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February 23, 2010

Let’s Put Danica Behind the Wheel of Lotus Indy Car

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Merely an idle fantasy. Token Ms. Patrick update: Three laps down in 31st in the grand national race. And it still got covered in the first fifteen minutes of the big race coverage on Sunday. So now, on to the rest of the blog.

A Lotus car of today is a far cry from what Colin Chapman started over half a century ago. Still, its name conjures up great thoughts about fantastic cars. That is why some of us old timers got excited when we read a blurb from the British ‘Motorsport News’ that Lotus may forge an alliance with an existing team to run a car next year and possibly enter their own creation in 2012.

On the surface that seems like a plan we could get behind. Frankly, however, I could announce I am forming a team and have that aspiration be just as exciting. Lotus today is not the same Lotus of yesterday. For starters the brand is owned by a Malaysian car company called Proton. The last time I checked Proton exported only about 15,000 cars a year and none came to the United States. In other words we should not count chickens prior to the shells getting pecked open.

In any event, it would be sweet. Meanwhile, when you go to Barber Motorsports Park for the Indy Car race, be sure spend a day in the museum. It is most noted for the greatest collection of motorcycles anywhere, but they also have the largest private collection of Lotus F-1 cars anywhere.

By the way, congratulations to E.J. Viso, who found a home with Vasser and Kalkhoven for his seat and some PDVSA dinero. He has always made Indy Car races more exciting, and we should hope his sophomore slump year was a fluke.


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  1. Spring training will be missed here by few in Sourh Florida. The weather is perfect unlike Alabama right now. The museum will be busy place of refuge from the cold.
    Still I wish I was there!

    Comment by Tim nothhelfer — February 23, 2010 @ 10:47 am | Reply

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