Indy Car Chassis War Breaks Out

All of a sudden, ‘chassis wars’ has broken out in IRL land. This silly season has been the best one in history. It has had bloodshed at the top, the usual musical chairs among teams and drivers, idiotic prognostications by cart-centric roaches that THIS year will be the final for Indy Car, and rumors of new teams.

The latest company to come out publicly with sketches of new car possibilities is Swift. Like Dallara they feature three evolutionary designs that may allow for fresh racing on the track. We may see Lola’s design(s) this week, and the debut of the much-ballyhooed Delta Wing concept gets unveiled Wednesday.

What does it all mean? That Indy Car is removing its head from its arse? That they need to take care of Dallara? That fans starving for more competition may actually get their wish? The one thing we should hope does NOT happen is some demand that one manufacturer becomes the exclusive supplier. Homogenized spec racing is not what Indy Car should be about. Most of the companies mentioned have other business interests and do not have to rely on Indy Car chassis construction alone. Active competition among, say, three of them would be great for fans and great for the series.

If cost efficiency can be managed, larger fields might also be more likely. That benefits everyone.

By the way, the most intensive press coverage ever of a driver in ARCA occurred prior to this past weekend, and I would be remiss if we went without a Danica mention. Her sixth place finish gave her enough self confidence to give the NASCAR B-team race a shot. Whether or not she does as well will no doubt inspire many to watch. The competition will be better. If she does well in the next race, her oft stated goal of winning the Indianapolis 500 may go the way of the goal Tony Stewart use to say he had.

It is kind of funny watching NASCAR use Danica as their next great hope. If you are a Jimmie Johnson or a Jeff Gordon or a Mark Martin how does it feel to be marginalized?

11 replies to “Indy Car Chassis War Breaks Out

  1. I really, really liked swifts designs, a ton more than dallara’s. I would enjoy multi chassis competition. I want to see Delta Wing’s desgin, but honestly at this point I’ve switched to Swift. I don’t see Dallara’s desgins as a good way for the series to go, if it’s spec.

  2. The chassis coming out are awesome. Randy Bernard and the league have a golden chance to bring some excitment back to the league. Because letting all of these new cars in will bring interest back. MAKE IT WORK!!

    The kids will eat these cars up. But they won’t all like the same one. That is the key to having more than one car. We need fans more than car makers having it all their way.

    Danica will not make it to a CUP race, at least not on her performance. I think she’ll top out as a mid packer in the Nationwide races and that’s about it. Meanwhile, at first, she’ll suck all of the attention away from the other drivers, even those who rule in CUP. She will become popular with the existing NASCAR fan base, which is mostly female. Here influence on attracting new viewers will be small or similar to the spike and plunge when she lead at the Indy 500. Danica will not save NASCAR. She will simply run off what hard core, long time fans are left. The hype and over shadowing of long-time proven winners will not set well with many. It’s another one of NASCAR’s mistakes to push this Danica thing so hard.

    Danica does not need racing… she is set as a celeberty and her popularity is inert to the the series she races in.

  3. Just another day in the unoriginal thought factory, I see. And how pathetically boring that the wordpress thought police only allow ‘replies’ from your loyal parrots.

    Listen up…..Danica has bolted from your series. Unless….. Barnhart resorts to an old trick and gives her “The Call”, multiple times this year. That’s the negotiating position she has the IRL in. A firm grasp of Brian’s shorthairs to go along with his go-daddy nads, which I believe she is carrying in her purse this year.

    I look forward to her intoduction to fenders, walls, the grass and maybe even a pit wall or two(lets hope she doesn’t maim an unknowing crewman who isn’t familiar with her pitstop follies). The big boys are gonna give her a banging she’ll not forget this upcoming weekend.

    The chassis and politics behind them are laughable. How pathetic that you have people like BB pulling shenanagins to satisfy his needs over the leagues AND THE FANS desires!!!!!!!

    If they come up with a vertebrae friendly sled that doesn’t go airborne, then I support it 100%. The Batman looking one should satisfy the open wheel neophytes who have surfaced post ’96 and don’t know the history of Indy anymore than the rodeo dude leading the charade parade.

    100% on topic and no more typos than your previous ‘celebrity’ posters. Will this meet the selective response committee’s approval?

    Editor’s Note: You are about to set a new track record for fake names. Hey, I thought you said you were done with site. That didn’t take long. Less than 24 hours. It appears that in addition to your mental issues you’re also a liar. Color me unsurprised, particularly given your pointless politics.

  4. The pictures are all great to look at, but according to anything the series has ever said, there’s only going to be one chassis. It seems like people are assuming there’s going to be all these different chassis running in the series but they just won’t do it. They can’t afford to do it. And chances are–due to Dallara’s recent history with the series and the agreement to build them in Speedway–it’s going to be a Dallara.

  5. Holy sportycars, Batman. Why doesn’t Swift just go ahead and enclose the wheels like a Malibu Grand Prix car. However, I read their press release and I do like their idea of the “mushroom buster”, to allow the cars to tuck up behind the car in front. Maybe we’ll see more passing.

    Defender, I agree that multiple chassis are the ultimate goal; but I don’t see that happening in this economic climate. A manufacturer has to be able to spread out it’s development costs. If they’re going to have a car ready in 12 months, they will probably need a couple of full size or 3/4 scale mock ups for wind tunnel testing, a couple of full size prototypes for shaker table analysis, and a couple of finished cars for crash testing. Then add in the cost of the machining fixtures, welding fixtures, carbon fiber molds. How much money is this? 3 to 5 Million dollars? Maybe. If they plan to sell 60 cars the first year, that is $83,000 that needs to added on the price of each car sold. If there are two manufacturers then it’s $166,000. We have used up most of the $250,000 ( or what ever it is ) target price of the new chassis.

    Whatever car is finally chosen, I hope the primary concern is how they perform at Indy. I could care less how they perform on the right turns. Indy cars should run at Indy, sports cars should run at sports car tracks.

    Chris Lukens
    ps, if you think my numbers are wrong feel free to correct them.

  6. To the obsessed multi-handle idiot who frequents this forum, listen up. Please do the rest of us a favor and off yourself. NOW. Your act has grown old, and nobody’s amused. You’re not funny or original, and the rest of us are tired of seeing your rampant illiteracy constantly displayed. In fact, it’s not much different than inner-city graffiti spray painted by those subhuman ghetto rats not yet evolved. Be gone, please.

  7. [QUOTE]7.To the obsessed multi-handle idiot who frequents this forum, listen up. Please do the rest of us a favor and off yourself. NOW. Your act has grown old, and nobody’s amused. You’re not funny or original, and the rest of us are tired of seeing your rampant illiteracy constantly displayed. In fact, it’s not much different than inner-city graffiti spray painted by those subhuman ghetto rats not yet evolved. Be gone, please.

    Comment by Some Guy — February 9, 2010 @ 10:16 pm[/QUOTE]

    Completely off topic and this attack flame should be removed by Defender. Just another Dolan refugee trying to pollute Defender’s waters. He’s too smart to allow it and you will soon be chastised and your comments expunged accordingly.

    May I please bring our dialogue back on topic??? Thank you.

    Mr. Lukens makes some intelligent points and offers all of us participants a fresh point of view from strictly a fans perspective. If you put politics and posturing aside, he makes complete sense. However, you can’t put them aside (just yet) and realistically we will all see a new Dallara submission and only a Dallara submission. There is the loyalty factor that will award them rights, and there is the cost factor that won’t allow multiple manufacturers (at this time). If you wanted to introduce another chassis then perhaps you could offer a cost effective participation by utilizing some old DP01’s that are gathering dust somewhere. If they were deemed safe and able to withstand the rigors of superspeedways, then they might be a cost effective savings option for a second chassis.

    I welcome your comments.

    Happy Gilmore

    Editor’s Note: Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a mental illness. It is classified as a dissociative disorder and has been renamed dissociative identity disorder (DID). MPD or DID is a condition in which two or more distinct identities or personality states alternate in controlling the patient’s consciousness and behavior. The severe dissociation that characterizes patients with DID is currently understood to result from a set of causes that include: an innate ability to dissociate easily; repeated episodes of severe physical or sexual abuse in childhood; and lack of a supportive or comforting person to counteract abusive relative(s). The major dissociative symptoms experienced by DID patients are amnesia, depersonalization, derealization, and identity disturbances.

    I strongly suggest competent professional help.

    This suggestion is reinforced by your belief that the DP-01 is viable for Indy Car. Seek help.

  8. Hey Defender, you say the CART roaches are predicting this year will be the IRL’s last. Actually they are wrong, last year was the IRL’s last. The IRL does not exist anymore, it died with TG lossing his job. What you have here is neither CART II nor IndyCar, its something in between so all of you are loosers. Ha Ha.

    Editor’s Note: Quick remedial education class:

    -‘Looser’ describes a race car whose back end slides around more than some of the other cars on the track and/or Tiger Woods moral compass.
    -‘LOSER,’ which is what I believe you were clumsily attempting, describes children and their pointless silly little cart jihad.

    I am assuming you are happy Anton ‘lossed’ his job.

    The education system in the United States has failed.

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