Indy Car Owners: Not The Brightest Bunch

Are the former cart/champcar renegades still really stupid enough to try and form another ‘breakaway’ series? Have they not learned their lessons or destroyed the sport enough with such self-serving actions in the past? There is a right way to positively affect evolution, and there is a wrong way which does infinitely more harm than good. So far it appears much of the ownership is headed down the same futile path that killed cart, champcar, and much of the sport.

After years of shrill whining like infants this group got Tony George (an object of ridicule and scorn for many) dumped from power. Now much of the same group is going after Brian Barnhart. Who’s next? Angstadt? Bernard? Fred? Please do not misunderstand. They may have a point. A common perception is that Indy Car has stagnated mostly due to Barnhart’s overly conservative stewardship. The cart contingent has always believed Tony Cotman would be a better fit. Perhaps he would, but he is also associated with some of the more idiotic champcar ideals involving ‘racing’ events that do not require proper tracks, particularly ovals. Brazil could still blow up in his face (and do some more damage to the sport in the process).

Why my angst? Someone sent me a link to a blog on SpeedTV’s web site by Marshall Pruett. I can summarize its main points in just a few bullets:

-Ben Bowlby’s Delta Wing concept, a mockup of which has only been seen by a handful, is the next DP-01-level amazing new car that will revolutionize Indy Car.

-Because ‘WE’ have this bold new car, ‘WE’ intend to call the shots and ‘YOU’ will simply listen and accept.

-Brian Barnhart is a plagiarizing buffoon who needs to be replaced by Tony Cotman.

-In an effort to save face Barnhart, in cahoots with Dallara, copy-cat’d the Delta Wing plan to come up with next generation Dallaras to steal their thunder.

-The IRL is evil. cart 1979-1995 is where the sport needs to go.

-If (he even has a cutesy name for him) Barnhart keeps it up, ‘he could find himself with an empty paddock in 2012 and no one to drive his new Dallara.’

That last item is a quote. Mr. Einstein used to opine: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ The exact same type of brash arrogance killed cart and champcar primarily because the main owners rebelled against the management of the series; a group they believed was not up to the task of operating the sport. Their 1979 coup d’état succeeded brilliantly for a time but failed after the direction they took began de-emphasizing the Indianapolis 500 and its heritage. When they boycotted altogether instead of acting like rational adults their inexorable fate was sealed.

As a diehard fan for decades, here are my simple questions:

-I am sure the Delta Wing will be great when we see it on the 10th. If it is great, we should adopt it as an acceptable chassis (after verifying it actually exists and passes rigorous testing).

-The Dallara prototypes we have seen are all potentially very attractive, cost-effective, and will be built in Indiana. Dallara has been an outstanding partner the entire life of the Indy Car Series, and because they build really good cars they deserve their incumbency.

-What is wrong with having two or more chassis manufacturers? Everyone is freaked out about cost effectiveness, but why not let the market decide? Lola and Swift are interested too.

-While we’re at it what is it going to take to get Honda some competition? Seems to me EVERYONE else is frightened by them.

-If you want to have Barnhart bounced, do it efficiently behind the scenes working with the powers that be. The same type of sneaky, cowardly whispering used on the sisters to motivate them to stab Anton in the back could just as easily be used for Barnhart. Instead of pulling stunts like knocking down historic old motels then being held accountable, you could focus on how Indy Car has become more homogenized than the milk winners of the 500 drink.

Above all I hope ownership malcontents decide not to take the chickensh!t approach again. You have a real opportunity to enhance the sport because the creativity of some really talented people is bursting at the seams and ready to explode. This same bunch, however, could just as easily destroy the sport solely based on the size of their collective ego.

Please do not screw this up. Your entire reason for being is centered on the Indianapolis 500. Accept it and embrace it, and above all figure out a way to work WITH the IRL folks as your peers, not as the enemy. It is time to grow up.

7 replies to “Indy Car Owners: Not The Brightest Bunch

  1. Kudos, that’s a fine bit of work. Pruett’s piece was a hack job, no doubt. The real concern is that he moves inside the circle, and has no motivation to make the whole deal up.

    I was surprised to see a link to the story, and a note of approval for it, appear on Panther Racing’s Facebook page. A few negative responses followed, and all it takes is a key stroke to strike the entry. It’s still there.

    Friday’s statement by Mr. Dallara was an affirmation of deals negotiated between his company, the IICS, IMS and the city of Indianapolis. Those incentives will not be ignored. Game over.

    Now it becomes a question of how Delta Wing supporters inside the community react to the lip service they will receive. Your reaction is the correct one. We’ll see if they respond in kind.

    Andy Bernstein

  2. I was wondering if all comments get posted here?

    It seems that there are some excellent posterior coatings being applied here by some firmly entrenched, well placed, oral muscular organs. They must be providing some form of pleasure to the blogger 😉

    Or, are all the “non-pleasure producing” comments censored in a manner that would make TrackForum proud, and simply tossed in the bloggers trashklan?

    Let me know 🙂


    Curious George

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    1. It gets interpreted as spam. That usually happens when a lot of words are not spelled correctly or there are references to phrases typically used by spammers. I do not regularly check the spam folder for stuff that ends up in there. If you are concerned, run spell check.

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  3. I just don’t get why they can’t let everyone play. Indycar actually has a golden opportunity here to add a lot of sub-plot to the races. Getting kick-backs from Dallara won’t matter if there aren’t any races.

  4. #1 – Marshall Pruett was the manager of an IRL team, he probably has insights into the running of the league that you or I don’t necessarily have.

    #2 – Barnhart should go purely because of the way he insists on noone overtaking the polesitter on the first lap. Tne Foyts, Mears and Guerneys of yesteryear would NEVER have tolerated that kind of BS. Factor in the ridiculous umming and arring about the new chassis which has led to it being pushed back a year and you have a pretty solid case for him to go.

    #3 – Have you ever considered a career in PR? You are doing a very good job of giving the oxygen of publicity to the ‘cart’ people you dislike so much.

  5. OH and one more thing…….

    My work trying to plunge this outhouse is completed.

    I wish you the finest satisfaction in your solo blogsturbatory efforts. It appears it will be just another dirty little secret of yours between you and……. well, just yourself!

    The ole self impotent Big D! (does the ‘D’ stand for ‘Don” by chance?)

    Don Quixote fared better in his futile efforts.

    I held out a slight glimmer of hope that you were better than this, but I should have known better. Enjoy the solo flight. At least Amelia had company during her island nosedive. She also left a legacy. Your legacy will be more akin to leaving a huge steaming pile that will eventually harden and decay and sprout a dandelion or something similarly special. A dandelion weed and it’s futile, yet admiring perseverance to grow and spread must be looked upon with respect to some degree. I respect you like I would respect the dandelion weed. That is from my heart.

    In parting, I will leave you with a gift. May it find itself forever emblazoned into your left and right temporal lobes. When you wake, may you recite it. When you walk, may you recite it. When you talk, may you recite it. In the very end, it will set you free. Free at last, free at last, may almighty God have mercy on your pitiful soul on judgement day and set you free at last.

    A gift of the mind is a powerful gift. You will always remember me and my gift.


    The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity”
    ~Andre Gide


    Editor’s Note: I encourage you to see professional treatment. You are nuts and probably undiagnosed. If you are going to keep threatening to leave, then leave. Over the past few days you have dropped pointless, off topic nonsense with at least fourteen separate fake e-mail handles. That is one of two criteria that keeps such wastes of time out of the comment section. I am interested in meaningful discussion of racing, not second grade hijinks. If you want to engage in delinquency, there are hate sites for that. Go play there. Hypocrisy to me is saying you are going to leave and then you don’t. Seek help.

  6. D boy, you have been around a long time, could you be satisfied with Barnhart’s officiating, have you enjoyed the starts the past 10 years where the last row is still on the back straight when the front row takes the green in single file and the 2nd row is 150′ behind the front row also in single file, how many debris yellows did you see in the 50’s 60’s 70’s or 80’s, how many black flags did you see for blocking the same time frame,how many lapped cars did you see get waved past the leader and sent to the rear of the field because they were between the leader and 2nd or 3rd place.

    Marco is allowed to continue racing and causes a big crash when he was running without a rear view mirror, yet Mario Moraes gets black flagged for the very same problem, didn’t Scott Goodyear finish 2nd in 1997 without a rear view mirror, you know and I know that the Andretti, Penske and Panther teams are untouchable when it come to rule violations, have you ever seen Barnhart make a call against Foyt, hell no because his daddy works there.

    It’s time to get back to real racing with real racers.

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