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IZOD Indy Car Committee: How About Some Fan Input?

Let’s talk about potential members of the new Indy Car select committee that will help determine the future of the actual Indy Car. Randy Bernard talked about it on Wind Tunnel, and (this will keep the haters stocked with juvenile punch lines for a while) he has hired a General named Looney to head it up.

Indy Car issues a press release today, and the first line bothers me. It says: “As the next step in its search for the new iconic IZOD IndyCar Series CAR, the Indy Racing League has announced plans to develop an advisory committee representing key fields of the open-wheel racing industry to review research and recommend a future chassis and engine PLATFORM.” The wording makes it seem as if only ONE chassis and engine will be selected. That is a fatal mistake before it even gets going. I sincerely hope they are smarter than that. We have learned in recent years not to hold our collective breath.

The committee is supposed to represent key areas and will have someone from the IRL, a team owner, an engine expert, a promoter and an engineer. For the sake of intelligence let’s hope this does not become a cart III deal. If I was in Vegas and had a farm to bet, however, that is precisely the direction on which my agricultural entity would be placed. I have some ideas in the unlikely event they have not already made up their minds and are simply constructing the lip service to tongue down our throats:

-Include a fan representative for once. We pay many of the bills. Start listening.

-It is difficult to trust many at the IRL anymore so a selection of someone from there does not mean too much.

-One of the contributors to the blog yesterday thought Sarah Fisher would make a great owner representative. I happen to wholeheartedly agree. She epitomizes the grit and determination to bootstrap your way into growth, and I cannot think of a better person. She is young enough to remain around for a long time, and we need more like her in the next generation. As an added bonus, she is about the only owner fully committed to ovals. If any owner who was previously aligned with cart until anywhere in the 2000s is picked, the pool will be poisoned beyond hope. John Barnes might also be a good choice, as would someone from Dryer & Reinbold. Even A.J. Foyt would be great. I would consider Michael Andretti, but his cart baggage still gets toted and his enthusiasm for those God damned temporary street abominations clouds him as a choice.

-I love Honda, but get someone with not as narrow an agenda for the engine position.

Eddie Gossage is the best person I can think of for the promoter slot.

-Engineering is a tricky one, but I would follow the same guidelines I offered for owners.

I really find my recent cynicism troubling, but since 1979 every possible fan group that could be alienated has been at one time or another. You cannot treat fans with contempt and expect to grow. We need to evolve toward the future, not toward cart in the mid-1990s.

-I don’t know where these two might fit in, but inclusion of Eddie Cheever and Buddy Lazier seems like a great idea. They are smart and articulate and both did not have the easiest of times most of the time. Both, however, had special years.

Management by committee scares the hell out of me.

8 replies to “IZOD Indy Car Committee: How About Some Fan Input?

  1. Couldn’t agree more about Eddie Cheever. I have sent suggestions/opinions saying the same thing. The man may not have had the best stats in racing but he has the business savy to contribute. He has managed to stay in the game through F1, Cart, IRL,& Grand AM.

  2. You just can’t get over CART and it’s former participants, can you? To have a successful series, you must have car owners willing to participate. Without them, you have nothing. CART was started because the owners felt their voices weren’t being heard at USAC. They didn’t feel the sport was making enough money, especially on their end. Your short list of owners you would like to see are nothing but a bunch of leftovers from the original IRL. Many of whom wouldn’t be there today without the support of Tony George.

    Editor’s Note: cart as a group burned through nearly a billion dollars in eight years trying unsuccessfully to eliminate Anton’s IRL. Instead they eliminated themselves. Twice. I do not want that particular form of cancer anywhere near today’s IRL, which needs to set its own direction with no influence from any of those holdovers.

    1. so you are here telling us, without proof as usual, that CART spent over one billion dollars just trying to put the irl out of business? i would really like to see proof of that BS. yet, you dispute claims by well respected journalists and papers, as well as from the voices of IMS officials themselves, that the irl, under tony george’s leadership, blew through $600 million dollars starting from it’s inception, until the day he was fired. hmmm…wonder why they feel the need to have a bean counter running things now?

      do us all a favour defender, when you post your tired drivel, please put a disclaimer that everything is just your opinion, and none of your BS has any facts to back them up.

      Paul Ishmynob

      Editor’s Note: ‘Favour?’ Where are you from? Canada? Uh, unlike the privately held IMS Corporation, cart was a public company through much of its ill fated existence. Much of the finances of that twice-failed entity are readily accessible and it is possible to chortle your way through that mess, as I did, once you have a few hours.

      Actual reality has way more credibility than the fantasy that has the IRL burning through 600 mil. That is just a little over the top for us mature, intelligent folk. Look, here’s a tip. cart has been out of business for years. When its zombie corpse came back to life it was quickly shot in the head. Let’s allow the ashes to become ashes again, and the dust to become dust. Indy Car ownership is now aligned correctly. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. You got me?

      1. first off, where i come from is not the topic of discussion, and if it was, it really is none of your business, you got me?

        Editor’s Note: Fair enough. The officially accepted way at this site to spell the word ‘favor’ is f-a-v-o-r. Please make a note of it. Thanks.

        as for the finances of CART and your idiotic claims of burning through one billion dollars just trying to put the irl out of business, again, i call BS. up until 2001, when TG started throwing big money around to get CART teams to come over, CART did not care one bit about the irl.

        Editor’s Note: Yeah, I can tell by the way they, their fans and the press corp who had part time jobs with cart just ignored Indy Car. I can tell that immaturity and delusion come easy for you.

        when you post something, it is up to you to back it up with facts, not tell people to go find it for themselves. post it, prove it, got me?

        Editor’s Note: Are you too impaired or ignorant to find a few SEC filings? There is this remarkable tool called ‘Google.’ Perhaps you should try it. Even using two fingers it should not take long.

        then what you preach about CART and it’s finances, you then turn around and do the complete opposite. it is fact that anton has burned through pretty damn close to the figure being bandied about (it is a little bit north of it actually). in your words, it is all there to be found as well, if you do a little digging. tony himself has let it slip numerous time show much he has spent here and there.

        Editor’s Note: $600,000,000 is a fantasy concocted by blithering idiots. How much revenue do you figure the company had over that period? That is something the chicken littles rarely even consider. With regard to expenses (or as the thought challenged put it, ‘losses’), any number that anyone states publicly is what is commonly referred to as a ‘stab in the dark.’

        at the end of the day, any mature person will agree both leagues spent insane amounts of money, all in vain. we have ended up almost where we started, minus the manufacturers, sponsors, fans and tv deals, plus all credibility. in 1995, and who cares what league we are talking about, but open wheel racing in america ruled over NASCAR, and was pushing F1 on the global scene. today, women’s bowling, cycling and pro bull rider’s get better ratings, and open wheel racing in north america has been reduced to a niche series. there is hardly any growth to the series, and the sponsors have already spoken that if they do not see ratings of at least 1.0 in the next few races, out clauses will be utilized.

        Editor’s Note: Factual items that are obvious, even to the emotionally and mentally challenged:

        A. cart killed itself off. Twice.

        B. The IZOD Indy Car Series is alive and well and turning wheels for season 15.

        C. It does not really matter how badly a few flat earth cart apologists stuck in 1995 claim Indy Car is doing in 2010. The entire world has evolved in fundamental ways. When measured against the way the world is today and not the way world existed fifteen years ago the numbers are fine. That is fairly easy to tell by all the new sponsors on board, the solid, ahead-of-its-time television deal, the demand for new venues, increased participation, the interest of five chassis entities, etc. So you can either keep your head in the sand or remove it and begin walking upright.

        D. Get back to me when these mostly imagined ‘out clauses’ kick in. LOL.

        there is no refuting the dire straits the irl now finds itself in. after the IMS has it’s centennial race, all bets are off! comprende meat? Paul Ishmynob

        Editor’s Note: Oddly, we actual racing fans have been listening to such mostly incoherent yelping for fifteen years, and for fifteen years the handful of you still shouting like annoying street corner preachers trying to save me by accepting JE-sus into my life and rejecting SA-tan still appear to be imbeciles. Grow up. Stop jabbering. That is all I ask.

  3. Whole-hearted agreement for making Sarah Fisher an owner rep. She’s the real deal. She’s also a lot more deserving for many reasons and on many more levels than Danica Patrick. Sarah’s busted her buns to get where she is. All Danica has is several spreads in the SI Swimsuit Issue. Sad.

  4. My only problem is if this is what we end up with what was the point of the split?

    Editor’s Note: There did not have to be a ‘split.’ I have always thought ‘split’ was a little too gratuitous a description for an ego-driven boycott of the Indianapolis 500. That is what actually started the problem.

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