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April 22, 2010

Bumping a Certainty (and Garage Space a Premium) for the Indianapolis 500 This Year

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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway released a participation list that contains 40 legitimate entries in almost 80 cars. The most refreshing aspect of this positive news is the lack of cackling by idiots worried about making 33 this year. That does not stop them, however, from lamenting foolishly about how ‘it’s not what as great as it used to be.’ Most of the time those who spout that particular whine don’t even go anyway.

There are quite a few quality additions, including Tomas Scheckter back in with Dryer & Reinbold. Paul Tracy is also back, and his recent Internet activity is as entertaining as his driving. One of his recent bits of angst involves fretting about how Milka Duno has a ride but he doesn’t. The answer is simple. She has bigger boobs than Paul does and the President of Venezuela is paying for her ride.

Paul indicates he sits at home and watches his wife parade about the house in frilly lace panties. There is nothing wrong with that, but perhaps since the current economic situation in Indy Car necessitates begging for sponsor dollars by drivers he could get as good at that as he is being unruly. Paul has a couple of things going against him. One, he has no sponsorship following him around.  Two, he is old. His prime is passed. Still, he remains entertaining to watch. Good for him.

A good young American prospect currently on the sidelines is Graham Rahal. He turned down a two year deal from Dale Coyne to wait for an encore with Newman Haas Lanigan. The problem with that scenario is that it gets more complicated by the day. We already know Paul Newman is dead. Carl Haas is slowing down. Word on the street is that Lanigan is out. That type of disarray is not an ideal situation. Rahal may ultimately be screwed in that deal.

Rahal’s father and David Letterman are back. I find it odd those two are unable to secure quality sponsorship. Perhaps David’s carnal activity with the young ladies scares off the potential sponsors. Bobby is said by many to have that sort of reputation as well. Older fellows’ cavorting with younger women makes a perfect case for one of the popular erectile dysfunction medications. Big pharma likes pushing Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they spend handsomely for it. Would that not be perfect? They could even root around for the related snake oils like Extenze. I think it’s perfect and makes sense given their alleged propensities.

Given the continuing collapse of NASCAR sponsorship deals and television ratings now is a perfect time to tout the relative bang for the buck in Indy Car.

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