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September 23, 2009

Making Versus the ‘Next ESPN’

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Comcast Sucks As WellOur friends at Versus announced they are adding a new show to their lineup. They will spotlight NASCAR ‘Chase’ drivers for half an hour a week. Some question their commitment to the Indy Car Series. Realistically this is not a bad development. It has the opportunity to draw eyeballs. Besides, this year the ‘chase’ is a good story with guys like Mark Martin and Juan Pablo fighting for the title.

Now that one Indy Car race has passed while the tiff between Versus and DirecTV continues to simmer, I have a suggestion for Comcast. Sell/spin off Versus to an entity who will not screw their customers. The ownership of cable provider services and content networks is awkward, particularly when marketing the content networks to competitors.

NBC ClassicMy suggestion: NBC Universal. They are probably the only entity out there that could make the dream of making Versus ‘the next ESPN’ come to pass. Charging cable operators ESPN prices is unrealistic and customers are getting screwed in the process.

It is not the style of the Indy Car Series to go guerilla when 18 million television households just vanish, but perhaps the NHL will take umbrage as their season begins.

I am eagerly awaiting Homestead!


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  1. The selling of Vs doens’t make any sense. Besides, NBC has plenty of channels, such as USA and TNT for Indycar to run.

    Comment by dylan — September 23, 2009 @ 2:21 am | Reply

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