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December 21, 2009

See The USA (and IMS) In A Chevrolet

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There have been a number of comments publicly and privately over the condensing of May in Indy. The primary point IMS makes is reasonable; i.e., lots of action crammed into more tightly compressed time, but as a veteran of Indiana weather in May I believe they are setting themselves for a challenge. Climate change being experienced generally means May is what April used to be, and the really good flowers now do not arrive until June. Please, however, do not press me for any scientific evidence.

My biggest problem will be the ability for heartwarming one-off teams to put it all together in a time frame that limits their participation. Time will tell. I also believe not having at least three qualifying days over two weekends sets up time trials for a potential clusterf&#@. It is not difficult to understand that if IMS puts a fresh product on the track every year that folks will appear, assuming effective promotion occurs.

What is it about the relationship between IMS and General Motors that has IMS selecting mostly Chevrolets year after year as the pace car? For many years it was the Corvette, now for two in a row it’s a Camaro. Is it just a mercy hump at this point? Why does someone like a Robin Miller type, unafraid afraid to disturb s*#@, not ask folks at Honda how it feels to be the sole engine supplier and the pace car at every other race, but have to take a back seat at Indy every year? In the old days it was fairly easy to understand the American-made sentiment and the fact that GM (and Ford and Chrysler) had significant operations in the area. That has all changed. The Allison plant down the street from IMS is even shut. There are most likely some B-to-B considerations involved; it takes quite a fleet to operate the half-a-month-of May efficiently. It would be nice if someone asked the question.

Is it May yet?


  1. I would worry about the one off rides with the shortened scheduale. I don’t know, though, because with the quali format this year, a lot of time no one would be qualifying, and it just became a practice session.

    Comment by dylanpt24 — December 21, 2009 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

  2. irldefender.com,

    i am not quite sure what you is sayoing thsi time but it seems big. this is your white paper i believe,,,,,,,,so i am going to give you the code name “white paper”,,,,just because it’s impotent stuff,,,,, like you are.the secritt service gives obama a code name like i think he is cornelius and mrs O is Nova. nova was a hottie so it all makes sense in the end.
    anyway the camaro is a good car so i aint sure what you got against it. i have a firebird so its like kissin cousins to teh camaro. its a second genaration 72 witha 74 formola and a 400 trans turbo. i could run indy with it if i wanted too. but i digriss. i bet you bruce martin will like his camaro. extra horses to outrun the law,,,,,damn sam!! betcha they give him the knight ride version that has a breathalyzer ignition.
    the one off teams is what indy tardition is all abouit. i thik they are doing this too hurt the viisions racing teams chances since they are a one off team now. i dont like it neither. mr human george aint gonna be happy with mom over this one.

    hey defendar…since i am your self appointid assistant i have to correct you on yuor facts are wrong. allisons aint closed. they make tank partsmissions and as long as we got war we got tanks and w got allsions. they did close grande avenue thouhg to connect the plantts, was what got closed…..a street.keep it quiet though,thats a military secrit.
    closing grande ave. it makes it tuffer for people to get to ims though. thats part of the reason we are losing attendance for the indy 500 this year.

    more laeter,

    mars hill, iN

    downforce memeber in standing

    Comment by bingO jOhnsOn — December 22, 2009 @ 1:03 am | Reply

  3. BingO, have you ever been told your spelling is horrible? I’m not great with spelling, as my blog would show, but still, do you not even look at the screen when you type?

    Oh, and good luck at Indy. If they ever allowed you to run that, you’d be the slowest thing there, even Duno and 3G would lap you during practice! And, have fun if you crash, I doubt that your car is meant to go into a wall at whatever speed you get it to at Indy.

    Comment by dylanpt24 — December 22, 2009 @ 3:37 am | Reply

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