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October 5, 2009

ISC Mafia-like Ticket Selling To Change; Thank You!

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ChicagolandKansas SpeedwaySome of the ISC tracks are finally beginning to cater to all of their fans, both NASCAR and Indy Car alike. Chicagoland and Kansas are unbundling what some have called ‘extortion packs,’ meaning tickets had to be purchased for all races and not just selected events. That did not work for NASCAR fans who do not attend Indy Car events, nor Indy Car fans who do not attend NASCAR events. Because NASCAR sells more tickets than Indy Cars, the detrimental effect affected NASCAR fans more than Indy Car fans, who usually got bargains from NASCAR fans who sold tickets through Stub Hub, e-Bay, craigslist, etc.

Some of the more immature NASCAR fans have had a tendency to predict doom and gloom for Indy Car without the ‘extortion packs,’ but why they would care given their toothless predisposition toward pointless Indy Car hostility remains God’s own private little mystery.

I believe it is a great idea provided the following things occur:

1.  Indy Car figures out how to effectively market and promote itself with a goal of selling tickets before each event. They have never, for 15 years, figured out how to do that with any degree of overwhelming success. It has always been much easier to baffle local governments with bullcrap then schedule a street race that lasts a couple of years before hoodwinked public servants wake up.

2.  ISC tracks devote as much effort toward selling Indy Car tickets as they do NASCAR tickets. That particular promotion disparity is glaring and has been for years. Any track management not committed to promoting EVERY event with equal enthusiasm should be fired.

Provided both those things occur, the average fan who finds it easier to just buy tickets without having to screw around with individual or corporate re-sellers will be more likely to attend, particularly when the weather is good.

Hopefully the word that racing on the mile and a half ovals is fantastic gets widely disseminated, especially after the Indy Car brass took their heads out of their nether regions and opened up the aero packages. The weather and racing at Kansas this season was not spectacular, and perhaps the various philosophical tweaks made toward the end of the season will make that awe inspiring again as it usually is at Chicagoland.


  1. I can’t defend the ICS when it comes to promotion, this has been my #1 complaint against the series for quite awhile now. It amazes me still how the IndyCar Series refuses to promote and market it’s product. I understand the argument that it’s the track promoters responsibility to promote the races but at the very least the ICS should be promoting it’s driver’s.

    If the ICS would help themselves then perhaps ISC might be more willing to help them too as far as promotion. Obviously ISC needs success in the form of decent attendance to continue to host races, so some promotion on their part is a necessity. However it is a catch-22 in a sense for them as the ICS ‘could’ be a competing series if it were ever come close to the prominence it once held. So at the same time they don’t want to help build something that might eventually work against them. All the other racing series that race at ISC tracks are either owned or sanctioned through NASCAR or are basically a feeder series to NASCAR so the success of these events helps NASCAR in the long run.

    It all comes down to the IndyCar Series having to promote their drivers all season long. Then one would think that some assistance with the track & race promoters in making all races a ‘success’. This in the long run would not be beneficial to everyone involved, from the ICS-to-track owners-to sponsors-to the teams, even the fans too.

    Comment by indyracefan — October 5, 2009 @ 2:17 am | Reply

  2. I wouldn’t count on either of those, especially #2. Since ISC = NASCAR, they’re not going to want to promote anything that might conceivably compete with the 800 pound gorilla (hence them trying to schedule IndyCars on Thursday at Phoenix for instance…) I’d stay away from the ISC ovals as much as possible besides Phoenix and Michigan and return to the SMI ones (Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Loudon), or those that are unaffiliated with either (especially Milwaukee). My preference is for one-mile ovals in general, but they are a dying breed, and I guess the oval races pretty much have to be on intermediates in general now. Having said that, the SMI ovals would be a much better bet to eventually compete with NASCAR than the ISC ones, which will try to restrict IRL attendance.

    Comment by Sean — October 6, 2009 @ 12:19 am | Reply

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