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October 7, 2009

IRL Silly Season…Is There EVER an Off Season?

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One sign Indy Car has a lot of general interest is the obsession many have about what goes on in the lives of its participants.

JR MotorsexThe Danica-to-NASCAR silly seasoning remains a favorite subject of the gossip, and now the rumors have zeroed in on a couple of possibilities. The primary source is Sports Illustrated, the same entity that just a couple of weeks ago said a three year renewal with AGR in Indy Car had been signed. In NASCAR the talk is of ARCA and Trucks with the possibility of Nationwide for either Hendrick/JR Motorsports (with Tony Stewart involvement for good measure) or Michael Waltrip (whose equipment is from Toyota). We will probably find out who is full of balogna soon enough, but conventional wisdom remains the same. Driving the big heavy ‘stock’ cars requires an entirely different skill set that must be learned over years. Small Danica is likely to have her arse handed to her, not to mention the commotion that results from necks being red.Big Ass Truck

Another rumor has F1 dismissee Nelson Piquet II trying trucking along with Vitor Miera. Of all that type of rumoring I could almost see Vitor doing well in the trucks. Based on the racing I have seen in person, the trucks are consistently the most dicey and competitive, and their racing is actually not all that tedious to watch and enjoy.

Depending upon who is doing the rumor mongering, each bit of news might mean, according to the more darkly obsessed, that Indy Car is finished after Homestead. They cite Rio as rejecting an IRL race as further proof. My suggestion is that we wait until the first snow falls in the east after the last 2009 race before donning the chicken little costumes.

Homestead looks to be a really nice event. See you there!



  1. I think Brazil might not happen. It wouldn’t kill the sport, but, it would look bad. Piquet doesn’t desrve a ride at my local short track. I wouldn’t want to lose Meria to Trucks. If piquet thinks he’ll be the next Montoya, I hope he knows Montoya acually won races in F1.

    Comment by dylan — October 7, 2009 @ 2:36 am | Reply

  2. What is killing the IRL is Comcast cables debacle in handeling it’s national sports channel “Versus”. How can a series develop a larger fan base, while their network declines in possible TVs?

    I grew up a NASCAR fan, but the last few years Cup has become a bore fest. I grew more into a IRL fan. This June I attended my first ever IRL race at Richmond, and loved it, regardless of lack of passing.

    I wish the IRL would come to Pocono, that track would be amazing for todays cars.

    I agree the Trucks are the ONLY NASCAR division that puts on a great race every week, and they are in Pick up trucks.

    I hope that when Danica makes more money to finish in the back 30’s in NASCAR. That the better sponsors in IRL spend the big bucks with Sarah Fisher. Who went to NASCAR came back to pick up the work of PR for the IRL.

    Sarah NOT Danika did the Price is Right to promote the 500. ALl the NYC based AM Network shows, and every national sports show. It’s now Sarah who has been the female that promotes IRL, Danica promotes Danica. Need I say more? IRL dosn’t need the brand or driver that much. She does ZERO to promote the IRL!

    Comment by Spike Rogan — October 7, 2009 @ 6:17 am | Reply

  3. Regarding Piquet Jr., young Nelson does not deserve to be in any top racing field anywhere following what happened at Singapore. If he does manage to “obtain” a seat, it would surely dent the reputation of a series by quite a margin.

    Comment by Leigh O'Gorman — October 7, 2009 @ 11:25 am | Reply

  4. NASCAR are starting to look like fools with the way they are seemingly falling over each other over Danica. The reason seems to be clear: press.

    These teams talk about being interested in her while many more deserving drivers who have already proven they can drive a stock car don’t even get a ‘hello’ from them, not even a tour of the shop. It is 100 percent about marketing and nothing to do with driving.

    Since they’re only talking a limited schedule, it’s because the 3 year deal with Andretti is signed. But for these teams to talk this nonsense while she has yet to even test a stock car just shows you how sleezy NASCAR have become.

    Comment by Mike Miller — October 7, 2009 @ 4:48 pm | Reply

  5. What deserving driver out there is available tothese teams that isn’t ALREADY in Cup or Nationwide full-time? Certainly none with the name/potential marketing value that she has.

    Comment by Damon — October 9, 2009 @ 3:54 pm | Reply

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