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November 6, 2009

The IZOD IndyCar Series. It Rolls Off The Tongue and Hopefully Into The Mainstream.

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Title SponsorThe IZOD IndyCar Series has a really nice ring. After going without a title sponsor for most of the decade, the series has one prepared to spend money and actually use substantial parts of the rich century old history of the brand. The line of clothing tied to the sponsorship and Centennial Era appeals to virtually every demographic group. IZOD appears to be a partner who is serious.

Its A New DayThis great news has occurred in the off season while other series continue having problems. A1GP appears finished and NASCAR is struggling with smaller crowds and dwindling ratings. Formula 1 has seen a manufacturer exodus away from that series. While IndyCar is not without problems, the opportunities afforded with a quality title sponsor are greater. The series needs new cars and new stars, and an infusion of cash and marketing muscle that has already begun makes the future much brighter.

So congratulations to the series and welcome aboard IZOD. Just one small suggestion: Change the creative on that ONE television spot. It continues to live on your web site and has grown stale. It is now a tune out factor. Get creative and mix things up.

IndyCar fans and those who claim not to be but who really are have been clamoring for a meaningful title sponsor for years, and that wish is reality.



  1. I watched a 21 minute video this evening, my take on IZOD is that they are more interested in showing crashes than racing, another observation during the viewing, I question why would IZOD want a guy like Ed Carpenter represnting their brand, the guy has Zero personality plus his apearence looks like he just walked out of the County jail.

    I understand that each team is to receive $100,000 from IZOD, my guess that would be in team clothing with IZOD plastered all over each item just like it was on Team Cheever in the past when Eddie ran IZOD on his cars.

    Comment by Rosco — November 6, 2009 @ 10:10 am | Reply

  2. Um, It’s Ryan Hunter Ray

    Comment by dylanpt24 — November 6, 2009 @ 9:00 pm | Reply

  3. Ed Carpenter has a personal service contract with WILLIAMRAST… not IZOD 💡 Ryan Hunter Reay was the IZOD driver & I have no clue about his county jail look…I don’t recall him wearing a bright orange jumpsuit either.

    $100,000 is not going to have Penske dump his Hugo Boss contract 💡

    Comment by AZZO45 — November 10, 2009 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

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