpenter crosses the line in front. The underdogs have three more tries on ovals. I visited the Chicagoland web site and easily found anything I could possibly want about any NASCAR-related event, but really had to dig for Indy Car information even though THERE IS AN IMMINENT RACE. Amazing. How long will it be before these guys pull a Richmond-style fan screwing on the IRL? Hopefully that will not happen. The Joliet track is a fantastic venue.

Have a great racing weekend! Saturday prime time on Versus!

5 replies to “Indy Cars on Saturday Night!

  1. I’m not too big a fan of night races, let alone one that starts at 10 p.m. MY time, then looking forward to a 4 hour drive home. I don’t see the point in running on Saturdays, and at night. Indy car races need to run at noon on Sundays. The powers that be are really testing the patience of this fan. Once a race gets shoved into a nighttime slot it usually means it’s a final blow, and/or it will never return to being a day race.

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