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December 4, 2009

Good News Keeps Rolling for IndyCar

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It never hurts to reiterate good news, especially in Indy Car. Venom Energy Drink, which is part of the Dr. Pepper/Snapple family, has renewed with the Andretti group for multiple years of primary sponsorship of Marco. It appears they want to be an active partner. Way cool.

Also potentially great is the official announcement of Comcast’s purchase of a controlling interest in NBC Universal. I am betting they want a sports channel to rival ESPN in a few years.

On TrackForum, Tomas Scheckter contributed the other day, and what he wrote was refreshing. He admits his thrills come in stretching the speed envelope. What he wants is a chance to break track records again. There are two schools of thought; one is 225 or so is fast enough. Al Jr. said a few years ago that once you start averaging over 230, the short chutes disappear. The other is that safety technology has been refined and improved dramatically since the days of track records, so why shouldn’t things be opened up to facilitate speed?

Given the current leadership it is probably a pipe dream. Some claim speed will return ‘lost luster’ to the 500. I think increased popularity would be more the result of effective marketing of relatable personalities. Either way, both directions are worthy of consideration.


  1. irldefender.wordpress.com blogger,

    i will tell you what. i rode in the two seater indycar with davey hamiltan and when we went between turns 3 and turn 4 my short chute puckered and dissapeared too. davey said it could have gone faster and I just told him I was glad he only had his one foot halfway down on the throttle. i ilke tomas sheckter because he aint afraid to wreck. its just equipmet and he races on the edge of that envelope you talk about. address that baby to 16th and tony georgtown streets in care of tomas schektar – he’s like a papercut that don’t bleed…

    venom is a good sponsor for marco because he’s got ice cold venom running thru his vanes. he’s like a viper in fighting viper jet just waitning to strike. too bad he’s gonna have to get rid of his indiana jones cowboy suit outfit though… that race suit made him look like one tough little wrangler.

    well, thats all I got and just let us know anbout that comcast dealio thingy and what year the new biggar baddar espn might happen. i’ll start telling my friends about it now though.

    Can I get an amen brotha bingO?

    Editor’s Note: No. There is only one BiGirlFan, and his schtick is only funny in a few spots. To imitate that schtick is well beyond stupid. How about something original for a change?

    Comment by bingO jOhnsOn — December 4, 2009 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

  2. irldefendar,
    where is your Q and A section?

    my friends got some questions and i dont really know about the answers and throught you would know. so i want to assk them when you get a chance. (hint:it’s about chipgannasis second secret wind tunnell in the hills of pittsbug sort nearby where his sisters old gmc dealership was in shaler before she sold it to the ball brothers whose advertising slogan is “It takes Balls to make a car deal this good”)

    for the record, we have been going to the indy500 since 1957 and we sit in thepaddock penthouse. we used to always have a room at the speedway motel right close to florence hendersons room till they tored it down. she was always up late practicing her singing because I’d always hear her hitting some really high notes all night lomg. She’d always say “yes yes yes, that’s it” when she was done practicing her singing. them walls were thin as paper. we’d always see Kent McCord from Adam-12 walking the hallways after she was done with singin practice. He was always wearing his LA police uniform and so we figgered he was just working security for the Hulmans since he was in town for the parade and race and had a badge and all. we always just called him officer reed (he was badge number 2430). and he liked that respect. sometimes he’d let us drive his 1955 ford fairlane down to the liquor store for mrs. brady(that’s what he always called her) so we could get some rehydration fluids so she could keep her vocal cords in good shape for the pre race festivalities.

    Well, anyway, now we got a camper that we live in across georgetown rd so we dont have to go back to mnars hill un less we wantt o and nobody really ever does so we stay in speedway and mingle with friensds. we have a deep fryer that we cook turkey in for thanksgiving and i use it to make my homeade tendeloins in and sell em for 2.oo which is just the cost because i do it because they are good and its a good way to make friends. thats what indy is all about. a brotharhood of friends. you got that right hear on this website, i beleive.


    Comment by bingO jOhnsOn — December 4, 2009 @ 3:56 pm | Reply

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