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April 30, 2010

The Dawn of May: Time for Indy Car and IMS Obsession

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You can always tell May is right around the corner because pundits who should know better begin a cycle of yelping unparalleled in any other sport. This week has featured a load of it, and I am certain all of the usual suspects will come slithering out of their holes. Oreovicz, Kirby, Hinton, Miller, etc., will likely all take their turns as the 500 draws near.

Today was Bob Kravitz’ turn. It does not matter the ‘split’ ended a few years back. It does not matter that Tony George is now a man of mostly unconnected leisure. Indy Car could take Anthony Schoettle’s idiotic advice and apologize for offending thin skinned cart enthusiasts until they were blue in the face and we would still be subjected to sleazeball, unprofessional, mostly clueless whining. Why? Because it is May and the current trend in media is to tear institutions down.

Kravitz had a good idea. The angle of the outsider coming in to reach new heights is tantalizing. I merely have to ask why the following gratuitous bits of sheer delinquency are necessary:

‘…staid-and-failing IZOD Indy Car Series…’

Is Kravitz out of his damned mind? Has he even investigated what’s going on with IZOD and their investment in the series? Kravitz does a disservice to the Star and its readers with such nonsense.

‘The ultimate insider, Tony George, all but destroyed the sport.’

First, Tony George is not even around. Second, George did not almost destroy the sport. If there was balance in the media someone would have made a case for how Tony George saved the sport, which would actually be incredibly easy. Tony George started and nurtured a series from nothing for fourteen years while those who get a free pass killed the object of affection for those howling the loudest twice. It would also be impossible not to notice yearly improvements at IMS and the addition of several world class events on Tony’s watch. It is a lot easier to just be stupid and lazy and make Tony George a target. Irresponsible, but easy.

‘Whatever you think of his race politics, the bottom line is when he took over, open-wheel racing was vibrant. When he got the boot, open-wheel racing was a niche sport on a niche cable network.

If Kravitz and others took off their cart colored glasses and discovered objectivity, the story would be a lot different. These fools never, ever consider the natural evolution of the sport and the world around it. cart’s rhetoric, boycott and arrogance did far more damage to the sport than Tony George starting the IRL. When will that side of the story get told? When will they apologize to lifelong fans like me?

‘…”Nine more years on the contract,” Bernard said, sounding less than thrilled.’

Uh, Kravitz…are aware that Randy has a great history with Versus that predates his current position, and that Versus is owned by Comcast, which is preparing to take operating control of NBC and its family of networks from GE? As a good reporter, would you not have asked him about that? Of course not. There are still axes to grind. Less than thrilled my ass.

‘Once Bernard is able to get the series the exposure it needs despite the Versus mistake’

Are you kidding me? A long term deal that pays millions a year with unsurpassed quality and a tangible opportunity to leverage the brand across an enviable platform of channels and that’s a mistake? Are you out of your mind Kravitz?

‘He comes in with fresh eyes, unsullied by the destructive politics of the past. The insiders nearly killed the sport. Now it’s time to see what an outsider can do.’

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if everyone, especially pundits with access to column space, took a fresh point of view? That will probably have to wait until June. There is, after all, the tearing down of the very institution that made the sport possible for everyone in May.

I long for a May when folks concentrate on the stories of May. Not immature grudges based on events so foolishly outrageous that people serious about being offended shriek like little girls for fifteen years. These people never got it and probably never will. Good luck Randy.

As a real fan, I am boarding a plane today for what I hope is a great race at Kansas.



  1. Keep in mind K knows zero about motorsports, so his credibility on the subject in non existent. He will never be a Bob Collins for the star, which today is nothing but a churned out Gannett rag. If I even had a subscription it would serve as a toilet for my bird. The media and the so-called ‘fan base’ are the ones who destroyed the sport (for themselves). I was a die hard cart fan till I watched it be mismanaged right into the ground TWICE. Hard to be a fan of such incompetence. I suppose I could blog dwelling about how cart managed to kill the sport after being the kings of it, but I have a life. The ones doing the loudest yelping today have an obvious obsession and are watching intently.

    Comment by Real Fan — April 30, 2010 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

  2. ‘…”Nine more years on the contract,” Bernard said, sounding less than thrilled.’

    My reaction: you mind posting an MP3 of that interview, Bob, so’s that maybe we can judge for ourselves exactly how thrilled or not thrilled Mr. Bernard sounded?

    Comment by The Speedgeek — April 30, 2010 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

  3. Kravitz didn’t do his homework very well. But as long as he pissed you off, he’s probably happy.

    Comment by redd — April 30, 2010 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

  4. It’s the typical shock-jock mentality he uses to bring attention to himself. The problem is, he looks like a buffoon whilst doing damage to the sport.

    Kravitz just does not understand the sport techinically, or politcally to spout off this incoherent nonsense. Everything that comes from Randy Benard is positive. It’s interesting to watch a wanna be Howard Stern try to switch it to negative.

    Comment by M. Miller — April 30, 2010 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

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