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April 4, 2010

The Danger of an Indianapolis Motor Speedway Island and Owners with Heads in its Sand

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A blog about Indy Car racing is normally something that does not involve politics. That said, the IZOD Indy Car Series has its headquarters and the one track that is its sole reason for being in the town of Speedway. That town, like many others, does not have enough revenue from taxes to continue providing enough money for basic services such as education.

The governor of Indiana wants to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from his budget, and one of his ideas is consolidation of schools into fewer schools. In a worst case scenario, all the Speedway elementary schools (which are named for the founding members of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) would be closed, as would Speedway High School. Elementary schools would be consolidated and use the old high school building, and the existing high school students would be ‘blended’ into Northwest High School.

Encroaching Speedway Resident A

Encroaching Speedway Resident A

Encroaching Speedway Resident B

Those are awful ideas. Speedway as a town offers a desirable isolation from the urban poison that has turned most of the real estate around (and in many cases in) Speedway into property value worthless ghetto. Speedway educates its children much better than any surrounding community. Test scores are higher. The only thing sending high school students to Northwest accomplishes is turning more of them into underachieving thugs who learn only how to get really good at substance abuse and commission of felonies.

It does not take much imagination to understand the ramifications. Virtually all of Speedway would deteriorate into a much bigger Eagledale.  My question for Jeff Belskus and the Hulman-George sisters is whether they really want that to deal with long term. Speedway has the right idea with its downtown redevelopment effort. That seed will hopefully sprout into self sustaining opportunities that keep Speedway highly desirable for business and residency. The knocking down of houses along Georgetown Road (those of you who only visit once or twice a year or more infrequently will be shocked) is fine, especially if a park results, but you really ought to be knocking down entire already destroyed neighborhoods on the 30th and 16th street sides of the track. Once those areas are flattened, oversee their redevelopment into cleaned up communities with employed tax payers who have pride of ownership instead of slums filled with welfare recipients.

Seemingly Blissfully ObliviousPolitical correctness needs to be shelved. Have courage. Open your eyes and look out your window. You have an encroaching rodent issue and that problem must be remediated for the good of everyone.

Deceased Guy Who Got It

Deposed Guy Who Got It

The ultimate point is that the leadership of IMS eventually needs to cease being isolated on their little island at 16th & Georgetown. If all of the area around the track is allowed to become what nearly half already has, IT REMOVES MONEY FROM THEIR POCKETBOOKS. We all understand how much they hate that. They really should not ignore the urban cancer inching closer to their gates every day. Investment in the community pays off in income for the track. Those now deceased or deposed understood that. The current generation does not seem to grasp the concept. I doubt they drive down some of the streets in off months after dark so how would they know?

Residents are naturally hesitant about having their taxes raised. Most citizens everywhere are sick and tired of out of control government entities screwing them six ways from Sunday then throwing away hard earned money. That said, many of us are used to being taxed/screwed in much more dramatic fashion. Try living in most areas of the northeast United States, for example. As a tax paying Speedway part time resident I am willing to spend more on taxes to maintain the overall quality of life Speedway offers.

I really hope they do not screw this up.


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