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October 6, 2009

Compelling TV on Speed For a Change

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Wind Tunnel was mildly entertaining for a change on Sunday night. Dave was out and they allowed the oft-fired Robin Miller to sit in the seat. I did not think a national network could have itself turned into a local cable access channel for an hour, but that is sort of what I saw.  A.J. Foyt and a retired motorcycle racer saved the day. Miller has a face and delivery for the print media, and perhaps that is where he should stay.

I really thought Speed-TV had standards once upon a time, but given their continued employment of Miller, wall to wall NASCAR, some of the most stupid reality-type shows ever concocted and goofy infomercials in off hours, they are pandering to the lowest common denominator. Not unusual, I suppose, given their current ownership configuration.

The guest list did allow many race fans in the audience to dig a gold nugget out of that particular pile of sewage. A.J. was spectacular despite Robin’s attempts to re-write history (there were not 200,000 people at time trials the day A.J. called his car a ‘tub of sh!t’…but 100,000 might not be far-fetched; those were the days when Tom Carnegie ‘new track record’ announcements were still possible before the entire world changed) and gratuitous smarminess.

The Real KingThe best point made the entire night (other than the nostalgia stuff, which was fascinating) by A.J. was an answer to a question by Miller about what would make Indy Car big again. His two best points involved competent marketing and enough parity to allow drivers in cars owned by someone other than Ganassi or Penske to win. A.J. remains a really sharp, smart fellow.Young AJ

If they are going to let Miller do that sort of thing with any frequency in the future, they need to strive for the kind of guest list they had Sunday, which was great.


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