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January 27, 2010

Indy Car Conscience: Temporary Street Circuits are BAD

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It is my sincere hope that whoever gets hired in any executive position at IMS/IRL takes a good hard look at history and attempts to learn from it. If not, today’s Indy Car is headed for the same type of death suffered by cart and its successor champcar organization.

The new CEO has already proven tradition can a back seat to a more efficiently desired cash grab, and his brutal evisceration of the sacred month of May will no doubt haunt him. The owners who ruined both cart and champcar are now making critical calls in Indy Car.

That Didn't Last Long

Tony Cotman, who is revered by many foxes in the hen house (Robin Miller all but kneels in front him, usually with his hands cradling Tony’s buttocks) will still be Chief Steward for Indy Lights, but is also a consultant to design race tracks. Not ovals. Mostly just idiotic temporary street circuits. I get the bendover for Brazil…but don’t they have REAL race courses in that country?

Suggestion for IZOD - Baltimore Steet Course Shirt

IZOD Suggestion-Baltimore Street Course Shirt

Word is Baltimore is next to get some turds shellacked. I sincerely hope the government of that fine city is bright enough to get on the horn with other governmental entities in cities like Denver or San Jose to discuss the pointless money drain those types of events are. Unfortunately, the river of abject bullsh!t hype to which Baltimore will be subjected may negatively affect their ability to apply logic and common sense. After it is all said and done, assuming they pull it off, the negative Indy Car sentiment will do more harm than good.

I have a hope that someone who owns quality oval tracks (Bruton Smith) will get involved in some way with Indy Car. The scales have tipped entirely too far toward those with solid experience in series annihilation. Temporary circuits are an abomination. Fans want REAL tracks. I prefer mostly ovals. Not 1/3 ovals, 1/3 road courses and 1/3 street courses. That is not balanced. That is 2/3 non-oval.

Original point: Whoever Belskus hires should possess a respect for tradition that will help prevent the sport from being dismantled again by arrogance and greed.


  1. Actually, Defender, I hope they do race in Balitmore, if for no other reason than to piss you off. Since you hate what IndyCar is-and by the way, you don’t speak for “real fans”, you only speak for yourself so please don’t assume you speak for everyone; nobody died and appointed you God-why don’t you start your own series? Then you can do what you want, instead of whining like the immature child that you are now? Oh, I forgot. You don’t have the intelligence to start your own series. And once you failed-as you most assuredly would-you’d then blame cart/champcar for your failure because you like most of your ilk, never believe that anything that you do is ever your fault.

    IndyCar is going in the right direction to me. Why? Because you’re against it. That’s good enough for me.

    Editor’s note: That last sentence is just about the most stupid thing I have ever read. Couple of suggestions: A. Please work on your reading comprehension skills; most of the assumptions you have attempted within your reply are incorrect. B. Please discover class. The tone of your observations conveys none. The problem with the direction I describe is that it is advocated by a handful of fringe cart-centric nutjobs. If that direction is followed, the Indy Car Series will suffer approximately the same fate as the two series that failed. Particularly since Indianapolis is being de-emphasized. Mark my words.

    Comment by Thevoiceofreason — January 27, 2010 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

  2. what defender is now trying to do, is blame guys like penske and ganassi, as well as the other ex-CART gang for the road to ruin that the irl is on. nice try defender!

    the people who have spat on the tradition of the month of may are none other than the hulman offspring. belskus was under orders from the hulman clan to bring some financial sensibility to the month of may. the shortening of the month of may was done not from anyone else, as you want to try and lead the few irl fans left to believe. what you may want to ask yourself, is that if the indy500 is still the magestic money making entity you and your ilk claim it still is, why is belskus then under orders to stop the financial bleeding from the month of may, from mari hulman herself? hmmmm….DOH!

    defender is a smart man, with the character of a bag of rocks. he is trying to convince others that tony left on his own accord, partially true. first, he was fired from his position of power over the IMS. he was asked to stay and run the irl, but as history has proven time and time again, tony pouted like a petulant child, took his ball and went home when he did not get his way. YET…defender tells you all he left because he was not happy with the ex-CART guys running indycar. who brought in penske and ganassi anyways defender? who brought honda and toyota over? who brought the irl to road and street courses defender? that is right, tony george. he also is responsible for all the foreign drivers in the series. all of the things you hated about CART, brought to your favorite league, by your favorite guy, tony george. but, but, but, it is CART’s fault. yawn.

    be a man and refute my points sensibly defender. be a man and leave my post up.

    Paul Ishmynob

    Editor’s Note: There is really nothing to refute. You are merely one of the handful of IRL obsessed fringe nutjob cart ‘fans,’ as evidenced by your lack of any discernable ability to comprehend what you read, your use of a vulgar, immature handle, your spouting of abject nonsense that you laughingly attempt to position as ‘points,’ your borderline illiteracy and concoction of creative fiction. You have probably never been anywhere near IMS. So, in short, if you want to trade points, make some that are close to valid for a change. And please pass the advice along to the five or six of your like-minded little friends while you’re at it. Thanks. By the way, you kids like that word ‘ilk,’ don’t you? LOL

    Comment by paul ishmynob — January 27, 2010 @ 10:26 pm | Reply

    • “what defender is now trying to do, is blame guys like penske and ganassi, as well as the other ex-CART gang for the road to ruin that the irl is on”

      The whole reason for the split was Penske’s desire to de-emphasize Indy and the Month of May. Most everything Tony George did was defensive. How quickly we forget. Isn’t it “ironic” that 15 years later we are back on that same road. Coincidence? I think not.

      Comment by Bob F. — January 28, 2010 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  3. Defender,

    Your blatant hypocrisy is amazing. You constantly admonish others for their so-called “vulgar” and “childish” responses to your blogs……

    yet almost every one of your blogs is filled to the brim with potty-humor, gay humor and innuendo, pictures of babies crying, pictures of poop, and several additional childish insults.

    Classic case of pot calling the kettle black. How can you of all people call other people childish and vulgar when your blogs are based almost entirely on the same thing? Maybe if you at least attempted to act like an adult, your readers would oblige and do the same thing…but why should they bother with the example you set?

    Bottom line is your level of class leaves even more to be desired than your opinions.

    Editor’s Note: Just striving for accuracy. If you are offended, read something else. If you do want to engage in back and forth commentary, please keep your comments confined solely to the topic, which is NOT how you may feel about me. Is there any portion of this suggestion that is difficult for you to understand? If so, do some soul searching. If not, stay on the topic.

    Comment by Serg — January 28, 2010 @ 4:59 am | Reply

    • First of all defender it’s kind of hard for me to be offended by a childish baboon like yourself.

      As I’ve told you before, people don’t read your blogs for the “valuable” information or your oh so important opinion……..but they do read them to get a good laugh (at your expense of course)

      Your blogs are an embarrassment and really speak to what little amount of class that you have.

      As for staying on topic…..why bother because none of your blogs do. What usually starts out as an opinion about a particular subject quickly disintegrates into your usual array of crude insults directed at cart fans and then you wonder why they fire the same insults back at you. You can sure dish it out but you can’t take it.

      Editor’s Note: Here is some helpful advice. 1. Stay on topic. 2. If you can’t even do that, don’t read and don’t contribute. See? Easy. Everyone is happy. If you are as thin-skinned as your words make you out to be you have much bigger problems than I am qualified to address. Besides, when I take the handful of fringe nutjob fans to task for damaging my favorite sport, the scolding is always necessary and justified. At any rate, kindly keep commentary confined to topics if you would like to continue contributing. Thanks again.

      Comment by Serg — January 28, 2010 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

  4. why is the IRL looking at temporary road courses?

    ans: because there is nowhere else for them to race at.

    Editor’s Note: Swing and a miss. There is nowhere else where the current voting block WANTS to race.

    Comment by pr0n watcher — January 28, 2010 @ 9:14 am | Reply

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