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November 9, 2009

Racing Weekend…Indy Car Still in the News

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Is The Season Over YetThe racing weekend featured NASCAR limping along as they wind down their far too long schedule in front of a lot of empty seats at Texas, where Kurt Busch played a fuel economy game to outlast those who ran out of fuel in their winged ‘cars of tomorrow.’ Jimmie Johnson is still out in front in the points race, but fan favorite Mark Martin is closing in.

The biggest topic of conversation seemed to revolve around Indy Car driver Danica Patrick, who may be set to dip her toes into the lower rung NASCAR series a few times in 2010.

Shaking Things UpHere are a couple of items to keep your eyes on this week:

  1. New Milwaukee PromoterThe attempt by Comcast to take over NBC/Universal seems closer than ever. This deal could get very interesting.
  2. The Milwaukee Mile, the legendary 106-year old track thought to be on death’s door, is getting new life. The Giuffre brothers, who promoted events there between 1983 and 1991, are back in the picture along with John Menard and others. The ties of the money men to Indy Car and NASCAR could bode well provided debt is resolved. Indy Cars need to be at that track preferably the week after Indy.

Get out and look for Indy-branded IZOD merchandise. That quality sponsorship deserves the support of fans hungry for meaningful growth. Hopefully new cars and new stars are not far behind.



  1. Re: Milwaukee Mile Race
    I know it’s tradition to have it a week after the 500, but would it fare better at a different time of year rather than run so close to the main event?

    Comment by Leigh O'Gorman — November 9, 2009 @ 4:01 am | Reply

  2. It’s always funny seeing you write about lots of empty seats at Nascar races. If the IRL ever got a crowd that large at Texas, you and the rest of the Tony bootlickers would be crowing about the large crowd. Nascar brings in more total fans to Texas than it used to with 1 race.

    Editor’s Note: What is a ‘bootlicker?’

    Comment by TroyM — November 9, 2009 @ 4:21 am | Reply

  3. Look in the mirror.

    Editor’s Note: I do every morning. Aside from occasional wrinkles and hair in places where it should not be, I see a real racing fan; someone who developed an understanding of and love for the sport that began for me in the 1950s. I see someone who celebrates the joy of the sport without restraint or bitterness. You should probably follow that example. Oh, and…what is a ‘bootlicker?’

    Comment by TroyM — November 9, 2009 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

  4. dayumn strate defendar. you are pyure genious. you can quote me on that.

    tjhis is why we have izord on board. growth oppertunities for the irl continue to attch themselves to positive return on miminal investment. they gots 20 mil of money out of only a few mill. and if versis gets it together all those cashback rewards to izord from the irl wont have to be paid back. it’s like my speedway gas card. when i go in their and buy enough gas, i gets a two free hot dogs coupon and like .03 cents of per gallon discount. well, the irl aint gonna have to give away no free track dogs and they aint gonna have to give away no free tickets in the red hats zone now thats marlboro died off and the izord/jc penny t shirt people are on bored. this is life and death. old farts dies and new babeys are borned. yep we lost toney gorge but we gained jeff bilksus. we are okay. we are fine. we are doing the right thing. we are a good series. we are like obama and if everybody just goes with the program m they will get it right and be taken. care of. evryone one in the irl should be on bored brothar! those days of free rain are over like the life of a free range turkey on thangsiving is ovar. you’ve heard of days of thundaer, well those were days of blunder and we are moving into the new ere of key metrix og positive momemtum with so much growth around our midseams were gonna be splittin seams while our poridigous members flail about in the face of adversity. Bring it Haters! smakc this weiner! (and i aint talking anbout a trakc dog wiener).
    with are new marketing money, jeff bilksus now in charge, danice bringing even more bettar attenshion by going away and still staying and sarh fissure continuing to expand we are biggar and baddar than evar.

    move ovar fromola 1, we still got honda for a reason and the reason is you ( i like that song…it’s by Hoobastank – they should play on carb day).

    We are the Izord Indy Rascing Leegue….IIRL and we are Hoobastank…the reason is you.

    Hoobastank Up!

    Editor’s Note: This sport would be far more rich without obsessed idiots trying way too hard to unsuccessfully be funny. The whole ‘BIF’ thing is funny the first couple of times by the originator, but most attempts to copy are, frankly, woefully pale by comparison, and all are pretty weak. Try something original. There is plenty of inspiration. Use your brain. There is a chance it could come up with something fresh.

    Comment by A Poor Imitation of Another Popular IRL Parody Idiot — November 9, 2009 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

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