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November 4, 2009

The Better The Indy Car News, The More Desperate The Bleating

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cart infantThe single worst thing about this great sport of ours is putting up with interfering sub-humans who have the gall to laughingly refer to themselves as racing fans but spend most of their waking hours attempting to disrupt the sport for actual fans. This phenomenon is never more evident than days in which good news is disseminated about Indy Car.

cart apologist loudmouthThe announcement of IZOD as a title sponsor is fantastic news that means a lot of money for Indy Car and its teams and partners, but when listening to cackling idiots you might think the end is near. Pick any topic and it will be spun as a death knell for Indy Car.

Bridgestone, Toyota and Honda out of Formula 1? Certain death for the IRL. Comcast purchasing NBC? Death for the IRL. Potential new race teams? No way. Drivers changing teams with sponsorship? No chance. A sellout for the new Indy Grand Prix in Alabama? ‘Southern gomers ain’t got no taste.’ It is all laughable and proves just one thing: We are dealing with bitter, childish hypocrites whose worst offense is lying to themselves. If these folks are unable to be honest with themselves what does that say about their lack of character?

I pick cartSites that are most anti-IRL are the very places where the richness and depth of Indy Car news is more comprehensive than most other outlets, print, written, virtual or otherwise. That is the very reason why all of us can be assured Indy Car will be around long after most of us are gone. If these children were not hypocrites and really did hate Indy Car does anyone really believe they would spend as must time obsessing over every microscopic detail every day?

I hope they keep up the good work in terms of obsessing over it, but hope that one day they will grow up. I figure most of them were 12 or less in 1996, so that would put the majority of them in their mid-20s. Given their relative immaturity and lack of understanding about the entire history of the sport, we may not see much improvement in their temperaments for another five or six years.



  1. “Sites that are most anti-IRL are the very places where the richness and depth of Indy Car news is more comprehensive than most other outlets, print, written, virtual or otherwise.”

    Just curious, what are some of these sites that have you so upset?

    Editor’s Note: Upset? Naw. Amused? Heartily. I enjoy pointing out such stupidity every so often. Need a site? Go to any site that covers Indy Car and you will discover a handful of such people. I have not found one yet that does contain such individuals. The IRL ‘hate’ sites are also not difficult to locate.

    Comment by Bob F. — November 4, 2009 @ 1:46 pm | Reply

  2. You seem like an angry person.

    Editor’s Note: Naw. Shucks. Not at all. I am mostly always gleeful. I just enjoy laughing at a small group of people who choose not to live their lives in the current century. That may seem harsh, but my healthy sense of humor allows for such guffawing.

    Comment by klrc — November 4, 2009 @ 9:20 pm | Reply

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