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January 7, 2010

Special Note to Indy Car Fans Whose Comments Do Not Get Published

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One of you special people sent an e-mail directly to me today to ask why your comments were not being published. I could not think of a good reason because I tend not to have any restrictions on comments, regardless of their stupidity or irrelevance. Once in a while I will change cuss words into words that will not threaten my account.

My next step was to look in the spam folder. Sure enough, mixed in with the knockoff Rolex watches and the Viagra without a prescription and the Nigerian money scamming and the add inches to your penis ads were several posts from ‘cartforever,’ ‘bingo johnson’ and a few others with creative but lewd handles.

Case solved.

Here is my advice for future commentary on all things Indy Car:

-Do not use profanity. The filters will pick that up.

-Run spell check. Also check for correct case. Whether incorrectly spelled words are unintentional or on purpose; e.g., a cart apologist pretending to be a hick hoosier Indy Car fan such as the ‘bif’ knockoff ‘bingo,’ I would always recommend using spelling and grammar checking to clean it up. If your comments look as if they originated from a dark skinned scammer from Nigeria wanting money, it will probably automatically go to the spam folder. As a rule, I very rarely check that.

-Try to add something both intelligent and relevant. That makes the majority of readers happy.

Hopefully you have read far enough to get the point and try to do better. Your comments are always welcome, but try not to come off like an imbecile.

In limited IZOD Indy Car Series news…some of the fellas are in Homestead running some tests, and it is as cold there as it is in most of the rest of the country.



  1. i still come to the blogg daily no mattar what. idont nevar use profanity neither. sure, i am a simple man but i am also a fan. that dont make you no bettar than me or me know bettar tahn the average joe fan six pack, drinkin a budwiser at the track and eatin a tenderloin. we arae all the same.

    this is a common mans blogg and defendar has to put up with so much garbidge from everyone he cant trust not to many people anymore. i dont blame him none either. when you are the king, people come at you . king of racing knowlidge.with a specialty in the media departmint. all things irl as far as i have read. its true.

    i get it. i really do. but i am a fan so i should.

    thants my story.

    rock on indycar. rock it like a rocket. 225 mph.
    hey we need a countdown to may on the homepage.

    as you can tell, but i cant help spelling because sometimes dislexic sometimes to enthewsyastic. but alwaeys a good thought. i growed up in arkansas and went to public scools there. it wasnt bad. but i was always a grade or two behind my age so i cant spell well but i can rime all the time.

    and i need a link to spell check or derections. that i really dont get

    bingO jOhnsOn
    mars hill in.
    DF #248 in good standing

    Editor’s Note: The effort above, surely enough, landed squarely into the spam folder. I suspect the reason is the bif-like spelling and grammar attempts. But, in the interest of allowing all commentary, I did what is known in computer circles as ‘copy and paste’ to a common word processing program, Microsoft Word. I ran the spelling and grammar function and the drivel above suddenly became something that did NOT get snagged in the spam folder. Here is that end result:

    I still come to the blog daily no matter what. I do not ever use profanity. Sure, I am a simple man but also a fan. That does not make you better than I, nor I better than the average joe fan six pack, drinking a Budweiser at the track and eating a tenderloin. We are all the same.

    This is a common man blog and Defender has to put up with so much garbage from everyone he cannot trust not many people anymore. I do not blame him either. When you are the king, people come at a king of racing knowledge with a specialty in the media department. All things IRL as far as I have read. It is true.

    I get it. I really do. But I am a fan so I should.

    That is my story.

    Rock on IndyCar. Rock it like a rocket. 225 MPH.

    Hey, we need a countdown to May on the homepage.

    As you can tell, I cannot help spelling because sometimes I am dyslexic; sometimes too enthusiastic, but always a good thought. I grew up in Arkansas and went to public schools there. It was not bad. I remained a grade or two behind my age so I cannot spell well but I can rhyme all the time.

    And I need a link to spell check or directions. That I really do not understand.

    Bingo Johnson
    Mars Hill, Indiana
    DF #248 in good standing

    Not a problem at all with that. It remains far too colloquial for comfort, but the spelling and grammar are improved enough not to be considered spam by computers programmed not to ‘get’ that sort of attempt at humor. Bifngo, I might suggest contacting the Mars Hill community college, or at the very least a local kindergarten or grade school for assistance with the ‘spelling and grammar’ functions of all mainstream word processing programs. If you can find your way to the Internet, you can just as easily spell and grammar check. You’re welcome in advance.

    Comment by bingO — January 7, 2010 @ 3:52 pm | Reply

  2. hay….name us the best dang fan you evar met at a race.

    and name us the worst dang fan you evar met.

    now you had to actshually meet them to count this.

    you go to alot of races so i am cureous.

    this should be the get to knoew defendar QnA sexction. we do this at downforce meatings to get to knoew each othar bettar.

    downforce #248

    Editor’s note: I cannot monitor the spam folder for things that get snagged, and the translation of bad English cannot continue. It impedes original thought. But since the effort above made it to spam, here is its translation:

    Hey, name the best darned fan you ever met at a race.

    Then, name the worst darned fan you ever met.

    You had to actually meet them for it to count.

    You go to a lot of races so I am curious.

    This should be the get to know Defender Q and A section. We do this at Downforce meetings to get to know each other.

    Downforce #248

    Best fans: Those I see at Indy Car or other motorsports events. Worst fans: Those who either say they never attend but do anyway, those who never attend but piss and moan like hypocrisy filled little girls anyway, or those who say they hate Indy Car, Tony George, etc., but still follow the series rabidly. Those are not fans. Those are retarded children.

    Comment by bingO — January 7, 2010 @ 3:56 pm | Reply

  3. Yep, I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I run a multi series blog, and Jayski, of NASCAR fame, wanted to disagree with something I wrote. It got caught in the spam blocker, and he tried like 3 times to post it, so I had 3 of the same comments there. The other thing is don’t use too many quotes, which is what he did, I think.
    Yeah, when they look like those spam emails, they do tend to get picked up, for good reason.

    Comment by Dylan — January 7, 2010 @ 9:02 pm | Reply

  4. “Once in a while I will change cuss words into words that will not threaten my account”

    You are a liar. You have switched words in comments many times that were not cuss words.

    Editor’s Note: Grow up.

    Comment by TroyM — January 8, 2010 @ 1:15 am | Reply

    • Can you come up with anything better than that? You have cried on forums where they change your thread title, but around here it is standard practice for you. You are the one that needs to grow up.

      Editor’s Note: Would you either:

      A. Offer commentary on the topic being discussed and stop whining like a little girl…or,

      B. Go away?

      You are in a no-win situation. Life is too short to be such a child. You are consistently sociopathic. Seek help.

      Comment by TroyM — January 8, 2010 @ 1:57 am | Reply

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