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Indy Car Musical Chairs

It is not my place to criticize Dryer & Reinbold Racing for putting Paul Tracy in the Conway seat for Watkins Glen, but I do find myself scratching my head. That team has become one of my very favorite, week in and week out. They put an increasingly good effort out there. As a fan, ‘driver roulette’ in a general sense drives me nuts. Indy Car has a hard enough time attracting fans given normal inconsistency and turnover. But this will be three drivers in three races.

The right brain side figures he brings money. No shame in that these days. Indy Car is a bigger rent-a-ride series than at any other time in history. It is a sign of the times. You could do worse than Tracy, but you could also do better. My thought is that Tomas Scheckter is the most deserving because of his history with the team. Unless Graham Rahal has acquired some of his dad’s belligerent and annoying personality traits wouldn’t he be a smarter choice because he is a poster child for next generation American drivers? Even Ana Beatriz seems better than Tracy in that ride.

With all due respect to Tracy for his past accomplishments, let’s face facts. He is driving with another team for Canadian races. He is on the geezer side of his career. He could not drive fast enough to get a car into the 500. It is basically his fault he decided to waste the prime of his career on a path that excluded Indy and its cars; ‘crapwagons’ if you will. His post-2002 500 behavior was excessively boorish for many years. In other words, his personality remains intact but there are much better choices for drivers.

In any event, it’s not my team. In a perfect world Conway would not have been injured and this would be an irrelevant point. Musical chairs are fine for kindergarten, but not for Indy Car.

4 replies to “Indy Car Musical Chairs

  1. Dude. You’re a nut. I love Scheckter. Seriously. He’s my favorite driver in the series when he drives, hands down. But, if you have a choice between paying Scheckter to drive for you on a road course or getting a living legend to drive for you and bring sponsorship, if you don’t choose Tracy, you’re a fool. Absolute fool. Forget Indy. The dude had great road/street races last year. He can get it done. As much as I want Scheckter there, how can you blame D&R. No way, no how.

    P.S. I don’t mean to trash you. I actually enjoy your point of view. It’s just sometimes I’m not sure what you’re smoking.

  2. Personally, if I were to start a team, I’d want Tracy, and I feel like his fire’s back now that he’s been without a ride. He still seems pretty solid to me. Of course, I’d want to have either Graham or JR hildibrand with him, and then Wilson or Simona. I wouldn’t consider Schecter a better choice, although Graham, well, he might be. My dream team is Graham, Wilson, and Tracy, if I were to win the lottery, that’s would be on my top list, with JR and Simona as alternates.

  3. Tracy, Scheckter, and Rahal: they all belong out there. If I were a billionaire,,, they’d all three be on my team.

    If Paul’s car would have not started in the qualifying line towards the end of the day on bumb day, he would have made the race. Sad but true.

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