Delta Wing: The Ambiguously Gay Indy Car (Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That)

…that was my initial reaction of the Delta Wing prototype concocted by Ben Bowlby. It is revolutionary and different. How it would do screaming into turn one at Indy at 225 remains an open question. Response to the new car has been polarizing. People either love it or hate it.

My personal feelings are mixed. It looks like Craig Breedlove or someone like him should be driving it on the Bonneville Salt Flats, not on an Indy Car course. Would that thing make street racing any more compelling? Right now I still believe it is extraordinarily ugly, but I have an open mind. Several folks who deserve respect (like John Barnes) believe it could mean a bright future for the entire sport.

Many of us vastly prefer the evolution of the Indy Car as envisioned by Dallara and Swift. I am also anxious to see what Lola has up their sleeve. With that in mind, a good official recommendation to the Indy Car brass is to adopt the Delta Wing, but ONLY under the following condition:

A minimum of one (but preferably two or three others) of the other evolutionary designs must also be allowed on the track with it. We old-timers remember the days early in the rear engine revolution days of the early 1960s. The traditionalists were completely flipped out and had a difficult time accepting anything other than roadsters. Sooner or later all front engine efforts were all gone (except for Jim Hurtubise flights of fancy that made for interesting May weekends), and even more innovation was inspired for many years afterward as rear engine platforms evolved.

Maybe Volkswagen Will Reconsider

A wholesale change to a Delta Wing spec is far too big a risk. Mixing the Delta Wing with an evolution of the present platform WOULD be compelling. The Darwinian nature of the sport would determine what gets accepted in a relatively short amount of time.

Given history over the past couple of decades the most stupid approach possible will likely be pursued, but the new blood Bernard brings offers hope. The single most idiotic thing Delta Wing proponents could possibly do is to stage another palace coup. I hope these folks check their egos for once. Work with Bernard. You got Anton eliminated, and Barnhart looks to be next. Let those be your small victories and think about fans FOR ONCE. Competition among really good, fast drivers is good, but innovation and variety need to creep back in.

Owners, please do not f@*# this up again.

10 replies to “Delta Wing: The Ambiguously Gay Indy Car (Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That)

  1. Enjoy the blog and your take on the DW. It’s easily the least of the concepts so far and today’s unveiling was anticlimatic. Despite the haters, I like Dallara’s concepts the best, with Swift a distant second. Still waiting on Lola, which could have some “Kinks” in it, ah – hem. Already looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, when I’ll be at IMS for my third decade of the greatest spectacle. Let’s pray this next decade is a strong one.

  2. Use ANY of the other designs, Lola, Dallara, or Swift. This thing is not a concept. It’s something right out of a damn comic book. DON’T do it!

  3. it’s not a real car, it’s a concept car. the ideas behind it are sound, but this thing is years away from reality. the ideas are good, but the result is ugly.

    i’m not a big hater against it, it’s just too big a jump right now. and it’s obvious that Indycar is only going for one chassis. I’d like to see all these chassis run against one another, but that just won’t happen.

    If it’s one–which it will be–the Swift is cool, but the Dallara is the favorite.

  4. Indy Car should allow all 4 on the track. Have these makers design cars for the FILS too. That way, each manufactures volume will go up potentially. But in the end, the best car would be chosen on the track, not in a board room.

    That’s the way Dallara became the only supplier. It should be no different with these new designers.

    MOST OF ALL: the fans would LOVE it. So make it work. If all involved could give in a little and make it work the pay back from fan interest would be huge.

    I don’t like the looks of the Delta Wing. And there’s simply not enough structure on each side of the driver to absorb an impact.

  5. D,

    please expand on how the former cart cabal got anton eliminated.

    Editor’s Note: Again? Is your skin a little thin today? That is not really where I intended comments to this topic to go, but sure. You asked nicely. They spent the past fifteen years (actually more than that) positioning Tony as a buffoon and had willing assistance along the way from paid pundits with access to column space. Once they got to the sisters, his fate was sealed. They are extraordinarily sneaky in a death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts kind of way. Their next target is Barnhart. It is not easy to comprehend that once that happens, this Delta Wing abomination will get shoved down our throats despite overwhelming disapproval by fans. To trust that group of people is extraordinarily foolish. Any of them who even threaten another split should be banished from the sport forever. IMHO. Now then, what are your thoughts on the Delta Wing?

  6. I have read the plan drawn up by the Delta Wing Group. They do not want to build the car, they want all manufactures to build it. They say this can be done while maintaining a cost that is 1/2 of the current formula.

    Defender: if Swift, Lola, Dallara, a Panoz can take the specs, which will allow housings for different engines, and add their own characteristics to the Car, maybe improve the looks and have some diversity in the field, I say go for it. In other words I get it.

    1. Thats my perspective, it is simply a concept. Dallara/Lola/Swift etc will make their own versions which could all look different/better than the concept.

  7. Because the amount of money invested by the IndyCar team owners in Delta THING, they are not going to accept any design concept proposed other than their own. They MUST understand that we refuse to watch something this hideous, and another Open Wheel war will lead to the end of the sport once and for all.

    I urge IndyCar fans that hate Delta Wing to FLOOD the corporate IndyCar office with emails, phone calls and personal letters sent to Brian Barnhart and Randy Bernard at the below address.

    Indy Racing League
    4565 W. 16th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46222

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