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September 10, 2009

Bob Kravitz = Gladys Kravitz = Chicken Little

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Bob KravitzIn his latest deviation from the inane stick and ball punditry that made him locally semi-famous in a rapidly dying medium (two if you count bad local radio) Bob ‘Gladys’ Kravitz joins his chicken little peers in their latest pronouncement of death for the Indy Car Series, this time citing a rumored defection by Danica Patrick to the tin topped ‘stock’ cars of NASCAR.  The headline is ominous: “IRL can’t survive a Danica defection.”

Stick n BallDo these people ever learn from their ill-begotten history of predictions that never came true? How long have the ‘it’s not like it used to be in 1995’ crowd been obsessing about IRL failure only to see it back the next season? If the Indy Car Series is such an unnoticeable blip on the radar screen of sports why on earth would columnists consistently devote so much space writing about it?

Put yourself in Danica’s shoes. If you were her, why would you not want to be able to expand your brand? Just a few shakes of that skinny arse and some jiggling of what sparse yet proportionately attractive mammary glands she possesses could work wonders for the ‘aw shucks’ crowd at those events. If Tony Stewart is taking an ownership/coaching interest, you could not align yourself any better. She would make millions more than she already has.

The Sky Is FallingBob Kravitz ColumnEnough about Indy Car’s death if she does leave in a few years. Why not write about any of the other great stories in the league? I know…that would take effort. Does anyone besides me, for example, understand how utterly great the bootstrap story of Sarah Fisher has been the past few years? If the Indy Car management finally gets smart about marketing (and they have shown improvement) there are many storylines that will continue to make the series interesting.  Besides, Danica is going to stay for at least another season or two, and unless she is lying her number one oft-stated goal is to adorn the Borg-Warner. So unknot your frilly lace panties, naysayers.

It is always about evolution, and it never stops except for those who plant their heads into the ground.


  1. your somewhat of a smart man, right rotundo? nobody ever proclaimed up until this year, that the “next year” would be it for the irl. the reason…the irl always was able to piggyback itself off of the money that the indy500 made (ironically making money piggybacking off of the glory years when cart ran at the IMS), as well as tony george and his family’s deep pocket. no more, and it will be very telling in the next few years. even the once mighty I5 has lost it’s luster, everyone can see it, save for the last of tony george’s remaining sheep, errr, irl fans, like our resident blogger, the round mound of donkey dung, defender.

    what other great stories are there to tell in the league defender? tell us? it has been one PR disaster after another this year, and it does not appear it will change anytime soon.

    once again fattie, sponsors leaving, ratings dwindling down to next to nothing, teams leaving, no fans in the stands, losing their meal ticket to the cabs, and tony george may be closing his own team up due to money (HEHEHE). spin that defender…the resident irl B.B. (bullcrap blogger).

    one question d-man, at the hosptality tents, who eats more, chip or yourself? moooooooooo….

    Editor’s note: The level of sheer mental retardation (not to mention butchered grammar) exhibited by unevolved zoo monkeys such as contributor of the delinquency above cannot begin to be treated by anyone other than a professional with decades of experience. Perhaps with Obama’s new health plan enthusiasm adequate treatment may eventually become available.

    Comment by jay — September 10, 2009 @ 3:01 am | Reply

  2. Man the truth hurts doesn’t it? You are living in denial? The only thing I saw in Bob Kravitz’s article was a whole lot of truth and the inevitable.

    Why are you so convinced that the IRL is suddenly going to get on track and gain popularity?

    I want facts that present optimism for the future. Wishing and Hoping don’t count as facts. Just because you want the series to succeed doesn’t mean it will…….especially when all of the evidence points to it slowly dying and going down hill.

    – The Series is on a network that receives pathetic ratings and doesn’t reach enough homes. The coverage is good but nobody watches. Now you have this fiasco with DirecTV and another 18 Million Homes are gone including mine. I know you think that ratings don’t matter but sponsors and the people that pay the bills don’t agree with the opinion of some excuse maker on a blog. Higher ratings = More Cash….simple as that.

    – Tony George is out of power and suddenly the restraints have been put on the checkbook. In a time when the IRL desperately needs to spend some money on promotion, new ways of getting people interested, and keeping car counts up…… they have tightened their wallet. In most walks of business in order to grow and improve, you have to spend money. Of course you want to spend it wisely and maximize your dollar but you sure as hell can’t stop spending and expect to see growth.

    – The leadership in the series is pathetic. Whether Tony George is a good leader or an idiot is up for debate but at least he offered stability. You now not only have a rudderless ship but a rudderless ship without a captain. Belskus seems more interested in keeping quiet and crunching numbers than he does leading the IRL and everyone around him is either jumping ship or incompetent. Terry Angstadt is one of the biggest bullshitters walking god’s green earth and nobody can trust a thing he says. He’s one of these guys that lies and bullshits so much that he starts to believe his own garbage and forgets what the truth was. Hard to be successful with a used car salesman like that leading the charge.

    By the way this isn’t just an IRL thing now it’s an American Open-Wheel thing. So spare me with your “naysayers said it would already be dead” bullshit. American Open-Wheel racing essentially is dead in this country. When great races like Kentucky are getting ratings of less than .20 I think it’s a pretty good indicator that nobody cares and that the series is in trouble.

    You talk about evolution……show me an example of the evolution by the series?

    Is it delaying the new car to 2012 so the same 4 cars can continue to win every race?

    Is it chasing dollars in parking lots around stadiums while pissing off New Hampshire?

    Is it going to a network that nobody watches?

    Is it chasing magic dollars in Brazil for a race that is now 50/50 at actually happening?

    Is it losing your biggest star to a rival series who’s cartoon gopher is more popular than 99% of IRL Drivers?

    Editor’s note: Year after year the Indy Car Series continues to make chicken littles look stupid. I will probably be genuinely worried when such people simply stop writing about it. Until then, keep up the comic relief.

    Comment by Serg — September 10, 2009 @ 3:59 am | Reply

  3. This little feeding frenzie, like the two segments prior, is somewhat off base because these people assume only the IRL is the one with issues. There are issues in all series and in many other sports.

    It’s because they focus all of their time on the IRL, that is the point of the original blog. Jay and Serg, if you think that NASCAR does not have it’s issues, you are living in denial. They have much more to lose than IndyCar, and they are: massive drops in ratings, attendance and not to mention huge cutbacks from the big three auto makers.

    However, focusing on IndyCar can provide a nice diversion for some who chose to ignore all of the negative facts which are not just limited to the IRL.

    Comment by Mike Miller — September 10, 2009 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

    • Wow, talk about trying to divert. Who was even talking about Nascar? You bootlickers all run around pointing to Nascar and their problems, when their problems are nowhere near the ones of the IRL.

      Comment by TroyM — September 10, 2009 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  4. I understand why people who like racing would be critical of the IRL and wish that it would improve it’s product, both on and off the track.

    But I don’t understand race fans who wish for it’s immediate demise. And I don’t understand why anyone who hates the IRL that much would bother to read blogs about it, much less make a comment.

    Comment by redd — September 10, 2009 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

  5. “Wow, talk about trying to divert. Who was even talking about Nascar? You bootlickers all run around pointing to Nascar and their problems, when their problems are nowhere near the ones of the IRL.”

    The fact that you’re here making comments shows you are wrong. Think about it, or read post #4 and perhaps you will understand.

    Comment by Mike Miller — September 10, 2009 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

  6. Redd, that is what I don’t get either. I’ve had a pretty good gut full of all of the negative crap that’s bled over from forums and the like and has now infested the comment sections of basically all of the blogs that I read. Put on top of that the constant stream of pot-stirring columns from the likes of Kravitz, Hinton and Miller (who I sill generally like, but wish would shut his cakehole for 10 minutes sometimes), and it’s enough to make me want to simply tune into the races, shut off the TV once it’s over, and not think about racing until 15 minutes before the next race starts a couple of weeks later.

    Seriously, could you guys shut the &^%$ up for a day? One &^%$(!@ day?

    Comment by The Speedgeek — September 10, 2009 @ 3:38 pm | Reply

  7. mike miller, this is postings about the articles, and the only thing we are replying to, is the streams of utter BS from the blogger himself. you want to talk about nascar and it’s issues, start your own blog somewhere and we can do that.

    do you not find it funny that defender has been reduced to starting his own blog, because he has managed to get himself booted off of almost every available internet forum dealing with racing, for being ignorant and obnoxious. this is a guy who has used names such as alex hoppes, has openly campaigned for pictures of zanardi’s crash, using the exact terms of seeking the pictures showing zanardi’s legs being torn apart. he has made fun of the deaths of greg moore, paul newman, tony bettenhausen, etc;, yet conveniently does not mention the deaths/accidents in the irl (pelnty of them).

    he claims to work in the media, but cleaning the bathrooms of the office’s of a network does not make you a media mogul. when confronted with facts, about the BS lies he constantly posts, he starts with his insults and spins, taking everyone away from the primary subject, just as he has with my original post. he always falls back on the old “blame it on cart” mentality he always uses as an excuse.

    so cmon defender, tell us all about evolution? look at the indy500 1995 and prior, and the indy 500 1996 and beyond, and tell us all about evolution! there was never empty grandstands, never had the IMS resort to emailing people to buy tickets, and the whole month of may was a magical experience, with well attended events such as carb day, and the qualifying days. you can use tired old excuses such as the expansion of many media outlets as a reason why fans dont come to the track anymore, but facts are facts.

    what about the good stories in the irl this year? tell us some, because it has simply been one bad thing after another. no driver stability, teams downsizing, sponsors unhappy (complaining and leaving), and a product on a station hardly anyone gets or cares to find (didnt learn from the CCWS-fiasco with spikeTV ?).

    so just come forth with your usual MO defender, spinning and deflecting. all you are is a loser with nothing to do but stir the pot. you do not care about evolving the sport, as you constantly try to say you are doing.

    even your own brothers of BS, guys like paff, wilke and indycool, are tired of you and your crap.


    Editor’s note: I believe the ‘contribution’ above validates any reasonable contention that our nation’s education system has failed to adequately prepare our youth for life in the real world. Such a shame.

    Comment by jay — September 10, 2009 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

    • If you dislike the blogger (not to mention the IRL) so much, why do you visit this site?

      Comment by C. Riordan — September 17, 2009 @ 5:41 pm | Reply

  8. Every body needs to step back a step and take a deep breath. The IRL will do just fine with out Danica ( and I haven’t seen anybody say she absolutely is leaving).
    However, Defender, have the IRL promote Sarah Fisher? Outside of Tony George himself, there is no one more hated than Sarah Fisher. At least that is what the “Parade Brigade” would like for us to believe.

    Comment by Chris Lukens — September 10, 2009 @ 11:44 pm | Reply

    • I’m not sure I understand your post. Are you being sarcastic about “there is no one more hated than Sarah Fisher?” I’m a long-time Indycar racing fan, and I have never been aware of Sarah being hated (except by a few post-Danica neanderthals who criticize her lack of sex appeal). Quite the contrary, she has always been popular. I’m sorry if I am missing an inside joke.

      Comment by C. Riordan — September 17, 2009 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

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