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March Suggestion Box for Randy and The IZOD Indy Car Series Brass

Dear Indy Car Series:  While you are out gallivanting around the globe deluding yourselves into the slaphappy belief that the real growth opportunities are abroad, please allow me remind you that you should probably try to grow your home base first. The Unites States of America is a really nice base, and there are plenty of places you can go. China? Why?

I would also encourage you to can the temporary street courses. Baltimore wants a race? Fine. Have them build a REAL track. Preferably a non-ISC’d oval. Ovals from which to choose are many and varied. The past removal of some of them have constituted unconscionable fan screwing. Here is a list of ovals I like, roughly in the order they should be pursued. There are FIFTEEN of them. Please concentrate on getting dates at a minimum of a fourth of the list.



Pikes Peak

Las Vegas

Happy St. Patricks Day!

New Hampshire





Rockingham Speedway



Dover Downs



Are you fraidy scared of ovals like a lot of the holdovers? Fine. Here is a list of seven acceptable unused road courses, and none of them are on city streets. Add five ovals and three of these, and we will have a really nice 25-race schedule that is diverse and challenging.


Salt Lake City

Elkhart Lake


Lime Rock

Laguna Seca


Schedule the 25 races a week apart in season except for May in Indy (which needs to occupy three weeks minimum…PERIOD) while keeping the out of country excursions confined to the front and back, and we will have something. The remaining ISC tracks are fine and I certainly wish Richmond would take their heads out of their asses, but be careful. They have gotten sleazy lately. Bruton’s group, on the other hand, offers a lot of potential, they know how to promote, and are willing to do so.

10 replies to “March Suggestion Box for Randy and The IZOD Indy Car Series Brass

  1. How could you forget Milwaukee?

    Me…I think among the current ovals there’s too much of a share of 1.5-2 mile ovals and I want 1 mile flat ovals back. Milwaukee first, Phoenix next, Loudon after that. Michigan belongs also. I guess I’d add those four. I’d add Rockingham NC too because I think it might be a good fit AND it is a track NASCAR/ISC has rejected and doesn’t want anymore, which is the kind of track IndyCar should be pursuing in my opinion.

    As far as road courses I’d add Road America and dump Sears Point for Laguna Seca.
    As far as street courses I’d replace Edmonton with Cleveland. I’d also dump St. Pete for Sebring. Long Beach, Toronto, and Cleveland are in my opinion the only street courses that really deserve a place, although I understand Brazil due to the $$$.

    I think that would be a quite good schedule. However, money determines whatever the schedule will actually be…

    Editor’s Note: Good call on Milwaukee…but until they get the management of the place squared away, my optimism is not high. Which is a shame…it’s older than Indy.

    1. Wait, I guess 1.5 mile ovals. There aren’t any 2 mile ovals… All the more reason for Michigan to return but it’s not in ISC/NASCAR’s best interest, I guess… I think Roger Penske selling out his tracks to ISC was actually the worst mistake of his career with regard to the best interest of open-wheel (although he certainly profited from it), worse than even the U.S. 500… That shifted the balance of oval power completely to NASCAR…

  2. I think Randy should work on the SMI relationship. That alone will allow a few of those ovals to come and they’ll be on board with promotion, unlike the ISC venues.

  3. Totally agree on the ovals, disagree on China.

    I don’t necessarily want the IRL to race around the world. But right now they only race in Japan because of Honda. They race in Brazil because of sponsors and drivers and I think that race shows great promise. (I’m not counting Canada in this because it’s so close to us.) A race in China would be unique and bring the series a ton of exposure and possibly open up a huge fanbase. And I would only do it if it was economically sound for the series.

    But I’m with you otherwise–while they’re doing the overseas experiments, continue to attempt to get back to some of these traditional ovals.

  4. Do any of you bootlickers understand economics? If there was enough money to be made by both sides (the track and the series) they would be racing there.

    Editor’s Note: Grow up. At least enough to contribute something substantive.

  5. Here is my idea of the perfect schedule. Phoenix, Long Beach, Indy (I’m with you on this Defender, the whole month!!!), Milwaukee, Texas, Portland, Road America, Cleveland, Mid-Ohio, Michigan, Fontana, Pocono (man do I miss the triple crown, would be cool to see heat races again too), Loudon, Dover Downs, Watkins Glen, Toronto, Mont-Tremblant and Mosport (Gotta show the Canadian fans some love too, eh?), Richmond, Las Vegas, Rockingham, Lime Rock (would be a blast seeing the cars dive down the hill heading for the finish line), Sao Paolo and Motegi (because, well… you kinda have to with the money involved), Surfers Paradise (fun track, just get rid of some of the straightaway chicanes), and Laguna Seca. Not necessarily in this order, and I tried to list by region and type of track as the IRL does now; but this schedule to me is the best of both the IRL and the CART years. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nashville, Charlotte, Orlando (for the atmosphere), Atlanta or Road Atlanta either. I think we should have Daytona because we gave Napcar Indy, its only fair. Salt Lake could be our Bahrain, except it wouldn’t induce a coma. I’m not terribly against street racing, but only when it makes sense. There are too many good permanent road courses out there to even consider going to Baltimore or Philadelphia (even though Philly could be interesting just because of the city itself).

  6. Excellent choice of ovals, (including Milwaukee), and I like the street course possibilities, too. Only, could someone enlighten me on what kind of street or road course there is in Salt Lake City? That’s one I’m not familiar with.

    Editor’s Note: Miller Motorsports Park…new and ALMS uses it. It’s pretty sweet.

  7. Miller’s not a bad choice, but I’d add Road America and Sebring to the road course list. Daytona would be interesting, but overall probably not the best road race. As for Laguna and Lime Rock, there kinda small, like Mid Ohio and Infenion. Cleveland would be a good one to replace Mid Ohio.

    1. I agree Laguna, Lime Rock, and Mid-Ohio are on the small side, but they can produce good races. Laguna needs to either widen the track, or add a longer straight. The old Laguna layout was great for Indycars. Same with Mid-Ohio, needs to be wider. Remember though, the ALMS races at all of these tracks with cars that are bigger. Some of the best ALMS rasces I’ve ever seen were at Lime Rock and Laguna Seca.

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