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IZOD Indy Car Racing: Some Stories Have Really Happy Endings

Class act of the past few years goes to Alex Tagliani, whose FAZZT Racing Team (the old Marty Roth equipment) has opened a seat for Bruno Junqueira at the Indianapolis 500 (and maybe more). Why is this a class act? Last May Alex had a few problems getting his purchased Conquest seat into the show. Bruno came in, banzai’d his way in, then was asked to step aside so Tags could run after all.

Bruno did, and did not really spout off about it. Fast forward to today. Now two really good drivers are probably going to make the race. Tags has done a good job thus far with his the equipment of his less talented fellow Canadian. Bruno has markedly improved since his impatience at Indy in 2005 wrecked both he and the driver he was trying to intimidate, AJ Foyt IV, resulting in season ending injuries to Bruno. He is a former pole sitter and has had some successful drives.

I don’t know about you, but my prediction for the next IZOD Indy Car event is that it is going to be packed with fans. I got my ducats and such, but parking for motorcycles, cars, camping rigs and everything else is sold out for Barber. That is a beautiful place and I hope the huge crowd that shows up goes away happy and ready to return.

I keep getting e-mails from Richmond asking me to buy tickets to the NASCAR events there. No thanks. The only way I return to that great little track is when Indy Cars run there again. For an ISC track, that is actually a pretty good one. But as far as I am concerned they s*#@ the bed when they did not renew the Indy Cars. ISC has a tendency to screw up a lot of things. Like Pikes Peak. I resent them and their shoddy treatment of racing fans.

Enough about getting screwed. There are happy endings, and what Alex Tagliani is doing for Bruno Junqueira is outstanding.

4 replies to “IZOD Indy Car Racing: Some Stories Have Really Happy Endings

  1. As far as ISC tracks go, I want to see Phoenix or Michigan back before Richmond. Phoenix and Michigan are more historic venues and are designed for open-wheel cars, while Richmond was designed for stock cars. It is my opinion that in an ideal world (not considering financial issues), the type of cars a track is designed for are the type of cars that should be spotlighted there. In other words, Richmond was designed for stock cars, and hosts much better stock car than open wheel races, so should be primarily NASCAR. Tracks like Michigan, Fontana, Chicagoland should be primarily IndyCar because the IndyCar races at those tracks are much better than the Cup races. Phoenix is one track that in my opinion has good racing for both. Loudon is another (although stock car fans hate Loudon, which confuses me, because it’s like a big Martinsville…maybe it’s just the fact that Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin died there? I don’t know…)

  2. Wow, these IRL team owners just keep the warm fuzzies coming! Is there an on-line vote for team owner of the year? If not there should be.

    Glad to know Bruno will have another shot at the race he loves!

  3. I’m also glad to see Bruno get another shot at Indy. Now if we can add Paul Tracy and Tomas (sp?) Scheckter to the mix, that’ll really be something.

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