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October 30, 2009

Indy Car: Equal Opportunity for Asia?

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Better Not Mess with ChinaBigger in TexasSomebody found a news flash about a potential Indy Car race in China. Some publication called ‘China Car News.’ It appears they have grandiose notions, kind of like Texans.

‘Indycar, the American motorsport that nobody other than Americans really watch, is pondering an entry into China in 2011 to garner Chinese fans.’ Oddly, I am told Americans do not watch either.

‘Indycar’s cars are much like F1’s with large wings, and prominent airboxes, except Indycars mostly go around in circles rather than giant tracks with tight corners and long flat straights.’ Not anymore. Sadly. There are more non-ovals than ovals, and the number dwindles every year.

.The info regarding a 2011 street race was posted to Wikipedia:

The league is exploring a race in Qingdao, China. A 2011 event would be a street race, and move to a proposed 500,000-seat oval for 2012.’ Oh 500,000 seats, huh? LOL. On the other hand, given all the money we send their way they could probably do it.

‘The 2011 race is also mentioned on Qingdao’s own Wiki page:

Street Racing is ToxicIndyCar Series commercial division president Terry Angstadt has mentioned Qingdao as a possible venue for a second race in Asia after Twin Ring Motegi, Japan.[10] There are plans for a 400,000+ seat purpose-built course to be opened in 2011 or later. Angstadt has suggested that the series may race in a street circuit while the facilities are under construction.’ Talking Terry again. Wonder whether it is Terry doing the talking or someone putting words in his mouth? Either is possible. Better hope they get that oval built before they figure out how badly they will get screwed on a street circuit deal.

‘The USAtoday quotes Indycar’s commercial director, Mr. Terry Angstadt, as saying: Angstadt said the series hopes to have a Chinese driver in that race and has already identified three potential prospects that could soon compete in the developmental Indy Lights series. Under consideration is Qingdao, which hosted the Beijing Olympics sailing.’ Yeah, that would be as compelling as the Olympics alright.

‘Formula One currently have a track in Shanghai, and has gained quite a following in China, with CCTV5 televising the race either live or pre-recorded (when they choose to show the national badminton championships instead), an Indy street race would certainly be more exciting for the average viewer should it choose to enter China.’ Let us not count chickens before they hatch.

We have enough unrealized potential in the United States. Why not exploit that effectively first?


October 29, 2009

The Indy Car Series: Lots of People are Loving It

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Dan Wheldons Two Panther YearsWhenever inspiration is needed to determine blogging topics, a great place to find ideas are sites that claim to ‘hate’ the Indy Car Series but have some of the most comprehensive coverage of it. Better, even, than some paid sites.

On one of them, the hot topic list lately includes:

-Dan Wheldon returning to Panther. Haters conclusion: Wheldon is stupid. Panther is stupid. Boy does he have white teeth.

No Paul Newman Salad Dressing in Sight-Television ratings (hilarious reading, because no one who offers commentary has the first clue about what the numbers mean or how they are used) Haters conclusion: The Indy Car Series is doomed.

-Chiding about title sponsorship (although angst in this case is warranted; those in charge use the cart playbook about making grandiose proclamations before contracts are signed and it has gotten to the point of ‘little boy crying wolf’ ridiculous. Haters conclusion: The Indy Car Series is doomed.

-McDonalds may be leaving NHL as a ‘sponsor.’ Haters conclusion: Boy that unified IRL really attracts the sponsorship.

-The Indy Car calendar (marketing tool) for next year. Haters conclusion: Ed Carpenter is included?

-Speculation about IMS being for sale (along with more unproven claims that the family lost a lot money in the Madoff ponzi scheme). Haters conclusion: Turn it into a 24-hour multilingual mega Wal-Mart to serve the Eagledale populace.

-Speculation about whether there will actually be a street race in Rio or anywhere in Brazil. Haters conclusion: Hey, we want to go to Australia too.

With that much interest in Indy Car, how could it possibly be on the verge of extinction? There are just too many fans, even though some of them are not the most literate people on the planet.

October 28, 2009

Evidently the Indy Car Sky Is NOT Falling

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Everythings Gonna Be AlrightThe doomsday brigade continuously tells us how bad they believe things are, but as they do that one bit of good news after another seems to surface that renders such dire pontificating useless.

Big WinnersCurt Cavin reports the Izod sponsorship deal is imminent. I hope to high heaven if this actually comes to pass that they change the creative process with their advertising once in a while. That commercial got on my nerves early last season.

Team Penske is growing to three full time cars in the Indy Car Series next season; there will be no Grand Am or ALMS effort for Penske.

White Toothed MetroManWe have all heard the news about F2000 becoming part of the IRL family and that rund on the development ladder will be a welcome addition.

Dan Wheldon will have another season to make that chemistry work and that is also good news.

How would I describe the Indy Car Series here at the end of October? Alive and well. As usual.

October 27, 2009

Juan Pablo Montoya and a Griese Taco

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Juan Pablo MontacoJuan Taco MontoyaThis entire country has gone insane. Whacko. The thinness of the skin of holier-than-thous is astounding. The political correctness movement has crippled the entire population. There was a rather forgettable movie a few years back (even the name escapes me) with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock and some others that was set in the future, and speech was monitored constantly by ‘big brother.’ You get out of line, you get fined. That part of that fictional movie is actually coming true.

Innocuous remarks are scrutinized by do-gooders who fail miserably at minding their own business and find fault with words others use. Such people do not deserve to be called Americans. Here is the latest way overboard overreaction to an off-the-cuff statement:

Bob Griese, the quarterback on the Dolphins unbeaten team, is now a highly regarded ESPN broadcaster. During a football game this weekend the Disney shills were cross-promoting the NASCAR race and the chase, and Griese responded to a graph showing the top five chase drivers and a question from his partner about where ‘Juan Pablo Montoya was.’ Griese let fly that Montoya was ‘out having a taco.’

In response, ESPN has suspended Griese for a week, and Griese apologized. Twice. I would have carefully considered retirement, and told those demanding an apology to kiss my rear end. Was Montoya offended? Nope. He says he has never heard of Griese. So what is the big deal?

A Nation of Big PussiesMontoya is not even Mexican. He is Columbian. I might begin to understand if Griese made a cocaine joke or said something like ‘say hello to my little friend’ or some such thing, but most everyone likes tacos. They have become as ubiquitous as hamburgers or hot dogs. I am not offended the least little bit about Griese’s remark. I do not understand how anyone can be. This country needs to un-knot and pull up its panties once and for all. This mindless political correctness is completely out of control.

October 26, 2009

Racing and Judgment

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Steve Phillips with Al from Happy DaysToday’s topic: Bad judgment. The poster boy for such irrational choices is/was a member of the Indy Car Series half-assed broadcast partner ESPN. Evidently that place is crawling with horndog creeps, male and female. Steve Phillips made an ill advised choice to bump uglies with Al from Happy Days.

Looks like ESPN made a bad choice fawning all over NASCAR for over ten years while neglecting their loyal Indy Car partner; the ratings are down and yesterday there was a quite a lot of shiny aluminum at one of NASCAR’s smallest stadiums in Martinsville for their quaint bumper car circus. NASCAR minimizes their mistakes by spreading the rights around, but the Disney bunch may end up killing ‘stock’ car momentum. In the words of their Southern announcing staff, both sides ‘prolly fand it fuss-tratin.’ If I ran NASCAR I would limit tracks to one Cup race a year and add deserving tracks (like Kentucky) that do not have Cup races.

cart Apologist Warning SignBad choices continue to be made by the handful of IRL haters. The single funniest source of laughter is reading their psychotic pontifications about television ratings, and many of the more stupid have deluded themselves into believing they know what they are talking about.

These same thought deprived loudmouths have offered their opinions on what constitutes bad choices, including a decision by Marlboro’s parent company to do away with free ticket giveaways at race tracks and ISC’s decision to stop making NASCAR ticket holders buy Indy Car tickets and vice-versa. Both decisions, in reality, could help Indy Car provided the series improves marketing efforts.

October 23, 2009

Indy Car: Let’s Go To Rio…Uh…Maybe

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A Street Race in RioThere are some ‘leaks’ of information regarding a potential season opening race in Brazil. Nothing is official, but according to the ‘leaks’ the newly crowned Brazilian BrewskisOlympic city of Rio de Janeiro has been selected to host the Indy Car event. The venue? Not a proper track of course. It is yet another godforsaken temporary street circuit. I hate such abominations. Is Brazil not an important enough country given their support of Indy Car to either build or use a real racing track? It is not that Brazil does not have any.

It is easy to understand the necessity of having an event there given the number of great drivers and the amount of sponsorship dollars. The other night at the Indy Downforce banquet they handed out free Brazilian beer (kind of citrusy with a full body) and Ana Beatriz Bia was there too. Tht would be a great vacation locale as well. But another street circuit?

The one redeeming quality is the amazing scenery. It will look good in pictures and on television provided they can get some folks to watch. Street racing may not help. Rio also has a growing crime problem so hopefully that gets sorted out.

Let’s keep our eye on the schedule for what shapes up.

October 22, 2009

Indy Car Racing: Enough Excitement Without Being Stupid

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Hello DaveSince it is the Indy Car off-season, this blog will be aimed at male readers of this preachy blog. I know that many Indy Car fans, owners, drivers, etc., have tendencies to think with their reproductive glands. We see it all the time not only in racing, but in all of society. Usually older men and much younger girls are linked. David Letterman evidently exercises his special purpose quite often for an AARP gent with ticker troubles. The IRL’s broadcast partner ESPN employs(ed) a serial recidivist adulterer by the name of Steve Phillips whose wick-dipping with a 22 year old hussy may well result in him ending up out and on his arse.

Look, I know sex is good for you, and I understand the attraction one might have to a curvaceous early 20-something, particularly given the unique grooming habits today. Here is a word of advice for those so inclined: Stay away…clear away…from what I call the ‘crazy p*$#y,’ especially if it is someone with whom you work. HR departments the country over have killed all opportunities for virtually any interaction with anyone with whom you may work, and it is best to not even talk to any member of the opposite sex at work unless you absolutely have to, and then only the shortest possible phrases directly related to business with no hint of any expression.

If you have a tendency to chase strays, there are plenty of outlets that will not get you in as much trouble. Prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada and a lot of Europe and Asia. If you need to pay for it, do it. Do not do that on a street corner. That would be stupid. There are even match-dot-com-type websites designed for cheaters; e.g., Ashley Madison-dot-com. But for goodness sake do not do something like take a young driver under your wing then have your way with her during the apprenticeship. That could result in bad karma.

Here is what can happen if you fail to heed the advice:

Crazy Pussy 3-You could end up with a stalker who sends emotionally disturbed letters to your wife.

Crazy Pussy 1-You could end up with your pet rabbit in a hearty, rib-warming stew.

Crazy Pussy 2-You could end up dead before your time.

Crazy Pussy 4-You could end up with many of your belongings stolen and burned.

STAY AWAY from the crazy p*$#y. If you are going to go carnal with a sweet young morsel at work, make sure you own the damned company like Dave. At least all of his youthful affection recipients had the good sense to keep their yaps closed in public.

You could find the woman of your dreams and not have a need for such foolishness, but I am well aware of where we keep our brains sometimes. Just think of the consequences.

October 21, 2009

New Rung For The Indy Car Ladder (And Possibly A Horny Hoosier)

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Formula 2000 Is BackThe Indy Car Series, despite idiotic predictions of its demise by half-witted hooligans lurking on the Internet, continues to enrich itself. There is now a new run on the ladder, and it has been put there by an old face.

Dan Andersen co-founded and operated the U.S. F2000 National Championship during the 1990s, and he made a long rumored revival of that series official. His deal calls for it to be sanctioned by the Indy Racing League. The new sub-series will be operated by Dan and his brother John. Quite a few past and current Indy Car pilots matriculated through that series, and it gives many looking for rides a new point of entry at not too large a cost.

The only trepidation I have is the tendency for everyone in charge to rush headlong into non-oval racing, repeating a formula that has never actually gained a respectable foothold in this country and making chances for long term success less probable. If Indy Car is to be known for diversity, there must be more ovals than simply less than a handful as tokens.

Gap Teeth and Baby TeethSpeaking of road-racing centric entities, another rumor making the rounds today is the possibility that Lotus may re-enter motorsports, and stated the Indy Car Series is a possibility. Again, pretty great potential news.

There are also those who claim there is no such thing as bad publicity. That notion is being put to the test today; the National Enquirer is all over the affair horny Hoosier David Letterman has had with that apparently brazen hussy Burkitt gal. Their picture in front of a full house at the Indianapolis 500 is splashed on the cover of that rag. Knowing full well the average American can’t afford William Rast, much less Izod, overpriced merchandise the demo that reads the National Enquirer will spend money on racing. You see a lot of them at NASCAR events. That story could yield high mileage.

October 20, 2009

Primary Indy Car Partner: Profitable

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Honda Indy CarsIan Rowley is a Business Week contributor who provided an article for their October 19, 2009 publication. In it he describes how Honda has successfully weathered the recent economic storm, mostly by remaining lean and focusing on high mileage smaller vehicles. That strategy has worked. Honda recorded a $1.5 billion profit last fiscal year. By comparison, Toyota’s red ink totaled $4.9 billion and Nissan lost $2.6 billion. We all know what kind of shape the American brands are in.

Their secret is, essentially, building cars that sensible people drive without a lot of flash. That type of business acumen also leads them to wise partnerships. They announced in December they were pulling out of Formula One. That alone saves them half a billion dollars a year. No such pullout looms for Indy Car. Why? Because that partnership continues to be mutually beneficial.

Toyota Left Indy CarI am certain it is merely coincidence that the fortunes of Toyota and Nissan slipped after they left Indy Car while Honda remained at the top of the profit heap, but that particular coincidence remains interesting. None of the manufacturers involved in NASCAR is making any money these days.

Coincidence or not, Honda’s continuing involvement is another reason the Indy Car Series will remain viable for a long period of time. The reliability of the Honda Indy powerplant is the result of a lot of hard work and now sets the standard in motorsports. Racing fans should applaud their continuing involvement and support.

October 16, 2009

Indy Car Doomed? If That Is True So Is The NFL and NASCAR.

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While the ‘IRL is Doomed’ brigade continues to make me chuckle, a couple of heaping helpings of reality remind me of the precarious positions most big time sports find themselves in these days. NFL teams have a glut of luxury suites that are unsold and an increasing number of teams are finding their local games blacked out because they are unable to sell out their stadiums.

NASCAR MarketingISC is also desperate. Because I attend Indy Car races at their tracks, they must feel I would go out of my way to attend a NASCAR race. So every ISC track at which I have ever attended an Indy Car event has begun flooding my e-mail and snail mail boxes with deals on NASCAR tickets at Daytona. My message to them is PROMOTE THE INDY CAR SERIES at your tracks with as much gusto. I do not really care about NASCAR. I have been to the Daytona 500 and I do not believe it holds a candle to the Indianapolis 500. We already know it has half the history.

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson

What will happen with the NBA this season?  Versus seems to have improved the fortunes of the NHL lately.

The biggest disappointment of the exciting conclusion to the 2009 Indy Car season was the lack of any meaningful reporting of Dario’s championship or the race at which he won it. Failure to get  the message out should be the number one priority of the ‘big news just around the corner’ bunch. NASCAR deserves credit for keeping a continuous push going. One of their primary stars, Jimmie Johnson, will be featured in HBO’s 24/7 series in preparation for Daytona. That type of exposure does not happen by accident. It is made to happen. I thought this was a good year for Indy Car marketing, but it remains apparent there is a really long way to go.

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