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May 26, 2010

It’s Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (And Other Racing Stuff)

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There was a splashy press announcement yesterday that Formula 1 is returning to the United States for 10 years beginning in 2012, and the location is a purpose-built track outside Austin, Texas. My initial observations are that a USGP is a good thing, and Austin is a great city with lots of potential track locations. In Texas, everything is big including egos.

Bernie Eccelstone

I have a tendency to deal in reality. The reality is that the track is not built. No land where a track might be built has been purchased. Given the vig demanded by that vacuous white-headed midget Eccelstone it is difficult to imagine funding for that kind of commitment, much less making it reality in less than two years.

Eccelstone and crew ought to price their product more reasonably and return to the one place they really ought to be in the States…the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They regularly drew more fans than any other, even after their tyre fiasco.

Don’t get me wrong…I would go to Austin to a sparkly new track in a heartbeat, but it would seem as antiseptic as it does at any of the other new F-1 venues. Call me old fashioned, but F-1 on a track like Spa is what it’s all about.

ESPN.com Racing Editorial Staff

That is one of two things that are not important during the week leading up to the Indianapolis 500. The second is the inexplicably gutless repackaging for the fifteenth straight year of ‘the split’ courtesy of the colossally out of touch espn.com ‘partners.’

Back in the realm of actual relevance, Penske and Ganassi look to have things covered as usual (perhaps Briscoe or Power could win…which would be a good story) but everyone likes dark horses. That feel good story would involve a win by Tagliani’s team. I would settle for a victory lane celebration by Panther or D & R though. It’s Community Day at IMS. See you there!



  1. Indy is easily the most recognizable venue for any type of racing, but other than that spectacular sweep out of the “first” turn onto the main straight, the F1 course at IMS was pretty Mickey Mouse. Not that anything in Texas will be any better. I agree that Penske or Ganassi have the field covered for the ‘500, but if Briscoe or Power win, it would be great. In fact, if ANYONE who hasn’t won before pulled it off, it would be great. Scheckter or Kanaan would be the best story in many a year.

    Comment by DOUG — May 26, 2010 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

  2. another gripe with ESPN. on ESPN new zealand, we still get vaseline smeared, 3rd rate, webcam quality camera feed. It is absoultely pathetic. about as pathetic as ed hinton. as for the whole “split” stuff, from my un-american furrnier eyes, it seems that CART split from USAC and INDY in 79, so why is that split not beaten to death by Ed Hinton. I suppose because mentioning that doesnt allow him perform fellatio on the Frances with his pen.

    Comment by bob smith — May 27, 2010 @ 3:51 am | Reply

  3. I dont know if its going actually going to happen but if they can, everyone the pays a visit to my beloved hill country will be in for quite a treat not to mention husbands can bring the wife and so some serious shopping. Anything you could ever want is here in Texas. As far as egos, not all of us have egos. We know others are just jealous or just dont get it. We have everything including more than other states……oh, and no freeking earthquakes!
    The only big ego is Bernie himself. I hope it works bc I might just go for the trip itself but going to see a race too, thats great!

    Comment by leilarose68 — May 27, 2010 @ 4:17 am | Reply

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