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March 1, 2010

IZOD Indy Car: Dawn of a New Day (And It Does Not Involve Danica for Once)

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It is March 1 and the first official day of the reign of Randy Bernard as the IZOD Indy Car Series CEO. Our primary hope is that this whole deal does not turn out like cart, where a litany of failed CEO’s added layer upon layer of abject bullsh!t for years before that once pretty good series self immolated itself into non-existence. Twice. Today is also obviously a very different scenario than having Tony George in charge. Tony was a polarizing figure who was either loved or hated. The perception that he was at best goofy or at worst dangerous seemed to stick with much of the community. That perception, whether correct or incorrect, damaged the sport.

So now we have a CEO who has never even SEEN an Indy Car race. That is unique and way out of the box. It represents an opportunity for the sport we have never experienced. We all know what needs to happen. Costs must be brought into line but at the same time meaningful innovation that drives evolution must be returned to the sport. Garage space needs to be a problem in May. May actually must begin prior to May 15th.

There are a few rumors about future venues, and almost all of them involve idiotic temporary circuits. Mr. Bernard needs to make a firm statement from the get-go. No new street parades. We have too many as it is. Tell Quebec City, Houston, Baltimore or any other to get real race tracks built first. Mr. Bernard needs to talk to folks in Denver or San Jose if he wants the scoop. There are far too many great ovals and natural terrain road courses without Indy Car that could use Indy Car, particularly with a CEO who understands the value of effectively promoting and building the sport.

We have a real opportunity here. NASCAR has not come close to selling out any of its races lately, and Fontana and Las Vegas in particular stunk on ice with regard to attendance.

I hope Mr. Bernard takes some time to explore the parts of the museum the public does not get to see. He needs to look at the vast treasure of historic film and photographs. He needs to listen to a recorded Sid Collins called race. He needs to walk around the track after dark alone. He needs to talk to people like Donald Davidson, people named A.J. and Tom Carnegie. He needs to let my brother and I buy him a beer after work one day. He needs to dismiss catcalls of retarded individuals who foolishly believe Indy is less great than at some subjective point of the past. People like that rarely ‘get it’ anyway.

Welcome aboard Randy. Godspeed in this challenging race you are just beginning.



  1. That’s a decent job, good on ya.

    As rich and valuable as the history of Indy is…it’s time to make some.

    Comment by Andy Bernstein — March 1, 2010 @ 4:06 am | Reply

  2. “We have a real opportunity here. NASCAR has not come close to selling out any of its races lately, and Fontana and Las Vegas in particular stunk on ice with regard to attendance.”

    What does Nascar’s attendance have to do with any kind of opportunity for the IRL? You bootlickers have this competition complex with other forms of racing, making other forms “the enemy.” Now that CART/Champcar is gone, I guess Nascar is the enemy. I guess when it has become ingrained in you for so long, it comes naturally.

    Editor’s Note: I’ll slow down. NASCAR’s challenges with regard to falling ratings and attendance represent an opportunity for Indy Car to reclaim fans who may have migrated away. Indy Car has a lot of work to do in multiple areas, and the change in leadership can act as a real catalyst to such change. That is not a slam against NASCAR, it is a window of opportunity. Here is a helpful suggestion: If you ceased resorting to childish name calling; e.g., ‘bootlickers,’ you might be taken more seriously. Your current posting habits put you solidly into a category labeled ‘Immature Embarassment.’ Grow up.

    You really aren’t very bright. The reason for the shortened month of May and the lack of racing at your favorite venues is simple economics. If money could be made with events at all the various ovals you thirst for, they would hold events there. As for the shortened month of May, it really makes little sense anymore. What is the point in running practice laps all month, and race day might have entirely different weather than any other practice day all month.

    Editor’s Note: Some people get it and some people do not. You clearly fall into the latter category, and I feel sorry for you. Perhaps if you opened your mind and cultivated a bit of maturity you might begin to ‘get it.’

    Comment by TroyM — March 1, 2010 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

  3. It will be very interesting to see this man take action. What will he do? I think we’ll finally see some ovals added. I think he’ll also focus on issues which center around marketing and has already stated that the league must look beyond Danica regardless what she does.

    In my opinion, charisma with direction and a Iron fist for practical resolve is the key in dealing with the teams and he just might fit the bill.

    Eddie Gossage likes Randy and that bodes well for the relationship with SMI which I feel can be very benificial.

    Comment by Mike Miller — March 1, 2010 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

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