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March 3, 2010

An Indiana Tradition Whose Popularity is Fading

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Many are saddened when things change from popular to unpopular over many years. Since 1996, for example, we have heard a cacophony of shrill yelping mostly by imbeciles with axes to grind about how the Indianapolis 500 is less to them than it used to be.

Also since around 1996 another Indiana tradition began to seem less important than it used to. Many with that sentiment are not imbeciles with axes to grind. High school basketball in March. Sectionals. Regionals. Semi-state. Finals. It all used to be magic. Then single class basketball was eliminated. The combination of that and a general perception of the game as being dominated by thugs makes March less spectacular in Indiana. The high school days of many generations in March was spent inside gymnasiums far and wide. That is no longer the case, and is sad.

In reality a lot of things have happened since 1996. The Internet changed everything. There are hundreds of entertainment choices on television and multiple ways to get the signal delivered. High school basketball in March and Indy Cars in May have stiff competition. The generation that enjoyed heydays failed to pass along the true meaning of both and it is getting lost among those more youthful.

Class basketball still seems sacrilegious. So does starting the month of May at IMS in the middle of May.

Concern will quickly fade once the tourneys get underway and race cars circle the track. In between, REAL Hoosiers will enjoy the morel mushroom hunting season in between.



  1. You’re losing your edge. (You’re becoming duller, if you will)
    Weak tie in with the basketball. You see, the difference is that high school basketball in Indina is still very relevant, while the self emasculated month of may and the race formerly known as the greatest spectacle in racing, is nothing more than a memory of once-what-was, that the conflict of interest & dually compensated, indy media shills like cavin and calabro and lee still try to shove down our throats. We(the collective and most knowledgable of the racing public) have successfully regurgitated the medias force feeding of the shinola sammich that was created by the failure himself- the spoiled rotten, little thumb sucking in a corner somewhere in florida, brat inheritor and destruction artist supreme, phony tony george.

    and btw……clever little tie in to your article with the monkey and the gun. subtle racism from the same vein that bleats incessasantly for amuuuurican drivers. when you start using your wittiness for the right reasons, you may find a purpose. I’m thinking it will never happen.

    you’re just a turbo and a couple more chassis’ away from cart redux II with a surplus of yeast infections.

    enjoy 🙂 Merlin Popov

    Editor’s Note: Well what do you know? Our thought challenged little friend ‘ol 157 is back. Honestly, we have not missed you very much. You do however, give the uncivilized handful still remaining some goal targets; e.g., to stop fighting a self immolation war that ended years ago, pulling all sorts of sordid notions (such as perceived racism) out of thin air, and generally even any lightly discernable inclination toward becoming an actual racing fan. I know, lofty targets…but a real racing fan can dream.

    Comment by Merlin — March 3, 2010 @ 1:37 pm | Reply

    • We are Americans in an American racing league. Why in the world would we expect or want any American drivers?

      We silly Americans….

      Comment by Bob F. — March 3, 2010 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

  2. Boy, what a total d-bag. He doesn’t even have a good memory of the events. If I’ve ever seen regurgitation, it’s this sack of garbage spewing forth old Robin Miller articles. What a load of hooey.

    Comment by Bob T — March 4, 2010 @ 2:46 am | Reply

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