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November 30, 2009

Humpy: Indy Cars = Fighter Jets; ‘Stock’ Cars = Bulldozers That Can Hurt You

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Humpy Wheeler is a colorful fellow. I spent my Thanksgiving holiday below the Mason Dixon Line in the heart of NASCAR country. Every day in the newspapers of the area there are stories of NASCAR, also known as ‘racing.’ There was a Ron Green column that appears to have originated in the Charlotte Observer but ran in a variety of papers in that part of the country.

Fresh off Jimmie Johnson’s record breaking performance the top story was not the 48 team, the 88 team, or any other legacy NASCAR team. It is Danica. Just the mere possibility of her sliding into a ‘stock’ car is enough to get the fellows down south to begin drooling. Many are condescending (‘she will fail as Dario and lots of others before her’), as if NASCAR is the most technically precise form of motorsports on earth.

Humpy, as usual, found a way to put it all into perspective. He compares driving ‘twitchy’ Indy Cars to flying fighter jets and landing them on aircraft carriers. He calls ‘stock’ cars bulldozers and basically says what she has to worry about the most is learning to stop them, because they can hurt you. It is probably not going to be possible for Danica to try the lower rungs quietly, but that is what she must do. I hope the money is good. Her current IndyCar team is no longer Andretti Green Racing. It has morphed into ‘Andretti Autosport.’ That may mean that since Michael is the big boss exclusively, deals with drivers may get done more efficiently. Silly Season seems destined to have a channel just for Danica.

It also appears IndyCar will begin the 2010 season in Brazil. Sao Paulo. On a godforsaken temporary circuit. The ex-cart refugee inmates now running the post-Anton IndyCar Series seem poised to fleece otherwise great constituents in the country of Brazil. Be still my beating heart.

This off season remains pretty busy. Oh, and speaking of bending over for other countries, fan favorite E.J. Viso may take his PDVSA sponsorship funding to Ganassi. That is the rumor anyway. That would be a most interesting pairing, and fun to watch.


  1. you like to conveniently pick and choose articles and quotes that make your little irl minor-league racing series always look like it is doing good.

    for instance, you state andretti-green racing has morphed into andretti autosport. nice one, but the facts are, no morphing has taken place. what has happened, is condensing, as savoree and green have basically told mikey to pound sand. will honda still keep lining mikey’s pockets? that remains to be seen. do not forget the irl lost yet another sponsor with motorola going bye-bye. mcdonalds is said to be re-thinking sponsorship of the newman/haas/lanigan car as well. this series sure has a way of turning anything it touches into crap. how long before izod re-thinks it’s deal with the league? don’t think for one second they did not include an out-clause in the deal.

    comparing indycars to fighter jets making twitchy landings, and nascar like driving a bulldozer? so then what comparison is made then, to a formula one car compared to an indycar? penthouse to the outhouse i guess.

    you would think after years of following the pied piper (anton), and then suddenly seeing him deservedly sacked, you would tuck tail and be a little more humble. nope, not the fat man. keep on being the ultimate league bootlicker (before you ask again what a bootlicker is, it is you, one who sucks the hind tit of anything the league does, just because you are too stupid to know any better).

    now i will let you get around to your sordid attempt at a comical rebuttal.

    (editor’s note – yet another lazy, youthful juvenile cart apologist, blah-blah, blah….)

    Editor’s Note: No rebuttal is necessary. Your attempt at using the English language speaks for itself. I can add nothing.

    Comment by jay — November 30, 2009 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

  2. one more thing defender, the league is run by this belkus guy, along with barhart??? whatever decisions the league makes about where and when it will race, has nothing to do with any ex-cart boys. roger and chip are yours now, so no excuses.

    and e.j. viso now being trumpeted as a fan fave? he is an ex-CCWS driver, foreign to boot, who is buying a ride with his sponsorhip dollars. i thought when that happened in champ cars, it was something you frowned on, so what has changed? oh yeah, he now wears irl colors, so it is suddenly okay, got it. what a complete idiot you are.

    Editor’s Note: Also, based on your e-mail address, you appear to be Canadian. That also tells me a lot.

    Comment by jay — November 30, 2009 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

  3. I am ammazed at how many people can’t get over the split. The Indy Car series has been united into one, for two years now, yet I see the idiot CART/CC only fans are still at it. The first guy acts like savoree and green left the series. When they actually took over the race promotion part of AGR in exchange for Andretti getting the team side.

    As far as the Canadian CC fan goes, who really cares if Viso raced a year in Champ Cars or not, just like Graham Rahal he drives in the combined Indy Car series now and may add a third Ganassi car to the grid.

    Why some people want to continue to hate and actually go out of their way to go to an IRL site, just to post B.S. is really beyond me.

    Comment by Brad Dill — November 30, 2009 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

  4. “(editor’s note – yet another lazy, youthful juvenile cart apologist, blah-blah, blah….)”

    I can think of something a little better than that but I’ll settle for the egg on you face thanks to your incoherent rant.

    Comment by Mike Miller — November 30, 2009 @ 9:03 pm | Reply

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