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October 22, 2009

Indy Car Racing: Enough Excitement Without Being Stupid

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Hello DaveSince it is the Indy Car off-season, this blog will be aimed at male readers of this preachy blog. I know that many Indy Car fans, owners, drivers, etc., have tendencies to think with their reproductive glands. We see it all the time not only in racing, but in all of society. Usually older men and much younger girls are linked. David Letterman evidently exercises his special purpose quite often for an AARP gent with ticker troubles. The IRL’s broadcast partner ESPN employs(ed) a serial recidivist adulterer by the name of Steve Phillips whose wick-dipping with a 22 year old hussy may well result in him ending up out and on his arse.

Look, I know sex is good for you, and I understand the attraction one might have to a curvaceous early 20-something, particularly given the unique grooming habits today. Here is a word of advice for those so inclined: Stay away…clear away…from what I call the ‘crazy p*$#y,’ especially if it is someone with whom you work. HR departments the country over have killed all opportunities for virtually any interaction with anyone with whom you may work, and it is best to not even talk to any member of the opposite sex at work unless you absolutely have to, and then only the shortest possible phrases directly related to business with no hint of any expression.

If you have a tendency to chase strays, there are plenty of outlets that will not get you in as much trouble. Prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada and a lot of Europe and Asia. If you need to pay for it, do it. Do not do that on a street corner. That would be stupid. There are even match-dot-com-type websites designed for cheaters; e.g., Ashley Madison-dot-com. But for goodness sake do not do something like take a young driver under your wing then have your way with her during the apprenticeship. That could result in bad karma.

Here is what can happen if you fail to heed the advice:

Crazy Pussy 3-You could end up with a stalker who sends emotionally disturbed letters to your wife.

Crazy Pussy 1-You could end up with your pet rabbit in a hearty, rib-warming stew.

Crazy Pussy 2-You could end up dead before your time.

Crazy Pussy 4-You could end up with many of your belongings stolen and burned.

STAY AWAY from the crazy p*$#y. If you are going to go carnal with a sweet young morsel at work, make sure you own the damned company like Dave. At least all of his youthful affection recipients had the good sense to keep their yaps closed in public.

You could find the woman of your dreams and not have a need for such foolishness, but I am well aware of where we keep our brains sometimes. Just think of the consequences.


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  1. You’re such a square I love crazy P%$%Y, always a good time!

    Comment by Richard — October 23, 2009 @ 6:00 pm | Reply

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